Friday, October 2, 2015

The Farm? The Ranch?

I shared mystery pictures on Monday. This evening I will solve the mystery. 

Hubby has longed for a piece of land in the country for YEARS. His family had a farm in nearby Crestview as he was growing up, and he loved spending time there. That family farm finally got surrounded by town when Crestview exploded. The family made the decision to sell, and now two schools sit on that land.  Between cheaper homes, and the addition of the Army base up there, Crestview has had quite a population explosion.

A few years ago, he decided it was time to look. We looked everywhere! In the process of searching, it became apparent that the land needed to be within an hour's drive, if he was really going to be able to utilize it. We found many great places that were 2-3 hours away, but really felt that would end up being too far away. The search was fruitless and disappointing to him on many occasions. 

Two years ago, he came across "the perfect place" in a neighboring county. 

It fit all of his requirements. Woods, pasture, water, barn, equipment, but, the biggie.... close enough to home to really be able to run up there on a Saturday. He was going to be able to drive his tractor and get back home in a timely manner.

Even better, it bordered a good friend's piece. The friend has a 12 acre pond, and they had already had great fun up there.

Well, he contacted the guy, and we toured. We prayed and gave it some thought. The decision was made to make an offer. The guy said it was too low, and very cautious Hubby decided to pass it by. He never got over it.

A few months passed, and we discovered that it had sold to someone we knew for not much more than we had offered. He was even sicker. 

Time passed and nothing sweeter came around.

A few weeks ago, the new owner called and said he would sell. He already had a place in the area, and I think he just bought it on impulse. We didn't mess around this time. Sold!

I will give you a quick tour.

The back side of the land has woods.

Hardwoods, pines, and a trail before you get to the creek.
There are two large pastures separated by a pecan orchard. Sadly, we have been told that the pecan trees are near a hundred years old, and won't be big producers. I was sad about that.

There is a structure on it that I guess you would call a cottage. It is surrounded by a fence and has a great gazebo inside the fenced area. I didn't get a picture of the outside of the cottage. I think this area would be great place for a small garden and maybe a few roses. The cottage is structurally sound, but needs some tidying up on the inside.

There is an unbelievable barn with a concrete floor. Stalls on one side, and plenty of room to park the equipment that came with it. Two mules (one large and one small), a four wheeler, riding mower, and tractor. BTW, mules are not animals, for my city folks, but I guess you could say they are souped up golf carts.

Behind the barn, there is a corral for horses. I don't care for horses. They scare me. Always have. Cows I love, but horses, NO.

There is a pond.

Behind the trees, you can our neighbor's pond.

And if all that is not enough, there is something else. It is incredibly nice on the inside.

Amazing tree. Oh, and you can see the cottage over to the left back behind my mom.

It is in pristine condition, so no I will not mind at all staying in this. In fact, we are planning to have the family Thanksgiving celebration there this year. The kids will have plenty to keep them happy after the big dinner.

I know that Hubby, my son, and my son-in-law are going to love it up there. I don't think I will mind it too much myself. 

Of course, it needed a satellite for football.

It came completely and with very nice stuff. I will maybe share that later.

As for future plans, I don't know...will it one day be a home for us. I have no clue. I don't have to figure that out now. I love the water here, and the kids have balked at any idea of selling our home and downsizing and apparently Hubby has no plans to downsize. Only me.

Screened porch looks out to the pond.

The land has a name with a sign out front. The blank blank Ranch. The blanks would give away the location, and I am not quite sure I am ready to do that. We don't know quite what to call it yet. I think it will come to be known as something to us all on its own. Time will tell.

Well, that was a quick tour. I am sure we will spend most of the time in the barn. I am going to need a fire pit. I love a fire. If he wants me there more, I will need a fire:)

Counting my blessings,


  1. Congrats! What a gorgeous piece of land. Enjoy the next exciting chapter of your life!!

    1. Thanks Katie, We are looking forward to it. You have a beautiful home, and I always love checking in on your blog.


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