Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A Little More about the Decorating Book

I wish I had something to share with my stitching, but I was busy all day yesterday with some family stuff. I also have to take Mama back to the dentist today...oh boy!

I am still working on my doggie set for my son and I worked on a possible craft or a possible dud last night that may or not be ever seen. We will see!

Here is my progress on the dog.

RJ from Stitching Friends Forever asked to see a bit more of the decorating book that I mentioned yesterday. I always hate to say how much I love something that you have to buy, because I am ever mindful how we can be influenced reading these blogs to buy something, but ON THE OTHER HAND...I have learned so much and had great recommendations from my blog friends.

I took a few photos of the book A Place to Call Home by James Farmer. All are just with my phone since I have a busy day ahead.

This first one is the dining room of the author's home. These photos are in its everyday state, but it was featured on Southern Living's blog for Christmas. It was so pretty. Where the fiddle leaf figs are stood Christmas trees. He has an amazing garden and has quite the green thumb.

Here is the link to the feature on the Southern Living website at Christmas...

To the left of the table.

To the right of the table.

A few more photos of the book..

There was lots of grasscloth on the walls. I have said before no matter how much wallpaper comes back in is not happening here... lots of pulling down pink and blue 1980's wallpaper in the home I live in now...NO!!!!

I stuck the next page in because I loved his description of the "waller room." His grandmother coined the room that needs to be in every home where children and grandchildren watch TV. They don't sit ---they wallered or lounged lazily.

I am sharing a white kitchen. Those of you have read me for a long time know I am not a white kitchen person...probably the only lady in America who is not, BUT this one is swoon worthy. I think there is enough wood grain to suit me.

Another white kitchen to swoon over is Stacey's at Poofing the Pillows. Few white kitchens stop me to look further, but hers is a stopper!!!

I do really like this one!

Another bedroom...

I loved this room.. It is the wood ---I love my wood!!!

And I still love formal dining rooms even though they are not vogue anymore.

That is a sampling of the book.

Now, to share two more from my collection...RJ, you got me started.

I have had this book since 1984.

It is still one of my favorites. 
This kitchen would still tickle my fancy even though it is not in style...or that outfit.

Needs some hardware on the cabinets though.
This room could still be in style minus the chairs.

AND one more book...

While shopping in Pine Mountain, Georgia back in the summer, I came upon this decorating book. I did not pay $35. for it. It was in a box of books at an antique store.

I just loved it. It was published in 1999. It featured all of us crazy dog lovers that collect dog stuff. It was all tasteful pictures, not gaudy.

Of course, that Springer on the front had me at first glance. Here are a couple from it.

I love the painting, the dogs on the mantle, and the pillow.

Maybe not the picture above the couch, but yes to the lounging doggies.

Ok...hope you enjoyed the tour of books.
Off to get busy with my day.


  1. Ah, you are so sweet to mention my kitchen! The honest truth about our kitchen is that I did not have a vision for it when we started building, I just knew I wanted white. The great thing is that we can all have the type of home we love. :)

    The James Farmer book just might have to be on my Christmas wish list. I love decorating books!

    Again you are making me want to stitch! Not sure that my eyes could really do it at this point though. I don't have the correct glasses. Maybe that should serve as a little motivation. :)

    1. Your kitchen is gorgeous, so for no plan you did well.
      I have to extra strength on the reading glasses when I stitch. I use a degree higher than my regular reading glasses and I have a little lamp from Walmart that I put right on the edge of the table next to my chair. When I am not stitching it sits inside a basket next to my chair:) I have renewed my love for stitching.

  2. Oh I love the Waller Room. My kids would laugh at my mother for telling them not to waller on the beds.:) And I put the decorating book on my Wish List on Amazon. Maybe someone will get it for me for Christmas. Although I did tell my sisters that I want items on my 123 Stitch wish list. I wish an awful lot. Love the dog...I am hoping to finish a small project today. It is almost done. Debating on finishing the most Wondeful Feast of the year or putting it away for next year. Decisions Decisions...

    1. Oh those decisions. Yes, I am really now in Christmas mode.
      I think I am going to make a wish list on 123 Stitch and give it to the kids. I really can't think of too much that I would rather have:)

  3. Sandy I love your dog stitch. I have a similar one that I started of a Golden Retriever and then lost the pattern. Maybe one day I'll find it.

    Thank you so much for including photos of your books. I think I will have to add them to my wish list too. LOL!!! I especially love that Welsh Cupboard...swoon! And the white kitchen was so pretty. I really love Stacey's new is gorgeous!!! I have a white kitchen too. I like how it brightens up the room you are cooking in. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

    1. I need to do a Golden as well. That is on my one day list!

  4. Your dog stitch is coming along great! I will have to put the Farmer book on my Christmas list, it's been a long time since I bought a decorating book. I have a buffalo check comforter cover like the picture in the photo, I'm in love with that white kitchen and the cupboard is gorgeous...yes, this is a must have book!!

    1. I love buffalo checks. If you have never visited the blog Talk of the House. She is the queen of doing buffalo checks right. Kelly has blogged much this summer but her blog is AMAZING.

  5. Your dog piece is moving along, Sandy. Thank you for sharing some of the photos from the books you have. I really like the term "waller room". Enjoy your day!

    1. I finished the dog last night. Now onto the other one. I think we all have a waller room whether we wanted it to be that or not:)


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