Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas 2018

Another Christmas has come and gone. I am in clean up mode now. I spent the day yesterday taking down the decorations. I got them down and clean up day is about to go down, so I decided to post before I forget.

Christmas Eve was the usual minus Lindsay, Tyler, and Tucker who visited Tyler's family in Atlanta. His grandparents and aunts and uncles all got to meet Tucker for the first time. I think it was a good idea to wait until this age (10 weeks) to visit. They said he was great and smiled and cooed for all.

Here we had Mom, Jeff's sister and brother-in-law, Paul Allen and Katie for our usual dinner. Since we have always opened presents here on Christmas Eve Paul Allen and Katie opened all of their presents except the ones from Tyler and Lindsay. They weren't sure they would be able to get back over Christmas night.

I think present selections were all good. Both seemed very happy with their loot.

Opening Mom's present...they almost missed the money in the box.

Tyler and Lindsay arrived Christmas Day early evening and we did the same routine all over again. The next night the only thing different about the table was the color of the napkins. Green that time.

Jeff and I both noticed Mom seemed to have the best Christmas she has had in YEARS. Think Tucker might be the reason?

Too many Tucker pictures?

Turns out Paul Allen and Katie did get back over. My heart was happy.

Aunt Donna and Uncle Al came back over for dessert and to see Tucker also.

I got some new cross stitch patterns and floss from Linsay and Tyler, a nifty essential oil bracelet from Paul Allen and Katie, and some new pajamas from Mother. My present from Jeff didn't come in. It is apparently a collectible space thingie. He was downhearted. He wasn't supposed to get anything as we got a new fangled stove/firepit for the Auburn house. I will share it later.

I thoroughly enjoyed my family.

I got a very sweet text from my sister-in-law thanking me for keeping the family traditions alive. Even Kristan, our niece tries to replicate the menu in Houston. They no longer come home for Christmas. Donna and Al do FaceTime and will go out later. I know those days are probably coming for me too. I try to soak up all I can get now.

I am sharing this picture of the Christmas closet. It is now upstairs. I moved it up back before the beginning of hurricane season from the downstairs closet. Funny my thoughts were if we have a hurricane I would be sad if we lost all the ornaments for the tree as most are collected pieces that just tell the story of our family life. I had all my Christmas stuff in a downstairs closet and had thought if we ever had a really big one that water would definitely come in downstairs.

As I put it all away yesterday in the upstairs closet, I couldn't help but think of our neighbors to the east. I am still reeling over that one. It is futile to think you can prepare for that kind of storm. Every home over there has trees all in their homes. No closet up or down is a safe haven for that fury.
A poignant reminder that we can't take it with us. Just enjoy every moment you are given and hold onto memories.

I am in reflection and cleaning mode. I have no idea what January is going to look like on the blog as I will be keeping Tucker.
I will not be going away. I just be even more sporadic. We will see.

I was so sad to see Poofing the Pillows announce she was closing her blog after 10 years. I know they are have an expiration date, but I was still sad. She is going to Facebook only.
My favorite medium is still the blog, so I will just keep on posting. I am sure an ending date will come and I am glad she just didn't disappear.

A few more pictures. My kids were not too dressed up this year for Christmas. One set had been traveling. One set had been out and about at the other parents house in a more active setting. I barely got my usual Christmas picture. Lindsay said I couldn't put it in the frame I usually display. It is perfect to me except for one tiny thing. Katie likes FSU. I guess it could be worse...

Tucker had decided he was hungry, so I was lucky to get one picture.
I even let Jeff take one of me.

and a tired Jeff afterwards.

Oh and the weather was perfect for Christmas too. 
I think it is about to be stormy for the next few days.

Off to clean up,


  1. It looks like you had a great Christmas with the family gathered around. Enjoy that sweet Tucker while he is little and take all the pictures you want. I am going to start taking things down and cleaning today. I will leave the tree til last as Marvin likes it to stay up until New Years. Usually I am taking it down while watching the Rose Parade. However, this year I may take it down earlier...I am just in the mood to get the place back in order. Lovely picture of you Sandy....and I felt like Jeff at the end of all the

    1. I worked all day yesterday putting things back in order. It felt so good last night to look at the empty space. I could finally relax. As we get older, it takes a lot more rest to hit the ground running the next day. I did the same thing Jeff was doing shortly after.

  2. Tucker steals the show from everyone else.
    Nice table decor with the Christmas colors of red and green!

  3. Sandy: What a lovely post.
    Your family is beautiful, several years ago we had lost gift cards in the mess of unwrapping, now we use gift bags and box's, so much easier, no lost money or cards.
    Grandmother Is adorable.
    The photo of you is beautiful.


    1. Thank you Catherine. Mom does seem to be doing well at the moment. I will count my blessings.

  4. Sandy, I enjoyed reading your Christmas 2018 post and of course, viewing the photos. I like the picture of your husband; I thought I was the only one to sit like that. It looked like you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. You can never share enough photos of Tucker. Enjoy the remaining days of 2018!

    1. I joined Jeff in a leisurely legs up shortly after. Whew! I am not as spunky as I once was.

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  6. Sandy, so nice to see a picture of you. You are lovely! And there can never be too many pictures of Tyler! Your mom is absolutely adorable!!! I still have my Christmas decor out. I didn't do much and I don't feel in any hurry to take it down.

    1. I think Mom is doing well and I am going to just enjoy it until the next hurdle. I have ALWAYS been a take it down as soon as Christmas is over. I can't wait to get it up and can't wait to get it down.

  7. I loved spending Christmas with you and your family. How wonderful your Mom had such a good time. I think Tucker has been such a wonderful blessing in many ways. You blog when you can. We’ll be right here where we’ve always been. Judy 🙂

    1. I am very happy Mom is doing better. I will take it! I am a blogger that does just when I can or feel like it. I want no pressure. It is what it is. I think that is what drew us all in with blogs to begin with. Fancy pictures and ads and so forth are just not necessary. I don't mind if they can make money with them, but most that I read are just life and life is not always picture perfect.

  8. What a lovely feeling it must have been to have your mom and little Tucker with you at some point over the holidays. His "first Christmas" outfit is just SO precious with the Nativity scene on it :) I think babies do give our older relatives a reason to want to live on... It is that way with my mom--her first great grandchild was just born on Saturday to my brother's daughter and she was just thrilled! We don't get really dressed up for Christmas here either--jeans and sweaters. We like to be comfortable :)

  9. What a wonderful Christmas you had. The photos say it all. RJ


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