Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Little Planning Time Spent at the Farm Today

Hubby and I spent part of the day at the farm today. 

I have spent most of my recent months doing things for Mama and have not given the farm much thought. We do go up there quite a bit since it is close, but mostly I am outside with the dogs. Two weekends ago, the whole family went up after church. It was very cold, so we built a fire outside, and I hardly even went inside. I LOVE A FIRE!

Today, Mama had all siblings with her . They made it down to see her new home. I went by this morning to visit with them before going up to the farm.

I had ordered some curtains from Country Curtains recently. I am very SLOWLY giving some thought to the place. I am trying to make it a country farmhouse on a small budget. I love Country Curtains and found some on sale that I thought would work.

The previous owner had made some swags out of sheers over the windows. It was just OK. I have a vision in mind, just planning to take my time.

Remember we decided to make the center living room/ dining area one big dining area. A friend who does wood working as a hobby is making us a pie safe. I have chosen a sage green color to go on it. We are also searching for a side table that we will paint that same color or leave wood if we find the right piece.

Here is a before and then the latest so you can see where I am headed.

My son took this couch to his house today. We had moved it out to the cottage. He left the pillows of course.
The plan is to put the pie safe along the wall where the couch is in this picture. We also want to purchase some of the old oval rugs that are called braided wool rugs. A rustic table or sideboard would go where the table below is.

This is the progress made currently.

A closer view of the new curtains. They are not lined, and of course they need pressing and working on so that they lay in their pleats. I really really like them. I would have loved navy, but there are a lot of lighter blue elements already in place that has made me go with a lighter blue. Not that Pantene blue though!

This is the other side of that room as it was. I took this table to my mom's new place and swapped her with a more country table. She loved this one and it really didn't fit the look we were going with. All of the furniture she brought for her new townhouse was dark, so it was a win win for both of us. 

The before.

The after as of now.

The kitchen cabinet right next to this is open, so I changed out the dishes that came with the home.
 They are a Mikasa Moonstone pattern. The pattern is that country blue.

There is still lots of stuff sitting out that I am not sure I am going to keep or get rid of. 

Oh, and I had this picture that was in my previous home. When we moved in our current home, Mama took it to her house because it was professionally framed and she couldn't bear to see me get rid of it. 

It is going to be perfect for the look I am after.

Plowing Time is the caption.

I piddled around a bit more. The curtain in the background is going to stay above the kitchen window, but will undergo a few changes. I couldn't fit the rod through the proper place, so it is just in the ruffle above. I am going to change out that rod and move it up a bit, so that this will work. I made it for my classroom years ago. It has a Dick and Jane fabric, but the colors are perfect for the farmhouse.

I added some decorative dishes in different spots around the kitchen. I found all of it in the house left by the previous owner. It is so cute.

There were some metal tins on these shelves. I liked the pottery better.

In the living room I am going to use these cotton curtains also from Country Curtains, but I am going to add some grosgrain ribbon to the sides and bottom. I took an armrest cover from the gingham sofa to match. 

I realized I had no picture of the sofa except our Thanksgiving photos, so I will have to work on that. 
This is definitely the hang out room.

I worked on the bedrooms a tad bit. 

I will share again. My goal is to use what I have as much as possible. I have lots stuffed in closets. If I make a purchase like the table or pie safe then it has to be something super special.

Hubby has tilled up a small space for a garden, so we will have some good veggies this summer.

I have been enlisted to come and organize the barn, so the house may get put on hold for awhile.

One more picture to end this post. My step dad was a genius with making something out of nothing or fixing anything. I shared this stool on an earlier post

Hubby had me out there today looking at what I needed to do in the barn. He had gone to Mom's house in Brewton last week to help finish cleaning out her garage. He brought a few things here. The picture below is one of those things.

He found this. This would be "Gene" special. You put your hose in at the ground and you have a faucet. I am sure he had this at one time up at their farm.
The base is a brake disc.

The farm will be a great place to keep a special memory of him.

So blessed,

Update on the above photo. Mama said he made it for her to use when they went camping for washing dishes outside. Smile! 
She dreamt things up, and he made them. So true!


  1. Love all the changes Sandy. We are going for the same look in our Georgia home. We did meet with the contractor again yesterday and I think we are finally decided on a plan. I am hoping it might be started in a month or so. Like you, I plan to purchase very little as I have so many decorative items. I am looking for furniture at yard sales and Craig's list.

    1. When you break ground, it will go fast. Another option on finding furniture is Haverty's. In our local one, they have a back room which is slightly damaged or showroom. They often have great prices. We got our living room furniture and dining table there for the cabin. There was a scratch ever so slight on the table and TV cabinet. Both were not a big deal. The sofa had a stain on the back side. The prices were right. We found two really big comfy chairs for the cabin that I think just didn't sell with the sofa set.

  2. Hey, scratches are not a problem with grands have helped me embrace the distressed look!lol


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