Sunday, February 1, 2015

February 1st

One year ago today, my sweet girl married the perfect match for her. Lindsay met Tyler at Auburn her Freshman year, shortly after she arrived on The Plains. 

January 29, 2014 brought an ice storm to the south like we Southerners have never seen or at least the kind of 100 year stories. Tyler's parents are from Atlanta and spent the night in a Publix parking lot. Two of the bridesmaids lived in Birmingham where they were iced in safely thank goodness in their apartments as many spent the night in cars and classrooms.

I can tell you that a kind of strange sensation flowed over Lindsay and me. There were no longer any worries or stress over flowers, decorations, plans for the wedding, etc, etc, etc. Those quickly went to everyone going to safely arrive at the wedding? We quickly settled into the mode that is was no longer in our control and that we just wanted friends and family to arrive safely. 

It is so funny to think back to the weather. The bayou we live on actually froze over almost all the way across like a lake in the northern states. The South was quite a scene. We don't know how to drive or even walk outside in that kind of weather.

Santa Rosa Sound - Hurlburt AFB Officers' Club

As you can see from the photograph above, the weather changed quickly and warmed up to give us a very nice day. There were a few clouds during the day, but the sun shone through enough to give us some wonderful outdoor pictures. It wasn't cold at all during the day. The sunset was magnificent and all our family and friends from Alabama and the Atlanta area were treated to that beautiful sunset. I think all but two people we invited made it to the wedding.

They spent a weekend away in Savannah this weekend relaxing after a year of many changes. They started out in Jacksonville, but have moved back home, but they go in opposite directions each day for work and have rather long commutes. I am praying that God sees fit to help them out on this soon, but in this economy good jobs are hard to come by and they are lucky on this account.

I told her that her weather story had come the year she got married. Her dad and I were married on September 1st, 1984. On our one year anniversary, we were trying to evade Hurricane Elena. We went to my mama's house across the state line into Alabama. Why? I am not quite sure, because they get about as much damage as we do from tornadoes and sometimes straight line winds as with IVAN. Any who, we ate our frozen wedding cake with threats of a hurricane. It went to Louisiana. And...BTW, I can tell you where I was and what I was doing for every hurricane to hit the Gulf Coast since Hurricane Camille in 1969. It is our way of life.

I pulled out their top layer of the wedding cake to have ready for them to take home tonight. She said it was still good and she was glad that I had done that, because she really didn't remember what it tasted like that night:)

Blessed indeed,

Praying for my dear mom as we are dealing with some health issues. 

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