Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Catch Up

The weather has been just about perfect. Cool mornings and evenings for getting outside, but warm, not hot, in the middle of the day with lots of sunshine.

Lemony, the Golden has thought so too. She has been outside sunning quite a bit this week. I have left the doors open in the mornings too. I have rigged up a gate at the top of the stairs to keep her from swimming off. The neighbor down the way rewards her swimming off from home with treats. Lemony heads straight there after she thinks I am no longer paying attention to her.
This is her routine this week.

Relaxed with my ball enjoying the time outdoors.

Play with my ball. She loves tennis balls.

Oops, roll it off the deck, knowing full well that when she give the forlorn look that I will open up and let her run down to get it.

I finally pulled myself together this week and did some much needed yard work. I picked up two large garbage bags of pine straw from the bottom deck. Y'all have seen my neighbor's pine tree that I share bunches in sunrise pictures or just bayou pictures. It is REALLY big. It is quite majestic and grows right at the water's edge. Other than during hurricanes, I actually like the look of it, but it has two strikes against it. #1 -it is terrifying to look at during a hurricane, and #2 it drops copious amounts of straw on my decks. It is a never ending battle. Sometimes I just give up and let them stay there for a very LONG time like I did once it got too hot to breathe outside...aka...August.

I cleaned up the lower deck, and got the floats and summer equipment cleaned to store for the winter. I haven't put paddle board up or kayak up yet. Maybe a morning or two still left that it will be usable.

All the tomato and pepper pots have been emptied.

I also tidied up my rose beds and put the pine straw in them. I FINALLY put some pansies in a few pots. I left some things as they were, such as my impatiens downstairs. They are leggy, but still blooming. I will give them a little longer, but all in all things are looking better outside and I can sit in peace without thinking I need to get up and sweep. 

I finished stitching November in October this week. Yippie! I am ahead of the game. I will share the finished product November 1st.

I loved stitching on the Aida cloth much better than the linen. I like the way it turned out, but we will see how it mounts up.

Mama is on her way down today, and we will head up to the farm to fool around in the morning. Did you hear that? I guess it is going to be called the farm. I knew something would fall into place.  

We will be back for SEC football. 

I have a few indoor chores today, so I have to get busy.

I have sold 3 of the 6 purses I listed on Ebay. I am sharing more on my purses tomorrow, so if anyone is interested in a purse crazed woman, check back:)

Until then,


  1. I love your Lemony!! Ben and Katy just purchased a golden who will be Baylor's service dog. She will keep Baylor from wandering off Her name is Ruby because Baylor loves Max and Ruby. They hope to raise money to train her when she is a bit older. It costs so much to have a dog trained...but God has always provided and I am not going to worry about that now. I had my curbing poured this week so now I need to get out and weed and put down mulch. There is always something to do and now you have THREE places to keep up with!! Glad that retirement came at the right time. Can't wait to see your purse collection.

    1. Oh my goodness, Goldens are wonderful and easy to train. I am on my third Springer Spaniel and they were my dog of choice, but my son would not let up on getting a Golden when one of our Springers passed away. I have to say they are the most gentle and easy to train dogs ever. Lovable too. Big drawback is the shedding. You could stuff pillows with the hair. Must brush everyday with a furminator:)
      Yes, I have a ton to do, but enjoying myself. I may have big news on Mama soon.
      Purse post is written and coming up in the morning!


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