Monday, November 19, 2018

I Have Been Busy

I decided to pop in really quick with a couple more finishes and updates around here. I will definitely be just reading blogs until next week as this is probably my last quiet slow paced time left this week.

I finished my half window ornament. Y'all I just love it in all of its large Aida retro goodness. It turned out just as I wanted.

I also finished my other Prairie Schooler Santa. I decided I want this one in a basket with maybe some blocks, so no ornament for it. 

As for now, I am going it done. If I come across some cute button or block it may get something added. I think it will be all about the display for it.
I just loved this Santa.

So that was three finishes in a few days for me. Wow!

Speaking of ornaments, I have one more Santa that I really want to get done this Christmas. It may be harder to do since I am stopping all projects, small and large, to try and do something for Tucker. I found some cute Safari animals Saturday at Hobby Lobby. I am not sure if I am going to try and do a birth announcement or ornament. Stay tuned. 

I did start the other Santa yesterday just because I wanted to see if the idea would look good. Oh yes!!!! I have a vision in my head of it. 
***Arlene (Nanaland), I am going to need to apologize for it now. I bet you didn't know the PS Santas were going burnt orange and navy blue and that a partridge would be turned into an eagle and maybe even a live oak instead of a pear tree. Yikes!!!

I am putting all my projects away until after Christmas so that I can concentrate on the two things mentioned above now. I will have much to look forward to after Christmas as I have so many things I want to stitch and finish.

I am taking care of many items on my to do list today as the hubby, son and girlfriend are fishing. I have a very long list. I start cooking tomorrow and our niece and her family will be in on Wednesday. They haven't met Tucker yet, so all will be here for pizza on Wednesday night since Lindsay will be eating with Tyler's family out at Rosemary Beach on Thanksgiving. Tyler's twin brother will be meeting Tucker for the first time as well. His family decided to get a condo out there so Lindsay and Tyler could wait a little longer to travel with Tucker.

Arlene, you will get the last laugh on the Auburn thing this weekend as I am not even looking forward to the game. I will probably put up my tree during the game so something happy will be going on simultaneously to the clobbering:)

I will leave y'all with some doggie pictures. 

Is Gus loving the baby or making sure he is still the baby? 

It was a little of both. The Disney sheet is one that I had when my kids were little. I pulled it out to put on the crib at Grammie's Daycare.

This morning view of the doggies in their respective spots.

My husband found this on Saturday morning...Twitter I think.

It is my scenario with Gus at least everyday. Lemony is a sleep in kind of dog.

Have a happy Thanksgiving,


  1. Girl, you know I forgive you!lol I think it is going to look spectacular. Cant wait to see the finished project. I was sweating at Half Time on Saturday, thinking of the abuse I would take from my DAWG family and friends if Alabama lost to the I am getting busy as well...things to do before we leave for Savannah on Wednesday. Love the picture of Jeff and Tucker and Gus. Your cording looks great. Please do a tutorial on it when you have I know you have LOTS of that available.

  2. Oh Sandy, each one of the pictures you shared are delightful. Love the picture of Tucker with Gus and your husband! What a memory for you all! Your ornament and pillow finish look super. I can't wait to see more of the orange and blue Santa. Wishing you and yours a very blessed Thanksgiving.

  3. You are on a finishing roll, Sandy! Love the latest PS Santa and the round with the blue cording--you are doing a wonderful job with your cording :) And the changes to your latest blue and orange Santa sound just perfect for you!

    Sounds like you have a busy, but fun Thanksgiving coming up--wishing you and your family every blessing!

  4. Sandy I love all of your wonderful stitches. I would love to know how you cut the matboard into the circle. I need to do one in a circle and I have no idea how to do it. As soon as I saw those navy and orange colors I knew what you are planning and I CAN'T wait to see it finished. I already know it is going to be perfect. I love this idea so much. Love all of your photos especially little Tucker with Grandpa. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. RJ

  5. Hallo Sandy,
    wonderful finishes. The half window looks great.
    I like both Santas.
    I wish you and your family a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. You have indeed been busy, Sandy! Great makes and you finished them all. I've been inspired and have just finished a piece of cross stitch myself, I'll blog about it as soon as I take a photo. Enjoy the holiday!

  7. Congrats on the 3 finishes and I do, like you, love the Aida window ornament. The Santas are great, too!

    Such sweet pictures, all of them.

  8. Hi Sandy,
    Congratulations, 3 little ornaments - they look great.
    A pretty picture with Gus - he looks good on Tucker.
    Happy Thanksgiving,


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