Friday, June 9, 2017

Flowers, Outdoor Life, and Inspiration for Next Week's Decorating

I haven't been at home much this week or it sure seems like it. I am sharing the highlights of my week and letting you see my phone pictures as well.

Jeff and I went to our wellness doctor on Monday in Pensacola. We are seeing him twice a year now even though insurance doesn't cover anything but blood work. He has made such a difference in our lives that we want to maintain the progress.

Just getting getting the vitamins matched to our needs is reason alone to go. We are both doing well. I will say that maintaining the weight loss has been easy. We both want to reach our goal weight. I think we both felt we had pushed hard for so long that the last six months we just stopped the sacrificial and maintained. It is good to know we can maintain.

We are starting Tuesday morning with the sacrificial to reach our goal loss. I will fill you on why Tuesday in a bit. We will both be hitting it hard to reach the goals. Me 8-10 and him 20 pounds. 

Writing it makes it better for accountability!!!!!!!

You have been looking at my roses that I have tried growing in pots. I LOVE roses, especially hybrid teas. My favorites are Oklahoma (the darker red) and Chrysler Imperial (the lighter red). My other favorite roses are Queen Elizabeth (light pink) and President Herbert Hoover (a pink orange blend) which are floribundas. 

My problem is I have absolutely no where to grow them. The latter two do pretty well right up front, but I have no room for the first two, so I tried pots. I have found that they get leggy and the blooms are smaller. I wonder if I have the right size pot. Any rose growers out there with helpful hints please send them to me. I have read but I still feel like I am missing the mark.

The next picture was taken from our dock. I never seem to show y'all this view. It is to the west and the sun setting. I always show y'all sunrises because I can see them from inside my house. The sunsets from the dock are not so bad either.

Mother got sick again. She is in the best of health and very mobile and sound mind for an 82 year old, however she has two issues that wear us both out. One is sinuses. Even with a sinus surgery, she stays a mess. Probably a different climate would help, but that is out of the question. The other issue is recurring UTIs. She has a slow stream, so that causes problems. I stay after her to drink water, but she is just going to get them I think no matter what. 

She has a terrible time taking antibiotics, so I was dreading the doctor visit like crazy. We tried a one dose antibiotic which I had never heard of. I have even forgotten the name. Started with an M. It has helped and we had one day of sick from the antibiotics rather than 10.


 Below is the other direction from the dock which I always share morning pictures with you. This was taken yesterday evening. I just needed to sit outside for awhile.

The next picture is straight across from me. It may be the only vacant lot on the water anywhere around here. I love it.

I took Mother to Gulf Shores yesterday to visit a friend from Illinois that was at the beach for vacation. The interesting thing about this friend is that she and Mom have been friends since 1961 when we were stationed in Germany. They were young newborn mothers and became fast friends. Their friendship has lasted all these years. They used to write letters before the advent of smart phones and visited with each other every two or three years. The last time she made it down was Lindsay's wedding in 2014.  It was great to catch up with her.

Today I have been trying to get the house in some sort of order and bake a cake for Jeff's birthday. My two men have birthdays with only a day between them.  (NO DIET until Tuesday) I have always tried to make sure I had separate birthdays because everyone should have their day. We are celebrating one tonight and one Monday night...not the correct days but it is when I can get all the family assembled.

Yesterday evening I was just plain tired for some reason, so I sat in that pink chair on the second level and took the next photo.

I ventured out there because I had become carried away with two baby cardinals out the kitchen window. I looked at them with binoculars for the longest time. They don't usually play on the water side of the house, but they were even hanging out on the dock.

I don't know if you can see it in the photo below, but I was able to catch one of them on the chains that hold the boat up near the top.

I am getting ready to diet and decorate my house for a more patriotic feel for summer next week. I ordered these blue checked napkins a while back and have seen them in several people's Instagram accounts. 


The next two pictures are completely off topic, but on the same Instagram account. I love this table and hutch.


A closer view of it. Eye candy is what I call it.


Now, this is where I got the napkins and I plan to copy this picture!!!

IS this not just plain adorable?!!!

I will share it next week after I get past two birthday celebrations and a craft project with my daughter. 

I will also be sharing a craft project and a stitching update next week.

For now I am busy getting ready birthday celebrations.

See y'all next week,



  1. Just got home and sat down to visit with blog friends. Your house looks so pretty and I am sure just sitting on the deck and looking out is so restful!! Hope your sweet mama gets to feeling better soon. I have had allergy and sinus issues forever and the only thing that has made a difference for me is diffusing essential oils every night in my bed room. It is amazing to me. Like you with your natural doc, I was skeptical but what works Works. Love those napkins and cannot wait to see your table once you have everything done. Our son Ben shares a birthday week with two of his children. Ben was born on Dec 6th, Margaret is Dec 2 and Elliott is Dec 5th. You are right, everyone needs their own day. Going to take a nap and work on my Prairie Schooler July! Finished Betsy Ross at Grimmwood.

    1. I so wish I could have Mama diffuse the essential oils, because I think they have helped me to. I was almost going to purchase her one when I read a book that some of them are not good for people with epilepsy. I just never even mentioned that to her. I probably need to do more research because they have helped my sinuses as well.

  2. What a fun and interesting post, Sandy! I have said it before, if I lived at your house I would spend far too much time on the deck. I am hoping that my mansion in heaven has a water view!

    Happy birthday to your two men! Two of my grandchildren share the birthday of March 5. One just turned 13 and one 16.

    1. I know there are many that similar situations with birthdays. I try to maintain each person's day, but it is so tempting to do one. My son still holds out for his own:)
      All the years I was working, I hardly ever went outside...just work work work. I am enjoying it now immensely. I don't know if we will live here forever because it is a lot to keep up, but I will enjoy it for as long as I'm here. A water view of any kind will be great.


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