Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Finding Time for God

Now that I am retired, I have so much more time for reading God's Word. I love that and am soaking those moments up. Recharging my soul you might say.

However, yesterday as I was reading and spending that time in the Word, I couldn't help but think about those years that I was a working mom with zero spare time. My daughter is now working full time and will probably one day be one of those moms trying to make it in this world juggling job and family.

I know there are plenty of people out there who say-- just quit and be a full time mom. I am not here to debate that. We all have choices we have to make and unless "we walk a mile in someone's else's moccasins we shouldn't judge." 
(I am guessing that little nugget of wisdom is not PC today, but it is so true.)
What I am about to share is for any busy mom!

When life gets busy and crazy we need Jesus so much more. I remember one particular night that changed my view on making time for Him. It was a Friday night and the kids and hubby were gone to a football game. I sometimes would let them go and use that time to clean house and get caught up on the second job of housekeeping. I found that I would be less stressed on Saturday and Sunday. The TV was on more for company than anything else. A football player was talking about his faith and he made this statement.

Obedience is the highest form of faith. 

That statement really struck me. As he talked, I listened, but it was the statement that really made me think. 

I don't have to have time. 
I don't have to like it.
Etc., Etc., Etc.,
I just have to be obedient.

I began to ponder how I could add that devotional and quiet time to my already busy schedule.

This is how I handled it, and it really changed me in big ways.

During those years, 
I didn't have time to read through the Bible or become a Bible scholar. I was doing good to read one verse, SO THAT IS WHAT I DID.

I went to the bookstore and bought one of those small devotion books with one verse at the top and a small story. A book similar to this.

I began to search for those small devotional books that I could read on the way out the door or at night before I went to bed. 

God met my obedience!!!

He began to take those simple little books and amaze me with how timely the verse or story would be to me that day or at least a day or two afterwards. That my friends... is how He works. He meets us where we are and uses our obedience to bless us.

He grew me even with a verse a day and small devotional books!!!!!!!!

For many years, that is all I could do. When summer came and I had more time or when I had those moments I dug deeper and spent more time. For those seasons of life, when you don't have time to breathe, I found that being obedient to just stopping even for a couple of minutes was met by God.

One more thought for those working moms out there, those seasons will come and go. Your children will no longer cause mounds of laundry and messy dishes galore. I loved to counted cross stitch from college on. I basically had to give it up when the kids were toddlers. Life just got too busy for it. I now have time and am busy stitching each night. 

I started this piece in the early 1990's and life happened. It was left in a box unfinished until last year when I finally had time to pull it out and complete it. 
I now have time to stitch most nights. Seasons come and go.

I hope this helps someone out there to pour more of Him into your life. Sometimes I have thoughts, but chicken out on sharing them. I think I am going to stop that. After all, it is my blog:) I can express my thoughts...right?



  1. Sandy, I loved reading this. It actually prompted me to feature an older post about my quiet time.

    My own experience was somewhat similar to yours. I was working at a Christian school and needed to get my kids and myself all out the door early, yet I knew I had to have time in God's Word. I took just one verse at a time and just jotted down a few sentences as to its meaning and application. (Our pastor had given us some lists of verses to study for our devotions and that helped me so much.) Some days, like you, I just used the daily devotional book (Streams in the Desert was my favorite) and got all that I could out of the reading and Scripture.

    So important to take that time even if it is short, as you and I both learned. I hope this featured post will make a difference to someone else!

    1. It is my hope it touches someone else as well. It is the one thing I would definitely tell young moms who are working. God meets us in our obedience.


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