Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Random Post

A little update on the goings on in my world. Yesterday was another stormy day, so I spent a good deal of my time praying it would not be torrential rain, but a light rain until I could get the repairs to the gutter and underneath the house done. It is hard to get anyone to come right away. You are on a waiting list and while you thing your problem should supersede all others, that is not the way it works. Imagine that😊

The house held together through it all and I have workers lined up...just don't know where I am on the list.

The deck is coming along. They have the dock done, but got slowed up with two rainy days. I am looking forward to being able to sit out there. It has kind of been a messy little place on the lower level for awhile. There is no stress relief in a messy zone. Pictures of the progress coming soon. It has been too rainy to take any.

We did take a boat ride on Sunday. I didn't mention it on Monday as I had a lot of other stuff on my mind. IT was a beautiful afternoon, but I thought it was rather chilly on the water. Even so, I enjoyed it.

Almost middle of picture you can see their fins.

Of course, no trip in the bay is complete without dolphins. Dolphins do not cooperate for the camera though. They will put on a show for you until you bring out the camera, and then they play hide and seek. Have camera ready...underwater...get tired of trying...pop up!!!

The picture below is a testament to why we are called The Emerald Coast.

It is a beautiful area to visit, but I wish you could get people to understand that the water can be a dangerous place. They pulled four out of the water this week, and one died. You have to pay attention to the flags.

We also had a shark biting this weekend. Sunday afternoon in the wonderful green water, a teen from Kentucky was bitten. She survived, but I am sure the beach will never be the same for her. She was in waist deep water, but they are there. Most times they don't bite, but she did think smart and hit him. My brother in-law who is 70 rides his bike to the beach everyday. He says they nudge him all the time. Me, I don't go in past my ankles. I have seen too many pictures. I don't care what the statistics say. Most definitely there are bad times to go ---feeding times or near the fishing pier. I can't believe how many swim next to the fishing pier. NOPE...not me!!! Anyway, I am so glad she was ok.

I received welcoming news this morning that the call back on my mammogram was all good. Just a benign cyst. I blog for the community. Sweet little Roxy from Living from Glory to Glory emailed me this morning to check on me. She had written a post on reminding us ladies to get those yearly checkups and I commented on hers, so she knew I was waiting on the results from an ultrasound. I love that my little blog friends care and I really believe pray for each other, because I know I DO!!!

I am so close to finishing my little bunny. I have had quite a few interruptions so I have not had a lot of stitching time. She may have to stay out past Easter if I don't get her finished today.
MAYBE a picture tomorrow.

Everyone have a great day.

A few more pictures for you...

Sunday morning wake up view.

Stepped out on the porch. I love how the Pioneer Woman always shares sunrises and sunsets . 


  1. So glad you got a clear mammogram. That is always a stressful time. I saw the report of the drowning and the shark bite. I am always on the look out when I am at the beach. Last year the sharks were too close to the beach for my comfort. Those pictures are beautiful....nothing like a pretty sunset to calm the nerves.

    1. I will just sit and watch the others go in the water. I finished my bunny today. I was too tired tonight to put a finish on him, but I will carve out time for that tomorrow:)

  2. That is one beautiful πŸŒ…! Yay for good news. Amen and Glory to God!

    I feel similarly about the tourists who ignore the signs and walk out on the slippery rocks. The wave comes and knocks them down, they hit their heads, and then the misery really starts. So many broken bones and sometimes even drownings. Pays to ask the locals even about the simple things. No way am swimming in the ocean south of New Hampshire. 🏊🏻‍♀️

    A wonderful weekend to you!

    1. You are so right about making sure you talk to a local. I know I won't be swimming in New Hampshire. Shoot, I think it is cold here in the water except for July and August.

  3. Beautiful photos, Sandy! I always enjoy random posts and I am so happy you got good news on the mammogram! Yes, I agree with you (and with Vee above) -- tourists so often just don't pay attention. Hiking in the White Mountains when really not prepared, then expect Fish & Game to come rescue them when they get into trouble! And don't get me started concerning snowmobilers who think open water on a partially frozen lake is going to be safe. We have had a number of snowmobilers die this year.

    1. Thanks Mrs. T about the mammogram.
      I hadn't thought about snowmobilers. I suspect they are much like the water toys here. Most of the time, signs are posted and they get a safety course which they don't listen to I suspect.

  4. It was nice to catch up on your news, Sandy, especially the test results! The boat ride looks amazing, the shark not so much.

    1. Agreed Amalia about the sharks. They are out there and 99% of the time they don't bother you and generally they are not right up on the shore. She was in waist deep water, but that is pretty far out on our shores. Too far for me. I will stay in the boat.


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