Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend Trip

We had a busy weekend around here. Friday night began football season, so Hubby was off to the game. I stayed home and watched Donald Trump on the local news. Interesting to say the least. This season of politics is very interesting indeed. The country really does seem to be a turning point. I am praying for our nation.

Hallway from garage to kitchen. 

Saturday, we headed up to Camden for a wedding. One of Lindsay's sweet friends from college got married in her hometown. Lindsay and Taylor met at Rush in Auburn. They became very good that I think will last a lifetime. It was quite interesting for my girl the first time she visited Taylor in Camden. It is tiny to say the least. I grew up in my childhood years in the Range/Repton area, so she knew of places like that, but it was a bit different for her to actually meet a friend who had grown up in the woods:) 

Hobby Lobby several years ago.

The drive was great for me. I actually have never driven all the way to Camden. Beatrice is the closest I had been. Beatrice is not pronounced like the girl's name, but (be with a long e, then at like the word, then the rest with short i and soft c). I don't know how to make those signs on my computer.  I grew up close, but there isn't much reason to go to Camden other than fishing. I really enjoyed the drive. I love going by all my old home. My son in law, Tyler was quite funny this weekend. He told me no longer thought Brewton (where I went to high school and my mom still lives) was small. 

One of favorite cross stitching projects.

I didn't take any pictures, but it was very pretty. The wedding was at the First Presbyterian Church of Camden that I think was built in 1845. The reception was out at the bride's grandmother's farmhouse. It was outdoors and hot, but so beautiful. The home was on a ridge overlooking a valley of trees. They decorations were amazing. I loved seeing Lindsay and all of friends together.

Since I had no pictures to share of the weekend, I am sharing my kitchen hallway which gets a LOT of traffic each day.

Interesting to the weekend, I finally got around to finishing Harper Lee's book, Go Set a Watchman. I know the reviews have been mixed, but I really liked it. It was a very slow start. I guess that coupled with I have had busier summer than anticipated, I just didn't get going on it. I was about a third from finishing it this weekend, so I read a little on the way, and finished it up yesterday afternoon. It is most definitely NOT a polished novel, but I really did like it. I thought it rather ironic, that while we were driving up I was in the last part of the book where Jean Louise had gotten mad at her father. I was reading the conversation she had with Aunt Alexandra about the NAACP. While we were in Camden, the NAACP was holding a rally in downtown. I read about it later on Alabama Live. I will save my opinions for my paper journal.

One thing I did take away that I will share, is that I really do think our vocabulary and writing skills are so weak compared to previous generations. I find that saddening. I love to read older stuff and the rich vocabulary. I am guessing that is not coming back, but I can still enjoy it myself.

Rounding out the weekend, is being part of an amazing church. I really do love my church. It is so special to me. I work with the 4 year olds, and lately we have been overflowing. That is a good thing, but we are trying to finish up some new spaces, and it can't happen soon enough. Lots of kiddos and I am not getting any younger! We had a wonderful message that left me knowing that I can't control too much, but I can have hope in Christ.

The lyrics to "Only Trust Him."

1. Come, every soul by sin oppressed, 
there's mercy with the Lord; 
and he will surely give you rest, 
by trusting in his Word. 
Only trust him, only trust him, 
only trust him now. 
He will save you, he will save you, 
he will save you now. 

2. For Jesus shed his precious blood 
rich blessings to bestow; 
plunge now into the crimson flood 
that washes bright as snow. 

3. Yes, Jesus is the truth the way 
that leads you into rest; 
believe in him without delay, 
and you are fully blest. 

4. Come then and join this holy band, 
and on to glory go, 
to dwell in that celestial land 
where joys immortal flow. 

So very blessed,


  1. I am glad you enjoyed Go Set a Watchman. I loved it...I underlined several passages. You are right, Lee's generation knew how to write!! I am cross stitching a bunch lately..I got a call over the weekend that my Thanksgiving sampler is ready for me to pick up at the framers. Sounds like a very sweet wedding! My friend, Deb, works with the threes at our church and she had several amusing stories from yesterday. You cannot make this stuff up!!

    1. I made a few notes on Post Its as well from the book. My son is set to read it next. He is my reader. I wanted to see his thoughts on certain passages. There were several really cool words that she used as well.
      I can't wait to see your sampler. I ordered the month cottages this past week that I had seen over at Priscilla's blog. I am looking forward to them.
      I didn't think I would ever enjoy working with the littles at church. I had always worked with youth, but we started our church..I was like, just put me where you need me. It has turned out to be the perfect spot. I am exhausted, but they are little sponges even when you think they aren't listening. And when they finally learn my name and call me Mrs. Sandy, my heart melts.


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