Sunday, December 2, 2018

Stitching, Dogs, Tree, and Family

I have been more than busy that this is all I have stitched in two weeks. 

However, I am going to make some time this week and even tonight to remedy this situation. Stitching is my stress reliever and I am in need of it.

In good stitching news, I received this little bit of wonderful in the mail from Andrea at The Craft Room.

I was over the moon to win her giveaway. It is an amazing finish. I have a long way to go in my finishing skills, but just something to look forward to.

She also sent this wonderful card which I think might be homemade as well. 

I posted last that I had bought my very large Christmas tree. I don't think I listened at all when Hubby said it seemed big.
It is very wide.

It is not my best pick ever. It seems to have some gaps in it, but I have never met a tree I didn't like so perfect it doesn't have to be.

You may notice the paint buckets in the background. That is a big portion of my stress! Wow! There is a story there...I just don't think I will tell it today.

Here it is at night.

I posted the following picture on Instagram. Hubby sent it to me while I was still at church. We put the tree up on Saturday evening after Thanksgiving. I thought Gus was old enough to not disturb it.

He had taken a strand of garland off the bottom of the tree as well as one ornament. The ornament was a cotton boll, so it looked worse than it was with the cotton shredded. He took the red berries and pulled them from the garland, but it was all easy to snap back on, so he got lucky. 

I have made sure to put a barrier of chairs around the tree when I leave the house now.

You may have noticed there are no presents under the tree.

That is because I came home to this another day...

Gus had taken the shoes out of the box. Fortunately, he didn't care one thing about them. He liked the box and paper bag. 

He has been on a tear recently.

I have been wrapping away, but storing all the presents on the pool table:)

It is funny Lemony doesn't even get alarmed anymore when we come in because she knows WE KNOW who is responsible for the problems.

The little sweeties sitting next to me on the couch. Notice Gus is on a leash...the painter had the back doors wide open painting. Gus had to either be in the kennel box or on a leash.
I am hoping we reach the end soon.

Lindsay had some pictures made of Tucker and their little family. I will share a few along as they were so cute.

I hope to blog a bit more regularly in another week. I have a lot going on and this week should be a continuation of the busy times, but hopefully after that I will settle in for December. I have so many things I have thought of to write about. That is they way it time...lots of ideas...time... no ideas.

Heading to chair to stitch my Santa,


  1. Sandy I love your tree...I don't see gaps. It looks full and beautiful. It is in the perfect space too. I love your Auburn Santa and can't wait to see him all finished. Your PS Santa from Andrea is lovely. She does a beautiful job finishing doesn't she? I was one of the lucky winners last year and I treasure the PS Santa she sent me too.

    Oh sweet little Gus has had himself quite the time. LOL!!! He's too cute to be in trouble though. He's not taking after his big brother who is the perfect gentleman.

    The photos of little Tucker and his pretty Mom and handsome Dad are wonderful. Love them. RJ

  2. Your tree is beautiful but your example of Gus's decorating is why I do not have any animals.:) At least the shoes were not chewed!! That Tucker is so sweet and the family picture is precious. I know you are proud of them as they are navigating parenthood. We called Margaret for her bd today and she said her mama said she can not get any older than nine. I think I agree. And I want to hear the painting story!!

  3. Hi Sandy,
    Congratulations on the gift from Andrea, looks great.
    Your decorated Christmas tree looks great. We set our up on Christmas Eve, in the morning it is decorated, and in the afternoon the candles are lit.
    Oh dear, you had your fun when you came out of church, and so did Gus.
    A very pretty picture of your daughter with family.
    Have a nice week, Martina

  4. Sandy, your tree is gorgeous. I think you have made good progress on your PS Santa. What a treasure you received from Andrea! Thank you for sharing the pictures of Tucker and his family. Love the snapshot of Gus and Lemony!

  5. Beautiful tree!! And precious grandson!!

  6. Many years ago our Beagle and Basset Hound teamed up together to knock down our Christmas tree while all the family were in their rooms changing clothes so we could go to church. I had made Gingerbread ornaments and put on the tree. HOW DUMB WAS THAT?!!!

    Your tree is gorgeous. No doubt about it.


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