Friday, February 9, 2024

Sights from the Water

 The wildlife have continued to show off this winter here in our little bayou. The pelicans showed up early in the week and decided to call our boat dock roof home base. For days they have come in and gone up and down the bayou looking like bombers gliding across the water. Some take breaks on the roof while others line up in the water.

There have been dozens each day along with ducks and herons. One day they had a full playground right out in front of our kitchen window. Tucker and Miles were with me that day. They both got to see the show as well. The pelicans would cruise in and dive bomb right in front of the kitchen window to the right of the boat you see. We have had so much fun watching each day. I wish I had videos to show, but if you open the door they move away, but return as soon as you are gone.

With those thought sand observations written, one of the things I have been asked from so many of our friends and acquaintances is when and where you are going to travel. I think I am correct in saying that Jeff and I are on the same page about travel. We both traveled as kids so we don't feel a need to head out on an airplane.  That doesn't mean there won't be any trips, but seriously folks, right here in our little neck of the woods keeps us entertained. I have more than a few places that I love to travel to that are a day drive or maybe a weekend away. We have time to see, but with beach walks and such beauty right outside my door I am more than content.

I shared the photo of the ducks through the lens of binoculars. Many commented on that. I probably should have been clearer about the way it was done. It was really taken through a monocular on a tripod show below. (Nighttime photo shows all the toys on the floor around it!)

I love having it to look at wildlife through. 

I also mentioned in the last post that Gus really likes my new chair. We are now having to fight over who gets it. 

One of the camellias in my yard is just the prettiest color mix. It has been showing off the last week, while the other 2 seem to be stuck with buds and no blooms. Our street has so many camellias and they are large so plenty to keep me happy.

I have been busier than I like the last 2 weeks. More of the usual...appointment after appointment ---nothing that can be done. It is just life right now. I won't elaborate. I try to just focus on the good in life of which there is much. The other I have no control over so we just keep walking forward. 

I am still stitching on the Florida sampler. I will share an update. This is the area where I changed so much whether it was colors or the charted pattern . When I finish the live oak tree I think things will flow much quicker on the sampler. I will not need to change too much like I felt that I needed to for the upper left corner. (Again a nighttime photo... I will share again soon.)

I liked the Spanish moss that I decided to do with straight stitches. I used Weeks Spanish Moss for the floss which was spot on for color. I sill have to do that technique to the right side of the tree.

I am in full on wishing for spring mode. I did get out to start my pruning of shrubs this week. I am about halfway done. Bring on spring soon! 

That is about it for blog worth topics.
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  1. I have never seen that many pelicans all together. Wow!

  2. Pelicans are, indeed, so fun to watch. With a lot of aviation in my family, I like to see the Pelicans coming in for a landing. They glide so well, too.

  3. I enjoyed catching up with you here, Sandy!! We have pelicans on our Lake Morton and they are so fun to watch. I love how you did the Spanish moss in your project. Perfect!! Keeping you and all in my prayers!! xo

  4. Love seeing your pelicans! What fun that had to be for the kiddos to watch!! I know I am like a little kid when it comes to watching the birds in action. God doesn't have to work too hard to entertain me! I love your needle work you are doing. That's the Florida I love. Can't wait to see the whole thing! Take care and enjoy these lovely day. That camellia is gorgeous!

  5. I always enjoyed the pelicans when we lived in Florida. It amazed me that they would dive in the ocean and not break their necks. It was fun watching them toss the fish so it would be head down.

    Your cross stitch project is cute.

  6. What a wonderful shot of the pelicans, Sandy! Watching the antics of birds is something that makes me smile. What a beautiful camellia! Your Florida sampler is looking awesome. Happy weekend!

  7. Hi Sandy: Love the pelican photo, we have for the last ten years had pelicans migrating up to Minnesota,
    they do a lot of damage to the fish population.
    Gus is so adorable, I like the colors of the chair, we just have to let our babies have a spot once in a while.
    The camellia is stunning so beautiful.
    The design you are working on is so sweet, the bear has my heart, love the moss on the tree.
    Have a wonderful week.


  8. I’ll bet the pelican watching is fun! I love all things beach, even the birds. I had to crack up at Gus. My Jake and I fight over the recliner a lot in my home! Haha! The stitching is coming along beautifully!

  9. I'm glad you explained the photo taken through a monocular, Sandy - and showed us a picture. That is a nice set up! I can only imagine how interesting it would be watching pelicans. Loving that cross stitch!

  10. Love the pelican party! I'm sure the boys have a grand time watching all the wildlife in the bayou. Birds are always such fun to watch--no matter their size. One of my favorites is the tiny chickadee :)

    Beautiful flower, Sandy, and your stitching is looking so good. Such cute motifs in this design--love that bear. And I'm glad the WDW Spanish Moss worked out so well. Hope this week is a bit calmer with fewer appointments. Wishing you a very Happy Valentine's Day, my friend! ♥


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