Monday, June 13, 2022

Busy June

 June is always a busy month for our family, but this year it has a twist. I will explain that in a bit.

Jeff and I both have a pretty long list of outdoor chores and have found little time to get to them. On Saturday, we got outside and had a workday. We didn't rush or overdo it, but slow and steady started on the list. At the end of the afternoon, I blocked the idea of we have so much more to do and chose to look at what we had accomplished. The windows on the back are just so salty. I washed many but didn't finish. There is lots of mildew on the decks and stone. We pressured washed and will have more to do. What we did get done looked great and the chores involved water to beat the heat, so not a bad day.

Gardening Report...

I have 2 roses on the back deck in pots. You may remember I gave up on growing them in the ground in the Florida humidity. The 2 have done really well in the pots on the back though. They are providing me with those sweet little cutting roses that I love without the headache. Just enough ... I am learning to have less -is really more in that I am not stressed taking care of it all.

I have had less black spot and trouble with them in the pots. In fact, I don't think I had to spray them once last year. Fertilize? Yes.

Cross Stitching Report..

Update on the heron status. I was looking for a frame in Auburn at an antique store, when my friend offered to build me one. He is the woodworker hobbyist. Engineer and head of a company by day and woodworker at night. He has been mentioned on here before by making a pie safe for me. I have picked out the wood, gone and picked up the glass and foam board and plan to pin it myself this next week. It should be ready for Lindsay on her birthday in September. Yippie. Can't wait to show you later.

Speaking of Lindsay and presents.... I pulled out all her sorority t-shirts from her old dresser and sent them off last week to an Etsy shop to make a quilt from them. That will also be a surprise present.

I have been stitching away on Thirsty Hart. I didn't iron, but just took a quick snapshot of my progress. I have not addressed the yellow flowers yet, but do have a plan. I just wanted to make sure it was all matching up on the bottom. I am pretty excited about my progress.

Sorry for the poor quality photo. I will do better next time.

Family Celebrations...

Kristan, our niece always comes in June. We did have our family gathering. It was so much fun. Kristan, Lindsay, and Paul Allen are so close. They grew up across the street from each other and even though there is an age difference they are close. Lindsay and Paul Allen watched Kristan grow up and date and so forth. When they get together it is nonstop talk. A blessing has been that each of their spouses are such a good blend. The six of them have a great time together.

We just did wings and pizza to make it easy, hence all the boxes across the kitchen island. Paul Allen and Katie seem to always know when Mom pulls out the phone to take pictures:)

Tucker woke up wanting to know if Katelyn and Tanner were here. I know the day is coming when they will be too old to play with him, but he loves them. Hopefully by that time, Palmer and Miles will keep him company.

I almost waited too long in the evening to take the kids' picture. Palmer had hit TIRED status and was not interested in anything but a bottle and Mama's lap.

Fun was had by all.

Sickness has traveled around the family for over a month and we are worn down from it. Covid stuck its ugly head in after the family gathering. Jeff and Paul Allen have June birthdays and we were all set to celebrate on Sunday evening. Two days after Kristan was here Lindsay and Jeff tested positive and were both sickly. 

We had to cancel our birthday plans. I had to make my baby who turned 30 his banana pudding and presents and drop them off at his house. NOT what this little Mama who loves her celebrations wanted.

Both are doing better, but little Palmer was running a fever all day yesterday. Lindsay is home with him today as she is still coughing too. I am so ready for us all to be well. I am scheduled to go to the doctor as well again. I have had a round of antibiotics and as I said in the last post my ears are clogged. I can't hear at all out of one side. It has been 2 weeks now. Anyway, we are all ready for good health and for it to mess with us getting together. 

Enough complaining.

Another little birthday happened as well. Just like 30 is a big one, little Gus had a marker, too. He is 5. I seriously can not believe he is 5. He is my little sidekick and best friend.

That is it for now. Hoping to get a solution for a clogged ear today!


  1. Sorry C came to visit.....I know you wanted to celebrate Paul Allen. Would you and Jeff come up and work in my flower beds? I did pull some weeds. I would like to have some flowers but with going back and forth to Ga I am afraid they might die in the summer heat. My neighbor is sweet to get my mail but I hate to ask him to water my plants too!! Oh how nice to get a custom is good to know talented people. Hope that ear clears up soon. Happy Birthday to sweet Gus!

  2. Prayers for everyone's health
    Happy Birthdays!
    Gus napping in his dog bed is an adorable photo.

  3. I am asking the Lord to unclog that ear of yours. Love the picture of Gus. I remember he befriended me when I came to your house. Such a sweet dog!!

  4. It sounded like you had a wonderful visit with Kristan and her family. Sorry to hear your ears are still bothering you. Hope the doctor has a solution! Also sorry to hear that illness has been making the rounds in your family. I do pray that everyone gets back to good health sooner versus later. Thinking of you.

  5. I do hope your ear is better by now, Sandy. I frequently get them while flying and they are no fun at all! Sorry Covid hit again. My youngest son got it, too, but is on the mend and back at work. We were supposed to see him in DC two weeks ago, but that didn't happen... just glad he got it before we were due to visit with him!.

    That's so wonderful to be getting a specially made frame for your heron piece--it certainly deserves one. Can't wait to see it all framed up. Happy 5th birthday to your Gus--amazing he is that old already. Take care now... Happy Summer a bit early ♥

  6. Hi Sandy: So sorry to hear that covid hit your family.
    Its so nice having visitors again, I am sure you all had a great time.
    I am like Plamer if I do not have my coffee its like a baby without a bottle.
    You are making great progress on your Sampler.
    Happy birthday Gus, Krissy and Mikey send hugs and kisses.



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