Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Late Weekend Wrap-up

While last week was very tough, plans for the weekend had been made months earlier, so I had to try and handle grief along with the weekend plans.

This is a rather long post with no pictures. I guess we will see if you really enjoy reading my posts. 😃

Mother and I used to go to the Extraordinary Women conference each April for many many years. It was one of our little things to do together. Three years ago, we couldn't go because of my step-dad's cancer. Then it just seemed we never got our steam back to go again. We would talk about it each year, but just say maybe next year.

A couple of months ago, I decided I would get tickets for her March birthday, and that we would try and go as she is slowing down and I know there is coming a time when even if she wants to go she wouldn't want to climb stairs or have the stamina to go.

The conference was this weekend. I had absolutely no desire to go. She has been sick with a sinus infection and then with the antibiotics for it. Then, I had Lucy's passing.

I decided we would do an abbreviated version. Friday nights are always a speaker and then a concert by someone. I have seen Mandisa, who by the way is a must see if you ever get a chance. I have seen Francesca Battistelli who is also wonderful. This year was Sidewalk Prophets. While I would have loved them on any other weekend, I knew she wouldn't. On Friday evening, we went on to to Pensacola to let her shop and then to hear the speaker. We left early instead of staying for the concert.

We knew were going to do only half of a day on Saturday. The question was would it be the first half or the second half. When we saw the speaker list, we had seen the second half ladies before, so we opted for the first half.

I learned a few things this weekend that had nothing to do with my sadness. Mother handled the amount that we did fine, but she would not have really been too good for the whole day. She is in good health, but the last three years she has slowly gone down. She fell four years ago in a fluke accident, then a few months later, my step dad got sick. She has just slowly slowed up. She no longer walks like she did. She has lots of flexibility and can get up and down with ease. In fact, better than some half her age. She cleans her house from top to bottom, cooks for herself, reads, and does puzzle books (cryptograms). She does not seem to want to meet anyone new or socialize.

I am thinking her bus trip to Maine this summer with my aunt will be her last big hurrah for something like that. This is mostly older people who go on these trips, so it should be slow paced, but it should wipe her out. At least, I think it might.

Sometimes that body slows before the mind, and sometimes the mind slows before the body. Either way is stinky.

I had a hard time enjoying the conference this year for many reasons. I wasn't excited to go in the first place, then my situation, and then the fact that it is kind of hard to watch your parent slow down.

Two of the five ladies we heard were worth my getting out of the house for. Nothing earth shattering, but again my mood was not the best. Don't worry ladies...I am good. I am enjoying my time in retirement to study the Bible with more time than I have ever had.

There are just seasons in life that there are tasks to do. I am in a season of trying to care for Mama even though she is just not what she used to be. However, I am loving the season of being able to impart advice to my daughter who comes about three times a week for lunch. I wouldn't trade that for the world.

There was also one more big thing for the weekend. After church on Sunday, our lead pastor wanted to have the church staff to come to the farm for a get together. The lead pastor and family are dear friends of ours and are frequent visitors at the farm. A couple of weeks ago while there, he thought how good it would be to let the staff come and not have to do anything but just show up for an afternoon of fun. They have been working so hard in the weeks leading up to Easter. Many are young with families on a tight budget.

So, we hosted a cookout with them having to bring nothing. Fishing, 4 wheeler rides, rides similar to a hay ride, balls, and long walks were had by all. IT was a good outing for Lemony. All kids are drawn to a big ole Golden Retriever and she let all of them pet her.

That my friends was a busy weekend with a lot of tears in between for Lucy. I am better today. I am putting a book together in the next month for the kids and me of our dogs. They have been a big part of our family life. Looking at all the pictures has helped me remember her fondly and know that she is suffering.

If you survived a picture less post then have a great evening. I will try and do better next time.


  1. I understand completely the season you are talking about with your mom. It is hard. And hosting everyone at your farm must have taken every bit of reserve you had after such a week.

    I am going with a friend to hear Chondra Pierce on Monday evening. It is a fund raiser for a local Christian School. I have seen her on Gaither a time or two but this will be my first time to see her in person. The friend I am going with needs an evening of laughter and probably a few tears too.

    So glad you are making a book of your doggie family...I think that will help you as you grieve over Lucy. I hope you will share some pictures here!!

  2. You hit it right . . . it's a season. Being strong and peaceful during the rough seasons is a sign of a mature Christian. I've been thinking about this a lot lately. "You will give us perfect peace, to those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in You." Isaiah 26:3. - Now, I did that from memory, so I'm not sure I got it exactly right, but a steadfast mind and trusting in God is exactly what we need for peace. And having peace is a great, great gift. Hang in there!

    1. Thanks Leslie Anne, that is one of my favorite verses. I chose to be steadfast this year. Fortunately, I do know I am in a season of life. I also have many great blessings to lead me forward.


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