Monday, August 3, 2015

Going to Enjoy August

Honestly this year, I can say I feel like I have retired. Last year, not so much....due to many reasons.

I went to Target on Friday and found myself determined to avoid the back left corner of the store at all costs. That is where school supplies are located. I was sure there was some little teacher like me trying to stock up her classroom. Last year, I was just so tired that August and back to school seemed like a blur. 

On Saturday, I just did errands with my hubby and then spent a little time in my sewing room just trying to get acquainted with my sewing machine. I have had it for two years, but it is far more complicated than my old one. 

Did these two for a friend.

After church and my nap, I got back outside and worked on my flowers. They have taken a beating to the hot July we had. I fertilized everything with Miracle Gro and trimmed up my roses to get ready for the fall growing cycle. Everything looked a little brighter this morning. 

I am taking a break this morning, because I have been working at a few more of the things on the checklist of home repairs. I stained some window sills and baseboards in the foyer from the leak damage a year or so again. Hubby got a cabinet company to mix up some stain to match. It really looks a lot better and I put some on the back door that comes in from the garage. The door has a window on the top, and the minute you walk in the garage, both Lemony and Lucy are looking out from it which means their little paws have taken a big toll of the door. When we went to see the movie, Marley, years ago, there is scene that shows the door where Marley had clawed it. I could so relate, but I am a dog lover!!!, so I put up with it.

I also painted the letters on our sign out front in the side yard. The pump had broken and was leaning, and the sign had seen better days. Last weekend, Hubby had fixed it and repainted it, so it just needed the letters redone.

I have been washing sheets, and am about to paint my front door on the inside. It is just plain white. The foyer --pre leak damage had been white and the door didn't look so stark. After we had the damage to the foyer repaired, I had someone come in and paint the foyer the same as most of the rooms in the house. The foyer is a tall, two story deal, so I didn't tackle it myself. I am going to paint the door a little darker color.

I am going to make the most of August and be glad I am retired. 

I have said yes to doing a teacher training at one of the schools I worked at before retiring. So, next week, I have to give up a day to train them in using their science lab. I will do my best to get them fired up and inspired, because I do know it is tough these days. 

An old training picture.

I am also going to try and help Hubby's days of starting the school year off to be relaxed when he arrives home. He is the principal of a very large high school still. He will be really busy for the next few weeks.

I would look forward to cooler weather if we could keep the long days of summer, but for now I am just going to soak up an August. 

Well, I am back to my list of to do's for the day and try to think of something for supper. It is a running joke at our house that I should like to cook since I majored in home economics, but nothing could be further from the truth. I like to sew and decorate, but not so much cook. Love to bake, but not cook. 


  1. I am a baker and not a cooker too Sandy!! I painted the interior of my front and back door...both black and it made such a difference in how they looked!! I had seen it done on blogs but put off trying it and now I wish I had done it long ago. My impatiens are getting leggy...should I cut them back? I love flowers but do not have a green thumb! Enjoy your August!

    1. You know this is the first year that I have grown impatiens in years. My father in law used to have them everywhere around here. We inherited this house from Hubby's parents.
      I am a geranium girl. I have read that you should trim them back when they are leggy. Mine have not done that yet. I have been putting Miracle Gro on them all summer. My f-i-l used to do that too. He had one area of this yard that he covered in them and they stayed pretty until frost. IT was shady in that spot, but he used MG a lot. I think you would be safe to cut them back, but then fertilize them. I use all purpose MG that you mix with water. Works beautifully! Good luck.
      I painted the door today, but I have some touch up to do in the morning. I have thought about going dark too, but I have been chicken.

  2. The "anti cooking" home-ec teacher! Haha! The first year I didn't teach, I wandered into the school section of Target and made the mistake of smelling the crayons. Tears popped into my eyes because I missed it so much. But the thought of being able to go to the bathroom anytime I wanted was a great benefit of being out of the classroom.
    How nice to check the chores off your list. You'll be all caught up soon and ready to enjoy the autumn days!

    1. Once a teacher, always a teacher. We may not be in the classroom anymore, but once you have been there you always have a little bit of your heart there each August.


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