Monday, October 30, 2017

A Crafty Update

Thanks for all the kind thoughts about Mama yesterday. We went in early yesterday to the doctor. She has a middle ear infection. She let it get bad before she went, so she has been in quite a bit of pain. I honestly have trouble knowing how sick Mom is sometimes. She has difficulty relaying what is going on with her and she will not go to the doctor until she says it is time whether that is too late or too early.

I went over every couple of hours yesterday to check on her. Everyone feels better in their own bed when they are sick. I am hoping she will be better today, but I think it will take a few days to get those ear drops working.

Yesterday was a perfect example of what I was talking about with my time management. I never know when my days are going to get turned upside down. For awhile I moaned and groaned, because I like routine. I crave routine in fact, but it is not to be. With my list making of how I spent my time, I saw that I just had to make a plan to work with where my life is right now.

I have made a few lists with those 15 to 30 minutes times in my day in mind. Rather than throw up my hands that my day gets turned upside down, I am trying to maximize those small amounts of time. Yesterday, I did just that and actually surprised myself at what I accomplished and took good care of Mom too.

Now, for some crafty stuff I have been up too.

I collected some leaves at the cabin way back in the summer. I had in mind making my own botanical prints. I have come across botanicals in about three different blogs that I just really liked. I have absolutely no place for them in the house, but they would be perfect at the cabin or the farm.

I took the leaves and placed them in between some thick paper towels and stacked books on top of them and left them for quite a long time. I never took the time to do anything with them. They sat on the corner of my work counter in the sewing room. The other day I thought to myself ---it is time to do something with them. Not really wanting to spend much money, I went to Walmart for frames and found these for less than $8.00 a piece. I had the art paper. I adhered them with rubber cement. I am not out much if they don't last.

My plan is to hang them in the cabin since they are all leaves from there. I have a smaller set of three also. I am waiting on some frames for them from Amazon. Again a good deal on them.

When I get them hung, I will share again. I will go in a couple of weeks for a ball game.

I finally finished the Christmas piece.

I am almost finished with the Nutcracker. I have three more to do in the set. I don't know if I will get them all done by Christmas this year or not. My plan is to add red cording around the edge.

I use small clothespins to hold things together when waiting for glue to dry.

When I do red jackets, I will do a red stripe background with blue cording.

I plan to redo the cording. It takes a bit of practice. When I think I have mastered it I will add it to the ornament and then share my thoughts on how difficult it is to do. I am not the best at things such as this, but I think it is something I can figure out.

Oh and my pecans...there is no way I can leave good pecans on the ground. It is just not in me, so I hope to go back on Thursday and crack a few and see if there are some I can pick up.

Oh, and I have to share later a Christmas afghan Mom crocheted for me. I also I need to share some doggie pictures. Gus is growing like crazy. I will stop for now...



  1. You have been busy Sandy. Glad to hear your Mom went to see the doctor and hopefully she will be feeling better soon.

    I love your leaf prints...very pretty.

    Your newest stitch is perfect. I'm crazy about cardinals and really like this stitch. It will be another one on my wish list.

    I think your nutcracker will come out great.

    Have a super week and good luck with the pecans. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

    1. Thanks RJ. I love cardinals too. I am actually working on a Stoney Creek piece with cardinals. I had put it aside, but I am about to pull it out and try to finish it this November.

  2. Sandy, ear infections are so terribly painful, I hope your Mom feels much better soon. Like RJ, I have a thing for birds and love the colorful cardinal in the winter, such a great stitch. Your nutcracker finish is darling, I can relate to the struggle with making cording, I have two corders and haven't mastered either one yet.
    Good luck with time management...I was much better organized when I worked and the days fly by being retired and I wonder where they went. Good luck on your pecan neat to pick your own! The leaf project came out great too, was that the project you were unsure about?

    1. I was WAY more organized when I worked. Wow...I don't even recognize myself sometimes. The leaf project was definitely the project I was unsure about.
      I am not the most mechanical, so I hope I can figure this cording out. Carol at Stitching Dreams does it so well.

  3. Hopefully the meds will kick in and your mama will have a better day today. Marvin is scheduled for surgery on Thursday so he is off his anti inflammatories and he is hurting all over. It tears me up!! But we will just soldier on Sandy. One thing I am finding as I get older is that perspective is everything. And asking God for help and strength. Please share your thoughts on the cording...It is so pretty and that Nutcracker is going to be absolutely fabulous. I love the little house too but the nutcracker colors just stand out beautifully. I have to get to the grocery store some time today, then greet the trick or treaters tonight. Counting down the days until Thursday. I hope and pray this surgery does what they say it will.

    1. I definitely will be praying for Marvin and you on Thursday. Jeff has had two hip replacements, one knee surgery, and 5 on his elbow, so I know all about that stuff. I do hope this provides him some relief. Jeff had a kink in his neck and then all of a sudden it just went away. His skeletal system is terrible.

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