Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bible Study, Housekeeping, and New Program

I normally go to my mom's on Thursdays, but I am doing a seven week Bible study at church starting today. I am rather excited about it. I have always wanted to do a girl's study. I read them constantly, and my husband and I lead a Bible study at our home with couples our age. Since retiring, I have wanted to do a women's study. What excited me about this one is that it will be women of all ages. We will meet together for part of it, and then divide into groups according to our age for part. I love being around the younger girls. So much energy! The study is called Seamless. 

I will choose another day to visit with Mama. She is doing so much better. I am so grateful for that. She has some spunk back in her life. A few weeks ago, we had parked at Auburn for the game, and she was out of that car walking fast like she used to. She told Hubby he was walking to slow and she couldn't possibly walk that slow. Now, that is my mama talking. He got her on the hills though..she couldn't keep up then. We got a good laugh at her though.

Whew, I was on a housecleaning rampage yesterday. It only takes a couple of days to get behind. I try to really clean an area a day and then keep the clutter up daily. For just two people, I have no idea how we can have so many dirty clothes. I do all of Jeff's shirts. He still wears the shirt and tie everyday, so that means he really wears two outfits a day. You know what though, I am loving being home and having the time to be a housekeeper without the stress of teaching.

Now, for my news. I am scared and excited. My mom's neurologist for her seizures has left that world and opened up a new practice in Pensacola. I am going to be one of his first patients. I am so sick of taking the RA meds. I have no clue if I will be able to come off of them. He makes no promises, but I am ready to try a new approach. This will be a total program. Diet, exercise, name it. It is beyond expensive, but I figure the money I spend on drugs and the way I feel most of the time makes it worth the try. I have told Hubby it is my Christmas present. 

I have been ready for months, but it took him a while to get his office and practice up and running. I am still in the "I don't know what it will be like" phase. I met with him on Monday. We are knowing doing blood work before I meet with him again. I gave up 17 vials worth yesterday. I now have a saliva test to turn in. All of that has to get back before I see him again. I have been reading material he has given me. I am fearing the detox program the most, but yet, I am looking forward to it. I am the pickiest eater ever, so I know it will be beyond tough.

My purpose in telling about it, is accountability. I figure if I share it, readers will want to know my progress. SCARY!!! 

I am thinking it is going to be a slow process, because he has said it will be. He believes too many fail because they try too much at one time. I guess I chose this because I have respected him as a doctor, and quite frankly I am sick of the medicines and the side effects. I had been taking the most common of drugs for years...Methotrexate. I took that and then began to have to add to it. I have taken Humira (didn't agree with me at all), Enbrel (kind of gave me some pep, but that needle was the biggest needle on the planet), and now Xeljanz. I had to quit Methotrexate last January after I had pneumonia. The x-rays shows some nodules that are side effects of long term use of Methotrexate. 

I am hopeful, but know that it will be hard. I would like to lose weight, and really see what I have to eat to keep the inflammation down. The weight loss will help I know. It is funny, we ate so well when the kids were little. It fell apart when they reached the age for going to sporting events with my son. After I had worked all day and then had more work for the evening, it just got easier to eat out. That will kill you every time. I never gained it all at one time, but more like a pound a year from the time they were in middle school to now. Same for Hubby, who has lost 25 pounds. So proud of him. But, that is where, I realized it was more than eating like he did. He lost 25 and me nothing. 

I know I am picky and will miss certain foods, but I have reached the point where it is more important to feel well than to worry about what I am giving up. It is what will I gain.

Y'all read that...hold me to it!!!


  1. Oh Sandy, I do hope you get some help with your RA. I have another friend who suffers with this awful disease. My great grandmother was confined to a wheel chair because of it. You better eat a big steak ( or liver..blech) to make up for the 17 vials of blood the dr took from you!! I would be awful at dietary restrictions but if it made you feel better it would be worth it.

    1. I am hopeful. I am just sick of being tired, and quite honestly the meds don't help as much as they once did. It is time to try something else.


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