Thursday, June 22, 2017

The First Day of Our Mini Vacation

I arrived back from my vacation on Tuesday evening, but I am just now getting time enough for my brain to concentrate on typing. Even with the list of things I came back to do, I really can say the few days away were just wonderful.

It is really true that getting still gives you moments to hear God. Our cell service at the cabin is almost nonexistent. That really and truly isn't a bad thing. Constant alerts on the phone and all the pretties on Instagram can be quite distracting. I often don't even realize it until I have no reason to look at the phone.

We left on Friday afternoon to head to the cabin. We made a quick stop in Montgomery for Hubby to get some new work shirts. I guess he was tired of everything being too big. We found him a few good deals and then headed for the solitude of the lake. I usually try to plan ahead and take some food with us, but I didn't this time. We ate at Niffer's on Lake Martin that evening. The food was just so so, but Hubby ordered dessert. Oh my, it was so good, but so bad. I really should have stopped at two bites but I overate.

Overeating that night was the beginning of not so good eating on the trip for which I am still paying for tonight. Swollen joints. I have been drinking water all day and trying to get myself cleared out of the gluten and other junk I ate.

I am probably going to do the trip in two posts, just because. It is not like we did anything super elaborate, but I am just going to break it up.

Saturday morning we got early heading to Athens, Georgia for an evening wedding. We gave ourselves plenty of time figuring we would look around Athens while we were there.

We had just gone through a little town called Conyers. I remarked that I had never heard of the town. I really have no idea why I said it.

As we left the town, we were on a two lane road, but it was still a busy road. A woman stopped in front of us to turn left. We stopped and there was plenty of room in between us. Unbeknownst to me, the ever distracted female, Hubby was looking out the rear view mirror and this is what transpired.

A small car with a young gentleman stopped behind us again with plenty of room between us. Then from around the curve behind us an older gentleman in a pick up truck came around with no time to stop. I think it caught him by surprise. The speed limit was 55 even though it was quite busy with traffic. Hubby said he knew he wouldn't be able to stop. Thank goodness for looking in the rearview. He pulled off slightly to the right off the road. The gentleman behind us tried to pull as close to the middle as possible, but there was oncoming traffic.

The pickup trip man said he just decided to say a prayer and go for the side of the road. He knew he couldn't stop. So at what seemed like a crazy speed and Jeff saying brace yourself, the pickup truck came flying by on my right side. I honestly don't know how me missed the mirror. He sideswiped a tree just past me and that sent him off the ground and into another tree. The side of the road took a great big dip with the treelike. It blew his camper off into the road.

How all four vehicles came out of this with no one hurt is beyond me. I think it is those host of angels.

From my vantage point, I was afraid someone would be badly hurt, but it was all on the passenger side. He was able to step out of his truck all in one piece. No scratches. He was probably sore the next day.

The tree just ahead of me that he sideswiped. That actually saved him I think.

When I finally got my nerves in check, I said I guess I won't forget Conyers, Georgia.

We made it to Athens in time to see the stadium, campus, and walk around in a museum. I actually enjoyed all the historical furniture pieces.

I thought this piece was interesting. A baker's cabinet it was called.

I loved this quilt top. It was amazing.

We had no idea where we were going to change clothes for the wedding, but the museum had a quite bathroom on the lower level that was clean and no one knew we even used it to change it.

Here we are with our daughter at the reception. 

The wedding was for her brother-in-law, Tyler's twin brother.

I ate some pasta and by the next morning I knew I shouldn't have. That avoiding gluten is real for me y'all.

We enjoyed seeing Tyler's family and that was our first day. Long drive back to the cabin, but we made it back before midnight with the time change. Glad for an uneventful return back.

I will be back tomorrow evening with more.

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  1. No you will not forget Conyers!! So glad all were ok and no one injured. Our daughter, Amelia, was born in Athens. We lived in Hull Ga while Marvin did his post doc work and I worked at UGA student health services. It is a lovely town although I am sure it has changed in 35 years since we lived there. We have been back several times. You look lovely in your pretty wedding outfit. I always eat too much in GA..back to the straight and narrow tomorrow.


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