Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mama Is Coming, the Blog, the Journal, and More

I have some exciting news today. Over the weekend, Hubby and I took Mama to look at houses here. She has made the decision to move here. It is a great relief to me, and one that I had hoped she would make for some time. She had to have time to resolve that home was not going to be the same without my step dad. She has spent more time down here lately, but doesn't want to move in with me, so we have been thinking about it for awhile. There is a unusual street less than 2 miles from me that I have been driving down a ton. It is just one circle off the beaten path. You would never even know homes were down that street. Quite a few elderly live on it and it is extremely quiet and safe. Many of the homes are two story and that is a no go, but one came up that seems perfect. We made an offer yesterday, and I went up to put her house on the market. We are nervous, but I know God will work out the details. We will hear by 5:00 if they accept the offer. Nervous here, but...I know if they don't something else will come along.

I started this blog and a hand written journal at about the same time, March 2014. 

I was a couple of months from retiring, but the last year of my job had brought on some incredible challenges. Mama had fallen almost a year before, my step dad had cancer and was dying, my daughter was engaged. Three teacher friends died that year. Two of them from the grade level that I had worked with just before I took the science coach job. I can't even begin to tell you the highs and lows of that year. 

I started the blog even when quite a bit around me was in UPHEAVAL, but HOPE was there. The blog was to be the good things, never the sad stuff, but I gotta tell you the though stuff was happening. I have never kept a journal. I have ALWAYS loved to read primary sources of history. I think journals are absolutely fascinating. I love biographies as a genre. The journal is something I have kept on doing much to my surprise.  I don't write often, but every now and then when something just needs to be gotten off the chest, I have found writing it out is extremely therapeutic. ALSO, I love writing down things from my Bible reading that really gets me thinking. I am using a Moleskin pad. I never thought I would be the one to keep a journal, but I love it. It probably helps that I have more time to do that now as well.

I think blogging is definitely changing and that is ok. That is how things go...change is inevitable. I like blogging though. I like to record my happy thoughts and the things I am doing. I love reading about the lives of others. I am drawn to it for some reason.

Surprisingly, I like to journal.

In other news, I am loving my Bible Study that I am doing on Thursday mornings. I forgot to share the picture of the tables. I didn't get a photo before we all sat down and had our breakfast, but I thought it was so cute. We have 4 large tables set up with pink table clothes and this little centerpiece. So cute.

The weather has been wonderful and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Enjoying my blessings,

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  1. Oh Sandy, I hope it works out for your mom to move nearby!! What a year you had in 2014. It is hard to lose friends....we have had several friends pass away and it is hard to acknowledge that we are in THAT season of life. I am so glad for my young MOPs friends...they are such a joy to me and maybe they will come see me in the nursing home.:) One of my goals for 2016 is to meet some of my blog friends in person. So next September the Lord Willing, I want to have lunch with you in Pensacola or somewhere about half way from Fort Walton and Gulf Shores!!


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