Friday, April 7, 2017

Five for Friday

I think I will throw out a Five on Friday...

#1  I finished my bunny stitch. It is adorable, but most definitely not my best stitching. I just fell in love with the pattern, but it is on 32 count linen. For some reason, it was hard to see or at least more than usual.

My shadow is across it:)
I will finish it in someway today. I am not planning to frame it or even make it into something that will fit in a frame. It will most likely hang. Well, we will see.

#2 Lucy, the Springer will be 12 tomorrow. She is doing much better, but just let me say diapering is not a fun thing. I thought I would never do that on a regular basis again. She is fine with it. Stands there like a champ.

Here she is as a puppy...

She would bite the tail of our other Springer and then rush and get under the table. He couldn't really get to her well and she knew it. Always the mischievous one.

#3 Construction Stuff.

I am hoping we get a lot done on the bottom deck today. I have a feeling it will be almost done, but will require the rails and so forth next week. I am super excited. No pictures yet.

I have workers lined up for fixing our foundation problem. They say it is an easy fix, but we have to dig up my front flower bed, so I will be trying to help on that. I am fine with the shrubs, but I may have to dig up what roses that I am able to grow here. I love roses and this yard, does not have a suitable place for them. I had 14 lovely named roses at my previous home. I miss them. Oh well, they are scheduled for 2 weeks away, so I guess I need to be praying for mild rains and not gully washers.

I also have a worker lined up to get my son's door and sheetrock patches done next week. 

Happy construction days.

#4 My daughter continues to work on her yard. She is so funny. She is ultra shocked at how much stuff costs. I am like, yes, I know dear.

They got the front sodded where the new palm tree went in, but I haven't taken any pictures yet. I did snap a few of her back yard. I think I told you her husband is in construction and they started a new job on 30A (the famous beaches around here with all the little communities like Seaside and Watercolor, etc.) They had dug up some pavers, so he brought two truckloads home for her to use.

Here are some backyard photos.

The dwarf lemon tree already has lemons.

The other side.

She strung up some lights along her back fence. She also took some paint and painted her clay pots. I had some left over outdoor paint. She is always looking for the econo way to do things. She was shocked at how expensive flower pots were, and I had told her geraniums do well in clay pots here. The geraniums are adorable in them.

I love watching my kids grow up. I am not sure where the time went though.

I have mostly stayed on top of my chores this week. I was trying out a different routine, but I didn't like it. It was one of those do a task a day like all dusting. I would never ever see a completely clean room, so I need more motivation than that. I need to just stick to my plan. It is all about being home long enough to actually do it.

I saw God's hand on things this week. Things I had prayed about for a long time. We can get discouraged, but His timing is perfect and He has plans that we just can't know about. We just have to trust and dog gone it, we don't like to that sometimes. 

That is five for Friday and I am about to get moving on the rest of the day.


  1. That bunny is just precious Sandy...and I think it looks great. Of course, I have to use a magnifier on everything but I get so much enjoyment from stitching that I am willing to put up with the magnifier. So glad things are coming together for you with your house projects. I am still waiting on a workman to come and rewire our sprinkler system box. And like your daughter, I wonder why things cost so much!!:) I have decided I have done enough housework for the week so I am going to work on my Smoky Mountain Christmas today after I get home from the grocery store. And I will not feel guilty at all.

    1. You go girl. I am about to settle in for some enjoyment time too!!!

  2. Your stitch work is adorable! I used to stitch but it's gotten harder to see those darn little things. :)

    Bless your daughter's heart. Wanting a nice yard is very eye opening. She will figure it out.

  3. Your little bunny is so sweet! I would love to do stitching like that but I know it's hard to see! And we would love to have a palm tree put in sometime but we are always shocked at prices too! lol Right now I am just happy to get my normal stuff done. I cleaned today while hubby was gone running errands. Felt so nice! Enjoy your afternoon!


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