Saturday, February 7, 2015

Foyer Is Finally Repaired

The foyer that had a sheet hanging over the door before Christmas has hopefully been repaired from the leaks. We had taken gutters down a few years ago, and then proceeded to have Biblical rains last year. Those rains took a toll. Gutters are back up, but part of the problem is just design. The foyer is an octagonal tower. Lots of windows and lots of points coming together from several places on the roof of the house causing downpours.

New tile and a new paint job rendered a share of "what was behind the sheet?"

The picture below is taken looking towards the foyer from the family/living room.

I have always thought of this area as quite a bit of wasted space, but it nice sometimes to have open space for that breather of clutter.
To the left is dining room and to the right is the stairs leading down. We have a split level, so the main level is top. The room where the curtains are is a formal living room that we have converted to a pool table room or should I say billiards room.

The peacock lamp actually called my name out one day at Kirklands. 

Were you able to count all 8 walls? The opening back into the house is number 8. The stained glass is one of my favorite things in the home.

The room is a tower. This is inside looking up.

You can see it has a chandelier in it. I am not crazy about it at all, but haven't ever gotten around to changing. I have changed quite a few light fixtures out in the house. If I wait long enough, maybe some of them will come back in style.

This is outside looking at it.

This is in the open area. I think it is one of the shots I have missed in pictures. The double doors are a coat closet. Opposite that wall between pool room and stairs is another closet I use for seasonal decorations and photo albums.

Well, that is the foyer that seemed like it took forever to get the floor replaced and walls painted. 
I am hoping for no more leaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Sandy, I have never seen an octagonal foyer. It's quite interesting and beautiful! I also love your lyre table!

    1. Thanks Terry,
      My mother in law drew up the plans for the house. We have three octagonal areas across the back of the house upstairs and downstairs with each one being a little further out to catch the view of the bayou. I thought it was rather ingenious of her and it is definitely an odd home that catches your attention.


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