Sunday, June 26, 2022

Goodbye Sick

 It has been so long and so crazy around here I had to look back to see where I left off with life. I will give an update in a moment. 

Let's look at cross stitch for now. I have been pretty much exclusively working on Thirsty Hart. This stitch has been comfort stitching with the deer since I had so much going on. Mostly fill in with brown is what I have been up to. Here is where I am as of today.

There is another half to the deer, grass, the remainder of the flower, the redoing of some of the yellow flowers, lots of butterflies and a little personalization to do. I have made great progress on it though.

I took the time too finally stitch that dragonfly on the heron. It was over one so I procrastinated.

I have the foam board and glass ready. My goal this week is to pin it on the board, because we are going to Auburn for the weekend of the 4th and my friend will have the frame to put it in. I can't wait. 

Family Updates...

With the traveling of sickness, Mother got Covid. That was a bit stressful. She is all good now. It left her fatigued, and hopefully it didn't undo all that physical therapy. We were supposed to have the last visit with her health nurse last week, but she postponed dismissing her until this coming week. I am hoping she will be able to pick up with her exercises and keep progressing.
I am feeling better and how in the world I haven't gotten it -who knows?! IT is odd how it jumps on certain people and skips others.

My duties with Mama have picked up to the point it is just hard for me to be the blogger I once was. It is what it is and I am grateful for the fact she is close by and that I can see about her. There will be time for blogging again one day.

That really has been the bulk of my last two weeks so I don't have a whole bunch to share. 
I did stop by Ace and buy a kiddie pool to put on the lower deck for Palmer and I to beat the heat. August heat in June has not exactly been a good thing, but I think we are getting a reprieve this coming week.

Most of my pictures of him are naked:) I just let him swim as such. One day Tucker was with me and he loved that they were both naked. A dolphin came by that day, so he ran out to the end of dock like that to see the dolphin come by. Our neighbors were on vacation so we had the area all to ourselves.

You can see Gus's nose in the pool picture. He swims in the bayou and drinks from the pool. The pool is much better for corralling boys.

Palmer is 11 months. Where has the time gone?

Like I said, not a lot going on even though I have pretty much been absent from reading and commenting on blogs. IT won't last forever though, so I just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Counting blessings,


  1. You truly do have a lot on your plate. I don't know how you keep up with it all as it is, let alone blogging! I am sorry to hear your mother had Covid, but am so glad she was able to get over it and you didn't get it too. Praise God for that! And Palmer and Tucker are both just so adorable. And how wonderful to have the little kiddie pool for them to cool off in! I bet they love it! Don't worry about commenting and responding to have your hands full of more important things right now. Yes, the time will come when you will have more time for us, but until then, enjoy your family and make every minute count Babies grow up so quickly, and your mother is becoming more needy. And YOU need some time for YOU. Pace yourself and take care of yourself. Enjoy your time at Auburn. Sounds wonderful. Good to hear from you.

  2. You're doing great. Here's hoping your mom does well.

  3. It is good to hear from you, Sandy! Thanks for the catch-up! The boys are adorable! It is a blessing to be close to your mom, though I know it gets hard. Take care and blog when you can. Been missing you! xo

  4. You have a lot on your plate, Sandy. Loving watching your cross stitch pictures form, and my how Palmer and Tucker have grown. Tucker is such a big boy now! They sure are cuties. :)

  5. Hi SAandy: I am so sorry your Mother was illbut happy to haer she has recovered, I am sure she will gain strength again, I have been with people who have had covid, I got tested and did not catch it, we are the lucky ones that have natural immunity.
    Nice progress on stitching adding the dragon fly to the Heron design makes a difference.
    Thirsty Heart is a beautiful design.
    Oh my goodness the boys are so cute, I remember swimming naked when we were little, giggles let it all hang out.
    Have a great week,


  6. Glad that your mama came through the C. I don't even like typing that word!! You are right, we are having July and August heat in June. Rain should arrive this week and we sure can use it. We are off to GA today and will be there until Thursday when we come home and celebrate Amelia's birthday on July 2nd. I admire you for completing that over one stitching. I would have probably said oh well who needs a dragon fly? I have been monogamously stitching on a Christmas piece. It just spoke to me and it is a medium stitch so should be done in a few more sittings. Love the picture of the boys...soon there will be three!!!

    1. Miss seeing your stitchery Arlene

  7. Thanks for checking in and bringing us up to date! That dragonfly was definitely worth adding to the heron stitch. I do love the Thirsty Hart. So thankful to hear that your mother is doing better now. Have a relaxing time at Auburn!

  8. Love the pictures of the boys, Sandy! I am sorry that your Mama came down with Covid and hopefully won't have any lingering effects. The dragonfly looks fabulous, and you have made incredible progress on Thirsty Hart. Enjoy your time in Auburn!

  9. Your mother got COVID and you did not. Now that IS a mystery. I'm glad she's past it and hope, as you said, that not much ground was lost with her physical therapy. And WHAT A BLESSING that you did not succumb to it yourself.

    Thirsty Hart is beautiful - and aren't we all so thirsty for our Lord, especially in these days of so much strangeness going on.

    It's good to see you blogging, as time and opportunity allow.

  10. Gorgeous gorgeous
    Prayers your mom

  11. I do hope your mom is feeling much stronger now, Sandy. That had to be scary with someone her age coming down with it. My husband is still testing a bit positive, but is feeling stronger and is back to his regular routine. And I, like you, never got it--really strange indeed!

    Your dragonfly looks so good stitched over one--I really can't wait to see it in the frame your friend is making for you. How generous of him!

    Love seeing your progress on Thirsty Hart, as well--that is a lot of fill in stitching with the brown shades, but sometimes mindless stitching like that is just what we need.

    How can Palmer be almost 1?!?!? Well, the years pass by too quickly with our little guys, that's for sure. I know you enjoy every moment with them. Hope you all stay healthy and have a wonderful 4th of July! ♥

  12. Hope you left YOUR clothes on!!!!!!! Hey...I'll do just about anything to keep all these grands corralled these days!!! Happy to hear your mom is doing better. Covid just adds another layer to our already full plates, eh?? I'm cooking for about 25 for tomorrow and doing one of the grands birthdays today.
    Retirement??? what's that all about??!!!!!!


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