Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Cross Stitching, Flowers, Trees, and Deck Update

I finished the bunny in time to enjoy for Easter. I set it up on the easel for showing y'all, but I am hanging it on the cabinet in the dining room for Easter and probably all of April.

I have so many things lined up to do that I am having trouble staying with one, but I don't feel like I make much progress if I have too many projects going at once. I will probably work on the Christmas cardinals that I didn't finish before Christmas and a patriotic one.

A few thoughts about the crazy weather...

I have decided that some flowers and trees were just as confused by the winter/spring craziness this year. We basically didn't have winter except for two very cold weekends in which we got down to the record breaking temperatures that killed lots of my plants that I don't normally move in around here. However, I hardly wore anything more than a sweat shirt this winter. Then there is February which should have been cold and I wore shorts and took walks on the beach. It is no wonder that the plants don't know what to do.

These flowers were completely duped by winter...azaleas and camellias. My azaleas were completely done by the end of February. The camellias couldn't decide whether to bloom or not. The ones in the yard were worse than those at the farm. They did bloom, but not nearly as prolific as last year.
Even the pansies this year seem confused. They bloom one week only to nearly die the next.

My major disappointment this year was the bulbs. I had planted tulips and more daffodils in the ground. The daffodils did bloom but looked puny. The tulips broke ground but never bloomed. I was extremely sad. I will plant the tulips in pots again like last year. I REALLY missed them.

On the other hand, the roses, geraniums, and hydrangeas didn't seem to fall for any tricks. They have been about normal.

I think the trees have all budded late this year. I really thought the Natchez crepe myrtle in our front yard wasn't going to bloom, but it broke out almost overnight. The birds are so excited about that. There is a pair of cardinals that love that tree in the summer.

The live oaks have not dumped their leaves, but I feel it is coming any day now. Live oaks are like the other oaks in the fall ...leave dump like snow falling in the spring.

The deck is coming along what seems slowly, but should be finished by the end of the week.

Some progress pictures and some big mess pictures. I probably need to get rid of some flower pots and some old patio furniture. I will analyze all that next week.

The mess is all on the second level. Can't even really get to my plants to water them.

Two progress shots from yesterday.

I have a busy day lined up, but I will be back tomorrow with a share about my my leather couch refurbish. It looks amazing.



  1. Love that bunny!!! I have seen so many pretty Easter/Spring patterns people have stitched this year. I really like Easter Parade by Blackbird Designs but it is out of print and the price people are asking for it on Ebay is crazy!! I do have a bid in for an old Prairie Schooler Pattern that is a village that somehow I missed years ago. My hostas are popping up but I cannot decide if I should put in my impatiens yet or not...the weather has been so crazy. Your deck is going to be fabulous. Speaking of couches...we need a new one. I am thinking of a leather one this time...would appreciate your input.

    1. I too have seen so many Easter pretties. I am going to try and move on to patriotic now. I have started the Freedom one you sent me. I hope to finish it soon. I am excited about the deck. I have a lot of decluttering down there to do when they finish. They are going to haul off the concrete table which I have hated since I moved in. I am so excited about that.
      My couch refurbish is amazing. I can't wait to share. Leather is expensive, so you better like it for the long haul, but I have liked it. It is a big decision. I will share some of my thoughts.

    2. We need a sofa that will hold up. The one I have now is upholstered and it has lasted about 10 years. I could get it re covered but I just do not want to deal with that!! Looking forward to your post. ( Went to LNS and got two pieces of material . One for Prairie Schooler, July and one for Lady Freedom so patriotic is on deck for me too!!) I am going to be finishing up the HOPE sheep Christmas ornament soon. I think it is Little House or Country Cottage. Would you like it when I am finished???

  2. I would love the pattern. Would you like the bunny?
    I also didn't get to comment the other day on a post you wrote about churches. I love my church and have no doubt that I am where I am supposed to be. Definitely my mission field, but I too miss the beauty of a church. I think the Methodists have some of the prettiest chapels and I love the chapel at Calloway Gardens. It is one of my favorite spots on this planet.

  3. Yes, I would love to swap patterns...just pass the lamb on to someone else when you are done stitching. I will probably finish mine next week so I will put it in the mail to you. I picked up Betsy Ross yesterday. Marlene at the Peddler asked if I was doing the whole series. I told her I chose Betsy because she was a stitcher, not sure I would want to stitch all of the patriotic series...again it is Little House or Country Cottage. I believe a mother daughter team own both companies. So glad I have someone who shares my love of stitching. And yes, the Methodists do have the prettiest churches. There is just something about stained glass that speaks to me....just as it has many people over the centuries. The church in Fayetteville was particularly lovely. I would like to attend a service there.

  4. The bunny came out so nice, Sandy, and I like the way you finished it. Your deck is going to be wonderful when it's finished. As my contractor son-in-law often says concerning the mess of a remodel, "You can't do surgery without some blood." The mess will be out of the way soon enough and your deck will look amazing.

    1. That is indeed a good quote. When we got this house, for many summers we redid floors as we could. I remember one summer we were having the youth from our church over every week and the main room got started a day early. I wasn't going to turn them down from coming or it might be a long delay, so they had pulled up the carpet. We were getting tile, so I threw blankets and sheets all over the floor and they came on it and sat on that. I don't think one kid cared...just we adults stress over that kind of stuff. Anyway, I am excited about the deck. They are finishing today. We will get to enjoy it a little before it gets really hot.


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