Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall Decor 2016

It finally feels like fall. The mornings are nice, so much so that I have been sitting on the deck rather than getting started on my chores today. 

Hank, the heron was fishing. Love Hank.

I didn't do a ton different this year, so some of these pictures will be the same, but I do have a few noteworthy changes, so here is fall at our home this year.

The dining room got one new pumpkin mixed in with the coastal things that stay pretty much year round. 

The squirrels are back for another year.

The desk got a new bunny and sign. I simply love this bunny.

The foyer is the same.

The other bunny got a fall ribbon.

The kitchen got some cute new dish towels that need ironing.

The Boo sign and jack-o-lantern are new in the kitchen. I also still have the black gingham napkins on the table, but I didn't take a picture I guess, and I am too lazy now to do it.

The living room has a few changes since I last shared. After moving these pumpkins to every place in this room, I finally settled on the end tables. I love these pumpkins that I got at JoAnn's several years ago.

The coffee table got a few candles and some leaves. The couch got some new pillows, and there is a new rug on the floor.

The rug took some getting used to and the pillows too, but I like them now.

The change was the result of one thing leading to a chain reaction.

You see I was shopping at Haverty's for my daughter. I am going to share that soon!

Anyway, I was in Haverty's back room when I came upon this chair. I just felt it needed me. I was so tired of my rocker. 

I LOVE the chair. I mean really love it. It is my new stitching and reading chair and it reclines. I never ever thought I would want that, but it was custom made for my body. Anyway, the chain reaction started when I just felt that there was too much red and busy patterns, so new rug, new pillows, etc.

I am trying to mull it all over and see if it works for me. It may be back to drawing board, but for now...

Here are a few more pics of the bookcases with a few fall touches sprinkled in.

Now, I am off to do chores before I allow myself anymore computer time. I have flitted away a good bit of time already.

Loving October,


  1. Your comfy chair looks like my comfy chair in my bedroom. I bought mine from a friend when she was getting new furniture. It is in my bedroom and I spend way too much time there. ( Margaret dubbed it my comfy chair as she likes to sit in it too!). I love your decorations...those bunnies are too cure. I plan to swap out my Halloween for my Thanksgiving so I do not have so much to put away when it is time to decorate for Christmas. And I have tried to pare down as well.

    1. I am loving my new chair, so I will have to make everything work, b/c it stays!!!!

  2. Don't you love the way that chain reaction thing works? I swear, it's only one little thing, then the next thing you know, you're on first name basis with the manager at Home Goods! Your chair looks so dreamy soft!

    1. You are so right. It is comfy, but if you are trying to convince yourself that things are right and not, wow, I love that ....eventually, you arrive at Home Goods.


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