Thursday, August 20, 2015

Is It Time to Decorate for Fall Yet?

The one who said she was holding onto summer just a week or so ago is now itching to decorate for fall. 

I have to get hold of myself. It isn't fall and if there is any doubt just walk outside for 30 seconds and you will know summer is still here.

This week has been rainy and if not raining...well then ---it is the leftover sultry hot that fogs your sunglasses the instant you step outside.

My flowers are sad, and I have a ton of pine straw on my bottom deck. It is just too hot to tackle that right now.

However, I did pull my fall boxes out and laid all my goodies on my dining room table to think about where I might place things this year. I actually enjoyed decorating for the fall season last year. Before, I really never had too much out for fall season other than the front porch. Autumn decorating was a classroom thing for me. I purchased quite a few things last year. Surprisingly for me, I didn't get too tired of them. I am one of those that can't wait to decorate for Christmas, but then I usually want to put it all up as soon as Christmas is over. I think the key is not putting too much out and not rushing the season.

Maybe simple is the word I am looking for, or it may be that I have more time to tidy the house than I  did when working outside the home.

Either way, I have decided I have to hold off a little longer.

Last night, I started a fall apron.

Maybe that will suffice my need to put fall and cool my jets.

Counting my blessings,

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  1. I agree...I am itching to put things out but instead I just looked through my boxes and contemplated my plans! Love those squirrels.


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