Sunday, October 30, 2016

Where Did October Go?

I honestly never intended to stay away from the blog this long. I had all kinds of things to blog about two weeks ago.

The weather was great and I got outside and did some yard work. No pictures. It does look better though. The heat of summer is gone although it is still hot and I can't remember the last time I saw water fall from the sky.

I had sewn and stitched and even read.

I had painted the Hoosier cabinet at the farmhouse and more.

We went to Auburn weekend before last and I had planned to blog last Monday.

Then we got back and I didn't feel well.

Kidney stones. They are not something I ever want to experience again.

I did paint my mother's master bedroom. She has been on a tear lately. I really won't  go there except to say that she took all my patience this past week while I was sick.

I am back among the living.

I have absolutely no clue where October went. I will share just a few pics and then try and share some new stuff later this week with y'all.

Lindsay's master bedroom. The pillows that I made for her are here, but I promise they are not that shiny in person.

The Hoosier cabinet painted without the hardware. Still working on that.
By the way, that is not all I have painted. An update later this week. Trying to get that room done before Thanksgiving.

On one of the days I worked outside, Lemony, the Golden sat down by a turtle. She was very unimpressed by it.

The new color in Mama's bedroom.
For whatever reason, her master was the only room in the house that was not the above color. I meant kidney stones or not, that room was going to be painted last week. One monkey off my back.

I will do an update on the farmhouse, share what I have been reading (3 books at one time, well kind of 4), and I broke down and bought a purse (s) .... I did get rid of two though.

Not sleeping because I took a VERY long nap this afternoon,


  1. You were busy!! And I have to see that purse!! I tried carrying one of my Dooney's and I hate to admit it but they are just too heavy for this old woman. I will keep one or two for special occasions but the rest will go. Love the Hoosier cabinet and I know Thanksgiving is going to be so much fun at the farm. I will be changing out some seasonal decor tomorrow. Going from Halloween to Thanksgiving. I am working on FOUR cross stitch pieces in rotation. Floss Tube finally got to me and I have to admit, I do like changing up my stitching each day. Hope you are feeling better after your bout with the Kidney Stones. I am having my bladder tacked up next least I will have drugs to deal with election returns. :) I hope to just be in the hospital one night. Pray for no complications please. I am a bit nervous. Looking forward to seeing all your future posts!!

    1. I will pray for you and I was thinking we all probably need some relief for the returns. I think I may go up to the farm next week on Wednesday and work on a project that I need to complain. May not turn the TV on at all.
      I have 4 books and two stitching projects going. My scatteredness has been in full on mode lately. I will share my new purse/purses soon. I went with something different and lightweight.


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