Sunday, October 4, 2015

October Cottage Cross Stitch

I was only four days late on the October cottage cross stitch project.

I am going to go ahead and tell you that all photos will be dark, because it is cloudy and getting darker earlier. I couldn't wait until tomorrow to take pictures, because I have a very busy day ahead.

I made a small change on the tutorial for mounting it that I did here.

It hit me after I did the September one, that it would so much more economical if the magnet were on the back of the frame and the washer was on the cross stitching. You would only need the magnets placed one time. Washers are very cheap, so you would glue those on the back of the cross stitching.

I didn't try to pull the washers off of the back of the frame. I figured it might tear it up, so I just placed the magnets on the washer. I thought I had some bigger ring magnets left over from school, but I couldn't locate them. These craft magnets are not as strong, so I used two.

for non-science people.

All magnets, even ring magnets have a north and south pole, so double check to make sure they are attracting the thing you want them to stick too. 

***Remember: Opposites Attract (just like in real life relationships)

I didn't think to say that in my tutorial.

Check to see if they attract before you glue.

Here is a picture of the candy corn backing. I have no magnets or washers on this piece. It is held in place by the cross stitch washer.

Love this fabric. Made a pillowcase dress out of it last year for a friend.

I am officially going to try Aida cloth for November tonight. I picked up some of the oatmeal color with flecks in it. I am not wild about the linen in the two I have done. It is thin and when you go to mount it some of the threads show through to me. Probably no one in the world notices but me, but I do notice. If I don't like it, I can go back to the linen.

Now, for the placement on the kitchen counter.

I am crushing on the Pioneer Woman measuring cups in front of my mixer. I did not allow myself to buy any of her stuff, even though I think she is wonderful. I have no need for kitchen supplies. I could furnish someone else's kitchen too with the many things I have. However, I succumbed to the cuteness of these measuring cups. I don't know how accurate they are because I haven't tried them out yet.

Pretty cute, huh?!

One last thought tonight...I will miss the color of green now that it has cooled off.

I love the green and fullness of the ferns which won't last long with the cooler temperatures.

I loved the cooler temperatures today. I just wanted to sit outside in it. I hope the 70's and low 80's last a long time. I don't like the cold of winter, and I certainly don't like it when all the green turns brown. There are no great leaf colors here, just in pictures. 

Loving October and counting my blessings,


  1. I'm nervous with your cross stitch being on the counter! I splash around like crazy in my kitchen, so be careful! It's so beautiful I would hate for you to sling spaghetti sauce on it!
    Love the magnet idea!

    1. Well, now I am nervous! You only have to suggest something to me and I will feel the emotion:) I may have to rethink that completely. I would hate it for sure. Thanks for making me think that one over.

  2. I agree with you about Linen and stings showing through. I always try to snip mine neatly but it never fails that one will creep out and like you, it bugs the dickens out of me!! I was thinking of doing one of these and I will take your advice and use Aida cloth!! Thanks for all the hints.

    1. I started November last night. I am definitely going to be happier with the Aida cloth. It already looks neater... and more my style. It will go tons faster too. I was on a roll last night.

  3. OOps that should be STRINGs showing is too early in the morning to be commenting !!!


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