Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Weekend

It was a busy weekend, but all good. I knew going in I would have a busy one, so I tried to prepare myself last week. I love Easter, after all it is the greatest day for a Christian.

On Good Friday, I had to meet the plumber at my son's house to fix the kitchen sink...last plumbing problem I hope. Then the deck was finished and I tried to put some things back together (pictures of it at the end of the post). Hubby got off a little early so we moved some things back into place and decided some needed to go to the trash heap.

All the while doing those things, I was so mindful of what Jesus did for me. We had a quiet supper at home that evening.

I stayed home Saturday morning rather than going to the farm. I had gone on Thursday to water the garden, so I figured Hubby could handle it on Saturday. I did a bit of cleaning and food prep for Sunday.

That evening we had two of the five Easter services at our church, so I went to one of them. I served at two of the Sunday services, so I was quite pooped. I didn't really get to stop though. I had the family coming for Sunday supper.

Usually my daughter and my mom help out if they are here, but Lindsay had her in-laws here until Sunday after church. I was so excited that they were able to come down and go to church with them. They live in Atlanta. I had hoped they could stay Sunday evening, but the mom couldn't get off work on Monday. I think Lindsay was very tired. She has been hopping at work lately. Mom has had sinus issues for the last two weeks. We have a doctor's appointment this afternoon.
I did the cooking except for the pork loin and sausage which Hubby grilled. I didn't mind if I can have my small family with me.

I didn't take ONE solitary picture yesterday, not one. I was just busy and never stopped. I was so sad when I realized I had not taken any pictures. That is really not like me at all. AND, the girlfriend came. Paul Allen brought her and we were so excited. She is really adorable. I had an opportunity to get a picture of her and I blew it.

Please tell me I am not the only one who has ever done that. You know I know it is the first time I have missed an Easter picture. I don't know what to put in the photo album. Blank spot with a note...Mom is losing it.

Let's see our menu consisted of..


Concecuh Sausage
Pimento Cheese

Main Meal

Pork Loin
Mashed Potatoes (Mother calls them creamed potatoes)
Deviled Eggs


Chocolate Meringue Pie
Lemon Bars

So that is my Easter with no pictures­čś×

The message was so good at church. A good Resurrection Day spent serving the Lord and with family. Doesn't get any better.

Here is the finished deck and dock.


If you are wondering about the older looking boards at the bottom. They were not redone as they are all structurally good and will last a long time. They can be removed without messing the deck up in any way. 

A water picture from right in front of where Lucy is standing.

The next two pictures of what happens in spring in the Panhandle of Florida. Those live oaks that drip with Spanish moss that are we are so famous for drop their leaves. Yes, just like fall everywhere else. Hubby got up four bags from the lawn this weekend. They bud and the leaves fall off in the spring. We rake in April in September here.

This a close up of the top of one of the trees. I took it from the top deck on back. 

Thought that tidbit might be interesting for the northern friends. 

Have a great day y'all.


  1. Can I come sit on your deck...I might bring my stitching along!! It is beautiful!! I have to admit I had the blahs a bit yesterday as we had no family here. I finally just stopped looking at everyone's pictures on Facebook. It is what it is!! And yes, I have forgotten to take pictures because I was so busy trying to get the meal on the table and wait on people that the camera was totally forgotten. I am sad you did not get a picture of the boyfriend and girlfriend. I wanted to see that!! I made up for not having family by stitching on my Smoky Mountain Christmas. It is coming along. It might even be done by this Christmas!! Hopefully I will not be by myself again at the

    1. Arlene, I so wish you could come and sit on that deck with me. I am really going to try and make a point to go out there if for nothing but 15 minutes a day the remainder of spring. I might just take my stitching out there. I am working on the Freedom piece you sent me and a piece from an old magazine. I know my day is coming to not have family here. I have already not had Lindsay and I know that it is coming with Paul Allen as well. Not such a fun thought. I always think how sad these people are that there marriages didn't work out or they have lost a spouse. At least we have our hubbies. I have a friend who just in my mind went nuts and left her husband. I am quite sure she is regretting it now, but it is too late.
      I was so stinking mad that I didn't get Katie's picture yesterday. I think they really like each other. I think I have it given it all to God about Paul Allen. I hate that he is just still coasting along in life. He really doesn't understand how blessed he is that his grandparents left him some money. I tell myself he has to grow up by himself and I can't make it of it happen. He has to learn the ups and downs of life in order to be a better person. I just love this girl, and when I let myself get down. I think she is going to get impatient with him, but then I remind myself I didn't think a good girl would be looking for him since he was just a coaster. She dropped out of the sky. I have to remind myself to trust in HIM.

  2. Such a pretty deck and pier! All that hard work paid off. Your Easter sounds like mine, busy! So glad you had time with family, and totally understand the photo issue. I either take a million pictures, or completely forget to touch the camera. We had such a meaningful, beautiful Easter, and I'm glad to hear you did too!

    1. I guess when you are too busy for pictures, that is a good thing. Probably lots of good times were had.

  3. Well there's a pair of us! No way to prove that Easter ever happened. Ha! Do better next time. The new deck and dock is going to be such a blessing...I see lots of folks enjoying it!

    1. Thanks Vee. I do hope lots of people get to enjoy it not just us.

  4. The new deck and dock are just beautiful! I would be spending more than 15 minutes a day out there, I can tell you that! I would be stitching, doing Bible study, writing my grocery list, having my prayer time ... everything possible.

    Yes, the time just does come when we have to face that some holidays it will just be us and our husbands, and thank the Lord for them. We celebrate with some of our kids when it works out, but it doesn't always work out. We've always encouraged them to have their own family traditions, and are happy that they've done that.

    1. I agree about encouraging them to create their own traditions. I will cherish every moment I get with them, but I want them to a family that doesn't feel guilty when they can't be with us. We can do things on any day.
      I am loving my new deck. I have drifted out there for a lot of the things you mentioned. Need to be out there as much as we can before it gets real hot.

  5. It really does look like a beautiful place to spend time all during the day! We wish a lot of the time that we had bought a house on the water! The pollen is still bad here but it's been nice...a little hot! heehee! Enjoy your weekend! What a beautiful home you have! Hugs, Diane

    1. The pollen has arrived here as well. I am going to have bring out the hoses tomorrow.


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