Friday, November 23, 2018

Another Thanksgiving in the Books

I didn't know if I even had the energy to post tonight, but after a nap on the couch while football games are going I am now feeling better.

Warning...long post:)

I got a text from my niece Kristan that woke me up this will be a recap of lots of thoughts that many were spurred by her.

We made the decision to sell the farm last year, but it didn't sell yet. We have a verbal offer for January on it, so we shall see.

Anyway, we decided to have Thanksgiving there one last time. I had bared boned some of the farmhouse, but the equipment and fun outdoor stuff were still in place. I took my Hoosier cabinet which had been in my family for a very long time and my pie safe built by a good friend to the Auburn house. I left the farm table and the big hutch that I painted. Kristan just couldn't believe I was leaving that and not trying to sell it. She could be right because I think the people who may buy it will probably build their own home on the property and the cabinet may not be wanted.

Anyway, she was out shopping today and was convinced more than ever I had lost my mind.

She grabbed the four pillows you see in the next two pictures that show all the above mentioned pieces of furniture.

I gathered up my baskets and plates, but left many decorative items in the house that I just didn't need or want. I told her and Katie to grab anything they might want. No Lindsay...more about that in just a minute.

Kristan grabbed the 4 pillows. If you followed the farm journey you may remember I made them from something left in the house by the previous owners.

It had been two really long pillows and I cut them in half and made the smaller pillows. I didn't think they were anything special, but she loved them.

Today she was out shopping and found this...

Yep, $54.
She was so excited. I am happy that she is happy. I love my Kristan.

Now, for a little bit of family talk...

Lindsay and Tyler spent Thanksgiving with Tyler's family at Rosemary Beach. They got a condo so that they wouldn't have to travel with the baby yet. Tyler's twin brother and his wife were flying up from Palm Beach. It would be his first time seeing Tucker and Tyler's parents had seen him since the first few days of his life. Of course, I think there has been a good bit of FaceTime. I missed them, but you have to share.

Kristan, Torrey (hubby), and the twins hadn't seen Tucker either. They all arrived here Wednesday from Texas...yes, it is awful that we only really get to see them at Thanksgiving and summer. Bummer.
They have all been so excited to see him, so we basically had a family gathering Wednesday night at our house here in FWB. We just ordered pizzas and gathered to see Tucker. 

I hardly took any pictures this year which is really unlike me because I usually document everything, but I worked hard over the course of the last few days so I guess that gives me a pass.

It was exactly as I thought it would be....

Tanner was over the moon about Tucker. Katelyn liked him too, but she fell in love with Gus who was five months old last Thanksgiving and has wanted a Gus of her own ever since. 
She pretty much played with Gus the entire time.

Tanner really never left Tucker's side that evening. He just kept touching him and talking about him. He mentioned his toes. They are super long.

More of this photo shoot for another post:)
We had a wonderful time together and if that had just been all there was to it I would have been grateful, but we had Thanksgiving to go.

Paul Allen and Katie got up there pretty early to help get things ready. You know boys are so funny ...I don't think he notices stuff and then the smallest thing is what he mentions. Did you notice the Pilgrims and Indians on the table in the pictures? Well I did bring those home, but I honestly didn't pull them out of the boxes from the farm house yet. They are downstairs packed up and on my list of things to go through and sort out to areas of the house or actually get rid of. One of the absolute first things out of his mouth was, "Where are the Pilgrims and Indians?" Now, that stuff gets me ---he noticed...I was so sad I didn't put them in my stuff to bring up there. Trust me they will be on the table next year!!!

IT's the little things y'all!

If you are still with me, you are thinking girl, break this up into two posts, but I am going with it. 

Paul Allen built me a fire before he and Katie left for her family's house. He texted me late last evening and said in very dramatic fashion that he was so full he was sure he was going to die.

I most thoroughly enjoyed sitting by the fire yesterday afternoon as it was a bit chilly. Nothing like other parts of the country...just a good kind of sitting by the fire chilly

The guys were all out target shooting in the back field when Katelyn shows back up at the house upset because Tanner is shooting better than her. She is actually pretty good.

Anyway off on a walk in the pecan orchard we went with Gus. Lemony was tucked away inside with Mama as she hates shooting. Doesn't mind fireworks but guns send her packing.

I heard about everything under the sun. It was like a trip down memory lane with Kristan at her age. For reference the twins are in third grade. I heard about how hard math is, the terrible gymnastics teacher, you name it....talked as hard as she could AND I loved it.

All in all a really good day.

Lindsay sent me a picture of her, Tucker, and Hallie before they headed out to the condo.

He is so precious and they are too.

I am blessed. 

Jeff and I went on a date to Pensacola today. We went shopping and ate downtown. We got the tree before we got back home, so decorating starts in the morning.

I have decided to trim the tree while Auburn gets smacked down by that other team. I will have something positive going on while it happens:)

Jeff kept telling me it was big, but I said I wanted this one. IT is rather big. 
Oh my!

I enjoyed my family time very much even though it was all broken up. I couldn't help think that will only get worse as they get older. I was so close to all of my cousins growing up and the most I see them is at a funeral or maybe a wedding. I talk to them about once a year and send a quick card. Two of the ones I grew up with and were so very close with are have troubles with cancer in their families. 
It was just a reminder to me to cherish every good moment.

Time to bring on Christmas and the hope we have in Christ,


  1. Hi Sandy,
    That sounds like a nice family reunion, and even if something goes wrong, you're thankful for such a meeting, you never know if you'll see them all again.
    A very nice picture of Lindsay with Tucker.
    The tree looks great, I'm curious how it looks decorated then.
    Happy Weekend, Martina

  2. Even though it was broken up, it sounded like a wonderful way to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with the blessings of family around you. I am glad everyone was able to spend time with each other. Look forward to seeing your tree decorated, Sandy! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I love that little baby foot photo! How precious! And we are indeed blessed! I enjoyed your post and catching up with family news! Hugs!

  4. Sandy, it sounds like a perfect time with family together. I know your Thanksgiving was your time for giving thanks for all of your many blessings. I enjoyed hearing about sounded perfect to me in every way. Love little Tucker...he is beyond adorable. RJ

  5. What a special Thanksgiving season this has been for you as a new Grandma! I look forward to pictures of that tree after it's all decorated!!

  6. I had about five pounds of happy Thanksgiving. Now to get it We did have a good one as well. I am glad you went to the farm one last time. And I had to chuckle at the Pilgrims and Indians. It is funny what our kids remember and cherish. Tucker is getting so big and Lindsay looks great. I never looked that good so soon. Sorry for the smack down but we have to beat GEORGIA or my family will never let me hear the end of it. I watched the GA GA TECH game for a little while before just turning it off. It really is not a fair playing field when those two schools meet. We are usually prepared for a smack Looking forward to seeing your tree all decorated.

  7. Sounds like you enjoyed your Thanksgiving, Sandy! I adore that photo of Lindsay and Tucker--how beautiful! Will they be with you for Christmas morning? I know your GIANT tree will look just lovely and you'll be making Christmas extra special this year :)

    Enjoy these last few days of November!

  8. Sandy: It sound like you had a beautiful thanksgiving.
    I love the family photos, so sweet.
    It must have been such a beautiful meal at the farm.
    I bet you are enjoying being a Grandmother, I can read it in your posts.
    Totally love the pillows and that tree wowzer it is beautiful.



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