Sunday, May 26, 2024

Welcome Summer

Sunday, May 26, 2024 AD (in the year of our Lord) Memorial Day weekend... 

My most favorite time of the year is here.

Three cheers for SUMMERTIME!!!

This year has been even harder than the last couple, but I am ready for summer and all the hope that it holds. Summer is to me the time you let your hair down and follow the schedules more loosely which is a lot for a planner ---schedule loving lady.

Last week, I didn't know which way was left or right or up or down. Jeff was completely undone with the nail situation. The roofers did an awful job with cleaning up their mess. The roof looks great and I am happy AND I know nails are part of the process, BUT I don't think the number of nails that I have found or the TWO that ended up in Jeff's feet are normal. Yes, you read 2 right! I am pretty sure he was feeling cursed. I think the family is in a state of shock with life these days. It was not what we planned. About 5 weeks ago, our pastor did a 3 part series on Job. Never was a series more appropriate than one on Job. Now, Job had more issues than we have had and I am not making light of that at all, but we have felt the squeeze of life lately. I decided I would listen to it again because I feel like I was a little numb then. I got part one done last night.

Jeff's surgery is tentatively planned for June 14th, so we will move on to happier topics.

I had multiple boys last week hence my craziness. I know that being a grandma is one of the greatest joys of life, but I was tired by Friday afternoon. It was as much as a mental tiredness as anything, because when they left I had a burst of energy and worked for a couple of hours in my sewing room trying to declutter.

Decluttering is the new buzz word for trying to unload our spaces of too much stuff... 

I did clear out a few things and tidied up, but I really need to dig deeper.

Here is my partial picture of what left the room and has already made it to the donation site. The inspiration for showing you what left came from Becki of Field Lilies.

Much much more needs to leave. I really do need to downsize because I feel like the time will come when we downsize the home and I do not want to move as much as my current home holds:)

The sewing room looks much nicer and I wonder (I mean, I really wonder) why I can't keep it neat and tidy all the time.

The shelves are organized and I am still going to go through the bins on the top shelf and make them lighter.

I unloaded a ton of ribbon in the last 2 sorts in there and I still have so much. What was I thinking? I do not allow myself to look at ribbon anymore although I did buy some Christmas ribbon this past December. Remember I changed a lot of it to green around the house. Oh's a problem. No more!!!

I tidied the desk area and really purged a good bit in the cabinets. I had to laugh out loud at Lindsay in there on Friday afternoon. She picked up the boys and I told her I was going to declutter the room. I mentioned I might unload the bunnies on the shelves. I made them many summers ago and they were always in my classroom on top of the old fashioned file cabinets. Anyway, Tucker immediately said, "No, Mimi, I like the bunnies. Don't get rid of them." Lindsay began opening the cabinets and was struck by the number of buttons I had. I told her I planned to go through and just pick some out that I might need for mending. She just shook her head and grabbed one the containers and said, "Mom, you do NOT need to go through these, just grab handfuls and throw them away!" She was alarmed that I would even spend time going through them. She should know better. I did downsize them A LOT, but I went through them. 

Then she saw the amount of pens and pencils I have (all left over from school years) and she was like, "Mom, I have 3 pens at the house and I completely fine." I felt encouraged to bag them up and donate as well. I kept way more than 3 though. I am not going to get rid of them and have to go buy them later. Ha!

I think I need her around to shame me more. She hit me up the number of books downstairs too. I have pulled out some of them to take out on my next visit.

I am also trying to sell one of my sewing machines. I haven't had much luck yet. I really need to join some sewing groups on Facebook Marketplace so maybe it will be seen. I never really loved the new fancy thing and prefer my older one. 

I cleared off my counter somewhat. This is where the laying stuff happens and then it drives me mad. Like right now is the stack of stuff that I have been using for tutoring. I also mentioned getting rid of the clothes basket below. It is from the late 50's... why is it so hard to get rid of old stuff?

I really have made a dent in these cabinets too. They were stuffed to the gills at one point.

Here is one cabinet that I have lightened up some...

Oh the buttons! The original container is gone and the top portion of the other container now holds my buttons and all the specialty items I might use on a cross stitch finish are in the larger container.

Lindsay did come back by yesterday on the boat, but I didn't show her my progress. I would work on the sewing room and then work outside on the many things I need to do there as well. 
She took the boys on a paddleboat ride around the bayou. 

Did I say love summer?

Jeff and I took a boat ride - a slow one with no bouncing today.

Captain Gus led the way.

I didn't capture much in photos today, but here's a southern home on the water. Everything is all green and lush in summer.

A good view of ours with the new roof. 

Here is Gus cooling off upon the return.

Hard to keep him out of the water.

I have much yard work to do and am about to go make us a summer supper. There will be play interspersed with lots of need to do chores this summer.

I do plan to visit the beach as often as I can and continue sitting on the deck each day. I truly hope I can soak up as much goodness as needed to get me through the harder times.

Throw in a good book and a little stitching and count my blessings,


  1. This is a good catch-up, Sandy! Purging... it is SO HARD to do. A necessary evil, though. Little bits at a time will get it done - that's what I keep telling myself, anyway! LOL I love the pictures you shared. Your home on the water is beautiful. Happy summer!! xo

    1. Thanks Terri. I am so blessed to live here. I don't know if we will keep it forever, but for every day we do I get up and look at the sunrise and am thankful

  2. Purging is so hard -- partly because of the memories attached to something and partly because if you get rid of it, you end up needing shortly after its removal. I find if I can purge and immediately get it out of the house to the donation site, I do much better and second-guess less. I hope Jeff's foot is healing. Shame on the roofers for not cleaning up well. Enjoyed your pictures from the water, Sandy.

    1. I too have to get it out or I will go and put it right back:)
      Jeff sees the infectious control doctor tomorrow so hopefully the surgery is still on. We will know more tomorrow. He has been getting daily antibiotics injections.

  3. I'm with you on welcoming summer, Sandy--I just love it. Although we are having a cool spell here this week--not getting out of the 60s for a few days. Brrr.... I'm so sorry about Jeff's run-in with the nails. Ugh! Isn't it always something? Our neighbors just had a roof put in and, boy, what a job. Just glad the houses are far enough apart that we don't have to worry about nails. Great job on paring down your "stuff!" Something I need to do, too, as I don't want to burden my sons with it. It's hard, though... I need to be better about it. Enjoy your sunshine and I hope Jeff stays healthy for his surgery on the 14th. Take care now ♥

    1. I think that getting rid of stuff has been a process for me and still is, but I keep hoping I will feel better about what I have left in the house. I keep plugging away. I am already trying to soak up summer as much as possible. I have been to the beach on 2 occasions to park my chair with a good book. Jeff sees the infectious doctor tomorrow. He has been going everyday for his antibiotics injections. Fingers crossed.

  4. Purging is hard and it never seems to end. Stuff just multiplies! All by itself!!!

  5. Well I just have a stitching closet and no matter how hard I try to keep things organized, I think someone comes in during the night and messes with I have gotten rid of just about everything but my stitching stuff. Your house looks so pretty....I like the view from the water. Prayers for all of you in the weeks to come.

    1. I think it must be gremlins! I remember the movie back in the day. They just come in a mess up all my cute organization or I might not put things back like I accuse Jeff of in the garage.
      I think the house blends in with the water and environment so much better from the water.

  6. Thank you for the mention, Sandy! I am chuckling over Lindsay telling you you could just throw away buttons. I somehow inherited many old buttons from my mother - the oldest of which were, no doubt, her mother's. A few years ago I remember enjoying sorting through them and organizing them by color. I aso cleaned the oldest ones. We're talking button that had been cut off old cothes and tossed in a large tin can. I have more than I'll ever be able to use, and I may end up rehoming them someday, but I found the sorting through them to be a very relaxing activity.

    Your boating looks so fun. And what a nice view of your house you have from the water.

    I'm hoping Jeff is feeling better. Two nails found him?!? Oooh, that made me queasy to think about.

    1. I immediately thought of you as I had my stuff piled up to take to Goodwill. I tried to organize some of it to make sure it was really bought. Only me would do something like that. I have a lot of sewing notions that I will never use as I cleared out Mom's house twice and she had tons of stuff.
      I never take that view of the water for granted. The sunrise comes up over the water there and I look every morning for it. I don't know if we will stay here forever, but as long as we do I am grateful for it.
      Jeff is getting IV antibiotics everyday for an hour. One of the nails went in too far and created a nasty mess.

  7. Hey, new to your blog. We had our roof redone last year and while we, thankfully, didn't find any nails, we do keep finding those little plastic circles. Not sure where exactly they came from but I just found another one in a shrub. There's also a piece of roofing paper in a short tree near the house and we can't reach it. Ugh. I imagine having your grandchildren over can be exhausting. I have 3 kids still at home and honestly, whenever I read someone's blog and they talk about grandkids, I get excited for that season of my life.

  8. So annoying when contractors don't clean up properly. That's just irresponsible and those nails should not have been there for Jeff to step on. Roofers I know personally use one of those wheeled magnets to pick up the nails before leaving a job. A few may get missed but not many.

    Your cleaning out is inspiring. I've been working on my craft closet too but I have craft materials stashed in so many different places.

    I'm so with you on soaking up as much summer as I can.


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