Sunday, December 30, 2018

Goodbye 2018

I truly feel like I was just welcoming 2018. It has flown at supersonic speed.

I hope to end it tomorrow with a beach walk. Hubby and I made it out today even though it was a dreary day. We set out to go early this morning only to turn around and head back because it started raining pretty hard. We came back and made breakfast at home and then did a little cleaning and organizing. We went back a bit later.

It has been dreary for the last couple of days and I think we have about two more of those days which hasn't been all bad. I am in that clean up and declutter mode. I have had Hubby working on some things and he is obliging because he can't get out to do much else. 😆

I have been stitching in the evenings. I realized I have quite a few large projects in progress and suddenly it was driving me nuts, so I am back in one stitch at a time until I whittle some of those larger WIPs down.

I started the chickadees and pinecone one right around Christmas, but my heart wasn't in at that moment. Two things: I am ready to stitch anything other than Christmas and winter and I realized I wouldn't be able to finish it to display this winter because it is pretty time consuming. I put it aside until the fall. I had a moment where I questioned it yesterday. There was a group of baby chickadees right outside the living room in the oak that the top of the tree is seen from my top deck. They were so cute, but like I said...
I am ready for something else.

I am working on the schoolhouse series. I am doing them on 28 count 2 over 2 and that was on purpose even though the pattern called for 1 over 1. I just simply can't do that little tiny stitching anymore. I don't think I would even enjoy trying, so 2 over 2 it is.

Progress on the first section which will be the largest. The others are more pinkeep sized.

I have been making all my goals and lists and plans for 2019. I always do this in my planner. It is nice to look back at the end of the year and see what you accomplished. 

I stitched and read quite a bit, but I can tell you I did awful on my gym visits starting late summer. I can totally feel it, so I have been detoxing from the holidays for the past few days and have another week to go and hitting the weights and walking again starting tomorrow.
I will start tracking it again in my planner!

My last note for this evening is blogging. I know it will take a hit after this week keeping Tucker. I have been thinking about much of my day and how I am going to rearrange things to accommodate this blessing.

I love to exercise, read my Bible, then read blogs while eating breakfast and all of that is going to have to be done in the evenings now. I will go back to a schedule much like I did when I worked full time. A quick devotional in the morning because I simply must start with a little bit of His Word and then all of those other items I will work into my evening schedule.

That means I will be reading my blogs most likely at night and even posting my own things. I hope to be able to write at least once a week. We will see how it all goes down I guess.

I will leave you with a Tucker picture. He was at my house the other day hence the pink seat that he is sitting in. A friend gave it to me:)

His mommy dressed him so cute.

Gus was saying hello to him. Lemony has been under the weather. She got an ear infection and didn't feel well at all. Then her antibiotics messed her tummy up, but she is on the mend now and I knew she was feeling better because she played with Gus quite a bit today.


  1. Hi Sandy,
    A great post at the end of the year,
    I wish you all the best for the new year, that everything will go according to your plans. Lots of health and happiness.
    Happy New Year, Martina

  2. Greetings Sandy: What a sweet photo of Tucker, he is adorable.
    I too started the gym thing this year failed just plain failed, too much going on.
    I love the design you are stitching.
    Even on a dreary day a beach walk is good.
    Lots of crappy weather here, snow rain sleet yuck.

    Happy New Year

  3. Any time you blog, frequent or not, is a delight to me. I enjoy keeping up with you and your activities.

    Like you, I am seeing that one strand over one thread on 28 count is too small for any length of time at all. I appreciate the confirmation that it's not stubbornness on my part. Our eyes just get old and I don't like to depend on magnifiers ALL the time. (sometimes it's not convenient to lug around all that equipment -- smile)

    Happy New Year!

  4. Yes, keeping the grands does change your schedule. I kept Kendall for a while and she was a handful for I did not get a lot done. This was before I started Marvin and I both have colds and I slept most of yesterday but I feel better today so the tree is coming down and I need to do some laundry. Like you I have been making lists for things I hope to accomplish in the New Year. I too must get back to my walking and eating more sensibly. I hope to stitch a bit today or do some crocheting as I was a slug yesterday. I have four projects I am rotating through as well as crocheting the granny squares for the stocking. It is 67 here this morning...hoping we do not have tornados as severe weather is in the forecast.

  5. Your Tucker is a cutie! Sorry that Lemony wasn't feeling well, but happy to hear she is on the mend. You have made good progress on the Schoolhouse piece; good for you on deciding to do it your way (2 over 2). Enjoy this last day of 2018!

  6. I'm sure your schedule will revolve around little Tucker while he is in your care, Sandy, but you are so blessed to have such a cutie pie grandson. I hope your 2019 goals can be met. I don't make goals as I get frustrated when I don't reach them :) I just try to do my best in whatever. I, too, need to get going on my exercising again--my 3 mile walks have been good, but I've let my weight lapse as of late summer. I can really feel that I've lost strength. Will give it my best in the new year :) Happy last few hours of 2018!

  7. Tucker looks so cute in his little seat and he definitely looks like he wants to play with Gus! Sandy, your new year sounds jam packed with wonderful Tucker moments! I don't think you will need to visit the gym! Starting your morning with reading Scripture will give you all that you need. God bless you this new year!

  8. Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year, dear Sandy, and a lot of happy times with the adorable Tucker.

  9. don't forget to take care of YOU too while you're keeping baby...I let my grands take over my life when they were first born and I've paid the price. It's a whole different ball game playing with babies now than when we were in our 20-30's!!!! I couldn't wait for grands and boy did I ever get what I asked for...6 under 6!!!!!

  10. Happy New Year Sandy. Your little Tucker is such a charmer! Enjoy. RJ


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