Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday Five

I have wanted to do one of these forever, but can't get my act together. Here goes..

Many of you know I have been on a health journey for 4 years this month. I started with the diet and then moved onto every product I use since it has made such a difference in my autoimmune plagued life.

My first share is one that I was unsure of but I have been using it for a year now and must say I don't understand a thing about how it works. However, I love it. It is called Airbiotics. I use several of the products, but if you have any of the health problems I have blogged about then I can recommend the all purpose cleaner.

I use it for everything except my wood which it says you can use. I spray it on my tile floor and then I use the microfiber cloths on a Swifter mop. My floor has honestly never been cleaner for a barefoot walk. You can use any microfiber cloths, but that green one they sell is great. I have ordered a set of them.
You can read all about their science on the website. Like I said I don't know much about that, but I wouldn't put it on here if I didn't LOVE this stuff.  I use the spray too. I haven't had a sniffle in two years since I started using it. I couple that with ....

my #2 share...  is the nasal spray at Restore. My wellness doctor told me about this. Since he hasn't steered me wrong about anything yet, I decided to give it a try. If I wake up in the least bit stuffed which 4 years ago would have been daily in my neck of the woods, I take a puff. I have no allergies anymore or no colds. I have just bought my son a bottle for him to try as that boy has lots of allergies and colds. My mother does too, but he is much more likely to try it than her. I love it...again, I don't know about the science, but I do like.

I have used the clean gut supplement too when I am needing to detox.

My third thing is one more of the products I have found on my health journey. I LOVE LOVE this shampoo and conditioner. It has my gray hair so soft and manageable. I was again unsure, but decided to give it a whirl. WoW....yes, I love it that much.

I am sure most of you have glazed over by now, so I will share some fun stuff too.

My fourth thing is my favorite place to order pillows from.
I love all of the things in Jenny's online store, but especially her pillow covers. They are pricey, but zip and are washable. I have washed mine over and over.  
I just ordered these and they are so elegant. She always styles them on neutral couches, but I think they look lovely on my cinnamon/burgandy colored couch. 

I use them on some feather pillows that I ordered from Amazon. She uses an IKEA pillow but I have no IKEA near me.
I am about to try and snag her Christmas pillow this morning if I can. They sell out fast.

#5 a hodgepodge of stuff ...
I love being a Grammie! It is the best y'all. 
My house is a big old mess.
I haven't had time to stitch.
I am so behind on my Thanksgiving planning and shopping..
I am hoping to remedy all of that today.
Tucker is the reason for all of it, but rather than stressed I feel so blessed to watch my daughter become a mommy.

First frost for the Gulf Coast this year. We went straight from summer to winter. There was no Autumn this year really at all.

I just completely missed fall this year. It didn't show up in weather, but with the hurricane, the baby, I don't know just life...even my created fall in the house just hasn't made it seem like fall at all. It is one of my favorite seasons, but it just hasn't been here this year. I am taking down my created fall today. 

I am going to clean my house really good and put it all away. I am going to prepare for Thanksgiving at the farm and let my house breathe before I put up Christmas the day after the turkey.

Hoping to fully finish at least one ornament today.

Fall next year.
Gus and Lemony say hello...
Gus bringing me a water bottle and Lemony in her usual spot. I heard a commotion and barking last night. IT was Lemony who had been strolling around in the dark and looked out the window only to see our friendly raccoon down by the water. I got a kick out of the raccoon. He would stick his foot in the water like he was testing it only to decide it was way too cold for him. Just life at our house.

Off to be productive at home today...


  1. It's a wonderful time of year. We got cool but not frosty down here. I can't wait to take a hike later! I put the nasal spray and shampoo in my wish list on Amazon. Thanks for the list! LOVE those pillow covers too but I should make some new ones soon! Enjoy your day!

  2. Just love on that precious boy and do not feel guilty about it. Stitching and housecleaning can wait a bit. :) Love the products you shared. I always like a review of a product by someone I know and respect. I have been using Grove and I like their products and they come right to the door. I am having dinner with the No Alabama Stitchers tonight as I cannot meet up for stitching day tomorrow as we are having our Thanksgiving at Amelia's house. There are still openings left in the Huntsville Retreat in January. Come on up!!

  3. That baby is smiling already!? He is SO cute.

    Thanks for sharing the cleaning and wellness products. Always good to get an opinion of someone you know and trust.

    Snow up here today ... thankfully, we DID have fall first. No snow tires on my van so I won't be going out ... and I don't mind that one bit!

  4. Thank you for the cleaning & nasal recommendations! I love Jason Lavender Body Wash. The scent is so soft and soothing. Tucker is quite the charmer! I love being a nana too. And hello sweet puppies!! xo

  5. Love all of your suggestions Sandy. I will be trying some of those especially the one for allergies as I have many. Your pillow is gorgeous so I will look at Jenny's pillows too. Please give both Lemony and Gus a big hug from me. I love your two special dogs. And your darling little grandson is too cute for words...gently hug him too. RJ

  6. Snuggle with your pups sometime today and tell them Barb at Sweet Tea and Sandals loves them! Their faces are sooo precious!

    Loved your blog post. Just being real. You are most assuredly not alone with the pressures you feel. In good company, even.

  7. Thanks for the link to Jenny's site, Sandy--she has some lovely things available and I've never visited it before. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving--you have much to be thankful for this year, especially that precious little grandson :)


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