Monday, October 15, 2018

A Pretty Shade of Blue

I wasn't even sure I would write about the storm anymore, but I will today. After I finish typing, I am pulling myself up and going to spend my morning outside working in my flowerbeds. The extreme humidity is gone and the mornings are much nicer.

Oh how that heat had gone away at the normal time, the area to the east of me would look a lot different. I have only seen the west side of the storm damage with my own eyes. I don't think I have the stomach to see the eastern side of the damage.

The line of trees down are all from north to south exhibiting the counter clockwise spin perfectly.

Our church served about 1500 hot meals in Panama City on Saturday.

My husband and three friends spent the day cutting pine trees off the roofs of two homes. Two homes...there are thousands.

That won't even make a dent, but it helped two.

I would say turning from State Road 20 south (which is south of Interstate 10) and traveling south that almost all of the trees are gone. In some places 100% of them are down. South Alabama and northwest Florida are the piney woods of the U.S. Those pines are snapped at the tops, middles, and bottoms. The live oaks along the bays if standing are shed of all their leaves.

It looks like winter in someplace else USA as we never lose the leaves on those trees. They shed in the spring.

Many homes did surprisingly withstand winds only to have the trees through the roofs. The west side is wind damage, the east side is wind and water and as I said I won't see it anytime soon.

There is a long way to go there.

I am changing topics.
Hubby painted the deck chairs a pretty new shade of blue.

We are getting the house painted, so it has been pressured washed. I will have workers staring in for a couple of weeks. Yuk, but necessary:)

I have a multitude of tasks to keep me busy so I will move to rooms where they aren't working.

I did read a good book. I have started popping into the library and just browsing the new releases bookcase. Dear Mrs. Bird by A J Pearce was the choice. It started a bit slow, but I did think it was a worthy read. It is a story of the living in Great Britain during the bombing raids of WWII. It was the author's first novel and it was inspired by finding an old 1939 copy of a ladies magazine. I would recommend.

I have been working on my Prairie Schooler Santa this month. It is the 1997 Santa.

I am a bit busy and have definitely not been blogging, but maybe I will be better.


  1. It is so sad to think of all the displaced people who need help right now. Thank you for your service with your church. I LOVE the blue chairs...and I hate having workers around too but it has to be done every now and then. Everything will look so fresh when it is completed. I am going to look for that book. And isn't it good to have some stitching to turn to when you need to calm your heart and mind. I am sure it was very troubling to see all the devastation.

  2. Good morning, Sandy. I've experienced some awful storms, Sandy, and they are no fun. Love the chairs in Blue. They look fab! Thanks for the book suggestion - it sounds great. Enjoy the rest of the week and good luck with the clean-up.

  3. I love the blue chairs, Sandy!

    And thank your church folks for ministering to those in Panama City with a good meal. We have friends in Panama City and their home sustained a lot of damage. But they are thankful to be alive. We have heard very little from them but have seen a few pictures of their house and neighborhood.

    I read somewhere, maybe on a blog, maybe in a newspaper, about how hard these communities were hit, that some people in addition to losing their homes also lost their churches, their grocery stores, their banks ... it is hard to fathom, but certainly gives one a better idea as to how to pray.

    Your book recommendation sounds good. I read very little fiction but maybe I will check into this one! The cover is certainly enticing!

  4. I truly can't imagine what the people of the hardest hit areas are going through, Sandy. Such devastation... I do love how people pull together during a crisis like this to help in whatever way they can. I'm glad you are safe--especially glad that your daughter is. It won't be long until you can hold that new grandson in your arms--I bet you can hardly wait.

    Thank you for the book suggestion. Since I retired from the library last year I just don't hear about good books the way I used to. I'll put it on hold.

    Love your PS Santa--I find PS designs to be so comforting at times of stress. I need one now, actually, as my mom is not doing well.

    Take care now.

  5. Super progress on the PS Santa! Your pair of blue chairs and table look wonderful. I am relieved to read that you and your family are safe. My heart breaks for those weren't as lucky and those who will need to support to rebuild. Thinking of you!

  6. Some day I would like to make some of the Prairie Schooler Santas, but there are several other projects on my list before them. Yours looks great.

    Our kids drove through the storm area on I-10 today en route to Disney. Their church has sent a Disaster Relief Team to the area.

    Our church here in Jax is awaiting directions from our state office (located in Jax) as to where we can best help with the resources we have.

  7. My heart breaks for all the people in Florida that have lost so much. Thank you for helping through your church. Love the blue chairs too. RJ


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