Friday, October 16, 2015

The Purse Tour

I shared earlier this week how my obsession with purses began early in life. I do love them.... too much in fact.

I did a purge last year and sold about 10 in a yard sale with my mother. I also have given Mama probably 7 or so in the last two years. Earlier in the week, I decided I had not purged enough after I made an impulse purchase last Saturday. It was the wake up call, that I needed to STOP the madness.

I went through and pulled out 6 to put on Ebay. As of now, I have sold 3 of them. 

My goal was to narrow down the purses kept to 10. I couldn't do it at this point. I have 11 left and tons of totes. That was another obsession. Teacher totes.

I have to convince myself that I do not need another one, although I am really wanting a new one for the winter.

So, in no particular order, here are the 11 left in my closet, PLUS my current carry and what goes in it.

Hmmm, let's start with the current one I am carrying around and what I have in it.

I have some items in there that I could probably lighten the load, but the truth is I always want to carry more than that. I am full bag toting kind of girl. You never know when you might need this stuff. I have kind of solved some of the load carrying a tote with me when we travel, alleviating the need for so many things in the purse.

Here is what I put back in after I tidied up.

I think you will see that I like patterns. It is the sewing girl in me that loves a fabric store full of possibilities. It carries over to the purses which I noticed lately is not so vogue anymore. This purse is a Spartina 449. I really like it and could get attached to their bags very easily. 

This is it packed. I have a few things I consider when purchasing a purse. It must open cavernous pits that things can get lost in, so not too deep. I prefer higher linings as I think it helps me see things better. My wallet must not stand up on its side. I don't know...that just sends me over the edge. One other thing that has really become a thing with me lately is that my sunshades thing needs to be standing up near the edge of center for easy storage and access.

Now, onto others. You will see I have had, ok still have a slight obsession with Vera Bradley. I have many totes too, and all of the ones given to Mom have been Vera.

Vera #1
This is a style I really like. I purchased it in a spring color and really like the shape, but not the color. It is the sell pile. Lots of looks at it. I bought this color because I thought it would work for fall. The thing to love about a Vera is they are so lightweight allowing me to add more to the bag! Good shape. Pocket for keys and phone outside. Easily carried on arm or shoulders. I like it!!!

Vera #2 and #3
The old standby Mandy. I need to purge these as I have not used either one in a long time, but these are  two of very favorite patterns. I have lots of luggage, make up bags in the navy one... very see! I have iPad covers and things like that with the purple. These are two of the greatest purses ever. I loved Mandy and have had lots of these in different patterns. It is a dream inside, but has one small drawback. If you pack it full, then those straps don't exactly stay on your shoulders. 
Just can't part with these yet.

Vera #4
This is my shopping purse. If I am doing big time shopping with daughter, I will pull this one out because it holds enough of the essentials and it is a cross body for security and easy access. The flaw though is the wallet has to stand on its side. 

Vera #5
I also LOVE this style. IT is a perfect organizational purse. I gave Mom one in a pink color. I think I REALLY just need this one in NAVY....don't you agree? It has a wonderful place on front for phone and a great zippered place on the back for keys and more.
Yep, this one is favorite. The pattern...not so much...hence, the reason I need another one!


This is one my daughter gave me for Christmas one year. I really really like this bag. IT is not pink or orange, but kind of a coral, so hard to match with things. (like that should matter with all of that pattern in VERAS.) The color is called geranium which is one my favorite flowers. I like the inside; the way it opens, the size, etc.. The is HEAVY. The purse itself is heavy. I love it, but it is not good for a trip when you have to hold it tons. A lunch outing?, yes.


This next bag kind of has a story which lets you know I am really crazy.

A couple of months before my daughter was married and I was making regular trips to Pensacola for my stepdad's chemo treatments, I purchased a VERY SIMILAR one at the Pensacola Dillards. That Dillards has a wonderful purse and shoe selection I might add. It is very near the chemo center, so I made a dash in for something else on my way home one day. I walked by purses and they were on sale. They lured me in. I bought a Kate Landry purse, (I had never heard of them) in same shade and style. I had no time to change out purses as I was dealing with wedding and cancer. The DAY OF THE WEDDING, yes you read that right, I decided to pull that purse out of the bag and use it. It was completely different from all other purses I had. It wouldn't really be seen by anyone but it was large and I figured I could throw a ton of stuff in there and have it in the car. Daughter handed me her car keys as they arrived at the reception because they were leaving in that car. I threw them in the purse. Hubby comes later to ask for keys so he can pull it up for them to leave in. 
IT WAS A CAVERNOUS PIT. I am standing at the car digging pulling things out left and right as he was tapping his foot.

The next day I threw it aside. Daughter says a week or so later she wants it. Then she proceeds to tell me it is the greatest purse ever. What?! Yes, the three compartments keep you so organized, so off to Dilliards I went and bought one. The only difference? 

A big one. The straps on the previous one fit on the shoulders. These ----NO.
She is right though... Great on organization and I do like it a lot.

#8 & 9
Ok...onto trips to Auburn purses. I have two for this. One small and one homemade. I use both depending on my mood. 

The small one is great for games because it is a cross body and holds just the essentials, money, tickets, etc.


The homemade one carries essentials only too, but it can be washed easily and no big deal if it gets messed up from a spilled coke.

Ok, the last one is anther Spartina 449. Like I said, I could easily get obsessed with these. I really like this one and used it most of the summer.

yes, I like this one...

If I could get rid of one the Mandy's I might get it down to the desired 10. Then I must never look at purses again. Probably not going to happen.

Oh, and I have purged the totes down to 10, but those don't count as purses.

Hope you enjoyed my stash,


  1. Ok...we have the same wallet, mine is a different pattern. I also have various little Vera Bags that I keep things in! My favorite Vera purse is your number 6. I have two in that style, one is solid red. That style really keeps me organized and I can keep my phone in the twist lock pocket and my car keys in the outside zipper compartment. I love the Spartina purses but so far I have managed to keep from purchasing one!! Now I may have to have I may do a purse post too so you can see mine. I agree about the heavy purses...while I love them, I just cannot tote them around for very long but I just cannot get rid of my Dooneys. Maybe one day I will give them to Katy and Amelia. DIL, Nancy is a Coach girl.

    1. Yes, do a purse post. I love seeing others' selections. I can truthfully say that Veras keep me organized and the fabric is just much easier to use all day. I may have to succumb and get a solid color "bowler bag" since I do like that purse:)

  2. I have had my eye on a black one on Ebay Sandy!! It is the best purse for organization that I own. My friend Deborah has the cobalt blue one and it is pretty too. I have seen a hot pink one on EBAy. I need to stay off there.

  3. I, too, am a purse girl so I loved looking at your purse collection. I don't know why, but I have always loved them. My current favorite is a black leather Fossil drawstring bag that my husband bought me for Mothers Day. My MIL likes the Vera Bradley style so that is often a go-to gift for her. It's fun to look at all the patterns and there are so many nice accessories, too. Thanks for showing.

    1. Thanks for stopping by the blog. I love Fossils too! Good to know there is another purse lover out there.

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