Sunday, June 5, 2022

Hello June

I saw this poem on Instagram and just loved it. It is a sweet little rhyme that looks like something from elementary school days. It is also a good description of June with great white clouds and green everywhere.

Catching up from my last post, we had several days in late May where it rained so much I thought we were going to float away. A tropical low came in from the Gulf and just stopped on us for 2 days. When it ended if there was any doubt that things could get any greener it disappeared quickly. 

We went to Auburn for Memorial Day weekend. As the roads were full of folks coming to the beach, we opted for the quietness of the Auburn house. To our great surprise, the weather was just amazing there that weekend. It was cool in the mornings and a breeze blew in the oaks around the house. It was very nice and quiet there. I took absolutely no pictures. Usually, I am running around snapping pictures of nature that is so different that the coastal scene. I just rested and soaked up the peace and quiet. 

I have painted a room since my last post. If you have followed along for a while, you know I have changed this room up quite a bit in the 8 years since retirement. After moving in, we removed very busy wallpaper and painted it Valspar Humble Blue which is no longer available. It was very similar to the drapes in the room below.

When I had the drapes made, the idea was to match it make them just kind of fade away. It worked and we loved it. Lindsay had a very bright bedspread and lots of teenage goodies adorned the then white bookcases. The picture above the bed was put after she moved out. It was a gift from her to me since I love birds so much. 

I had the idea to grow the room up and let it be a guest room, but that never really came to fruition. I just couldn't remove all the stuff even though she has assured me I could get rid of most of it. I just can't do it myself. You can't see the American Girl doll in the picture or many of her treasures. I have tucked a lot of the stuff away, but it is going to stay as it is for many years to come UNLESS I have to move Mother in, then it will get packed up.

Anyway, I painted it beige and just didn't like it. It totally was wrong for this room, so I decided to tackle it and take it back to the blue.

It looks so much better. I just walk in and sigh a great sigh of peace. Now, the next morning after I spent the day trying to get it done in 1 day and I had climbed the ladder for this pretty big room and then crawled around on the floor I was sure I would never do any painting EVER AGAIN. It was like having the worst leg workout I had ever done. 

A few days later though I was very glad I got it done, but I do think I am done painting large spaces.

Palmer is growing up so fast and fills my day with excitement.

He isn't walking by himself yet, but he is very close.

He is a climber. Here he is after having climbed into the toy box.

We have all been under the weather. I think I just thought I would outlast it. Allergy season has been late this year and brutal. Both boys had such runny noses. Palmer then began tugging at his ear. They both ended up on antibiotics. I thought since I didn't have a headache that I couldn't possibly have an infection. For about a month, I was congested and THEN it moved to my ears. I can't hear yet out of one. I am on an antibiotic as well and hoping when I wake up in the morning that it will magically be open. I started them on Friday night. 

Even the adult kiddos have all been sick. So, I just haven't felt like typing. I have done the bare minimum the past week. I will have a ton of catching up indoors and outdoors this week.

We do have a fun event this week though, so we all have to get well quick. Our niece, Kristan and her family are coming in for their June visit from Houston and we are having a family get together. We are a small family but we love getting together.

I have been stitching and will share some progress soon, but I did sew my pillow together of the bird I stitched.

I opted for just a simple finish. I think it turned out cute.

I am making this a short post for me and will hopefully be feeling better soon and be back with more.



  1. That is a sweet poem. I really enjoyed learning poems in school. I wonder if children do that as much today? Love the bedroom. I need some color in my life. All the white, black and gray that is popular today would make me sad. Palmer is such a is hard to believe he is almost one!! Love the simple finish. I find myself going more for the simple look these days!!

  2. Love the poem you shared at the beginning of your post, Sandy! I love Lindsay's former bedroom. It is so inviting. Palmer is a cutie. Your bird pillow looks fabulous and I like the finish. I hope you are feeling better by the time Kristan and family arrive. Thinking of you!

  3. I hope you feel lots better for the visit. It sure has been a terrible year for pollen allergies here too! Love the pretty cross stitch bird! It's gorgeous!

  4. The bedroom looks lovely and so spacious! Love the poem as well and your cross stitch and, of course, that sweetheart Palmer. He has twinkling eyes, prepare for trouble!

  5. I know what I am talking about when I say your home is both beautiful and fascinating. The room arrangement is not the norm -- when you gave me the tour I was not quite sure we would find around each corner. It was a delight and so welcoming. I love the dark wood and your decorating style is very tasteful.

    That front bedroom -- I remember when you took me in there, Gus was on the bed. He jumped down to greet me and I loved that. Sweeeeet dog!

    I hope everybody gets to feeling much better very soon.

  6. I'm sorry you've been sick, Sandy, but you've still managed to get so much done: painting a room (which looks wonderful--love that color!), a trip to Auburn, caring for your little sweetie, Palmer, stitching and finishing that pretty pillow! Wow! Just think what you could do while healthy. I do hope you (and everyone else) feel better very soon. ♥

  7. I hope by now you are feeling better. I don't get beset by allergies, but I have noticed the older I get the more sensitive I must be to pollens - or whatever is in the summer air. I've taken to keeping a kleenex box in the detached garage, and I carry it with me to the garden when I remember. If I forget, I usually have to go back and get it because my nose starts running within minutes. Would love to see a picture of the newly painted walls alongside those curtains. Sounds like a beautiful room treatment (to have them the same color). I'm eyeing a single big ol' plain wall in my kitchen and keep asking myself if I can do it. We painted two rooms in our old house right before the big C hit and I remember saying, "This is the last paint job I have in me." I can't believe I'm entertaining the thought again... It's the up and down that can be brutal.


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