Thursday, November 15, 2018

A Random Collection of Goings On

I did not intend to be a week away from posting. I intended to have some cross stitch finishing to share, but life interruptions have occurred and I have been one busy mama.

Let's see...

First up was very long day with Tucker. He is all good, but we spent an entire day doing doctor visits.

Everything is fine and I can't say enough about all the good people he saw that took us in immediately, ran tests, and read them ASAP. It was a long day spent heading to Pensacola in the rain but all is good.

I spent Monday with Jeff off from work. We visited with Lindsay and Tucker most of the day, then Christmas shopped at the outlets (I actually got quite a few gifts behind me), and went to a movie.

Tuesday morning, I got up and went to the gym and was relaxing when my day went crazy with the Pensacola trip with Tucker. I learned a LESSON!!!! When you  get home from the gym, go shower and get dressed instead of being lazy in your gym clothes. You might have to wear them to lots of places all day:)

I have spent most of yesterday and already most of this day running errands and taking care of things for other people. I am pooped.

Oh, the movie we went to was "Bohemian Rhaosody," the story of the group Queen. I am not sure how to review it because I know some of you who read my blog wouldn't care a thing about a movie that tells the story of a rock group. It does have some flavor that would go along with that topic and some of that goes with the story of lead singer Freddie Mercury. The other band members were schooled in dentistry, astrophysics, and electrical engineering. Funny that they would end up being one of the greatest rock groups ever. I did like the movie and the music was great! I would issue a warning that it is not for everyone though. I knew Jeff would want to see immediately though as he loves his high school/ college years rock music.

I have hardly had time to do anything creative and have quite a pile of crafty things waiting on me in my sewing room. I did pick out a piece of fabric for my winter piece so hopefully I will get that pillow made tomorrow.

I finished my Christmas half window from the 1992 magazine. I love how it turned out. I did it on 18 count Aida as I wanted it to look retro. I chose to put 1987 as the date because that is when we built that house that had a window in our great room like that. We brought the kids home from the hospital to that house and they were there until middle school when we moved in our present home.

I will finish it into a circle ornament and at some time in the future hope to stitch the other two ornament that were in the magazine together.

I do hope to be back with more than just a quick pop in. The dogs are wanting to show off for y'all anyway. If you see them now, they have been cooped up in the house due to my running around as well as all the rain.

I am helping Lindsay take Tucker to the audiologist in just a bit. He didn't pass his hearing test at birth, but I feel sure he can hear. Then hopefully I will be home to clean my very messy house and get outside with the dogs. It is cold but the sun is shining finally.
It basically skipped fall this year. I will talk about that later.

Busy as a bee,


  1. Oh my, Sandy, you have been so busy! I absolutely love your Christmas half window ornament. I need to check and see if I have that magazine as I would love to stitch that. I know I have the pattern for the chickadee one, so am pretty sure I have the magazine.

  2. Your life really has gotten even busier but I know you love being there to help with precious Tucker! And you're right....I usually bathe as soon as I get home from a hike but since it was so cool today, I didn't. I could wait to take a bath right after dinner. Now I feel much better! lol Enjoy your evening! Hugs!

  3. I like your stitching. The half window looks wonderful.
    Happy weekend.

  4. Your half window ornaments is gorgeous. Glad you are able to go and help with Tucker! The movie sounds like it was good. Will add it to the list to see once it hits DVD. Have a good day and weekend.

  5. Your cross stitch projects always inspire me. I like the designs you choose to sew.

    Praying Tucker's hearing is okay.

  6. Sandi, I'm so sorry that Tucker was not feeling well. You are such a sweet grandmother to help with him. Love your ornament!!

  7. You sound like a wonderful busy Grandma to me. I would love to be one. YOur newest ornaments are so pretty. Hope Tucker is feeling well now. RJ

  8. What a nice idea with the year, so it's also a piece of memory.
    I wish you a nice weekend and a less stressful week.
    Hugs Martina

  9. Your ornament turned out great, Sandy! And thank you for the movie review--I'm sure I would find it most interesting. We never go to the movies as I have difficulty dealing with the changes in sound levels in movie theaters so I'll wait until the DVD comes out :)


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