Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A Random Post

I have so much to blog about which is quite unusual!!! I am popping in today with a whole bunch of random. I probably have a couple more posts in me before Christmas, and then I will stop and just enjoy the family time.

I coaxed my daughter into taking a few pictures of her Christmas decorations. She had one more place decorated, but she didn't send it to me and I didn't push it:) She is busy after all.

The window mirror is from an old house that was on a family property. I took two of them and made mirrors out of them.  The other one is at our Auburn house. She saw this idea on Pinterest last year and made this for her dining area.

Her tree with Tucker's new ornament.

I made the tree skirt for her. You can read about it here.

I had hoped she would have the bookcase behind the couch because it is cute too, but I am not asking for more. 

Onto other things...
I still have roses blooming. I am not complaining at all. They are spindly as I don't fertilize them after the first of September, but they are still offering me some delights.

I brought some inside to enjoy.

December is usually a gloomy month in terms of weather and light. It is often rainy and foggy in the evenings which it has been, but the sun popped out this weekend and I am just loving the sights and sounds on the bayou. The birds are flocking in and making all kinds of racket. My idea of perfection.

It is autumn in northwest Florida.

I am almost finished with my Santa ornament. It is in the making and should be done today to hang on the tree.

I will be back with at least one more post before Christmas.


  1. Sandy, randomness is sometimes good. I enjoyed seeing your daughter's decorations. Your roses look gorgeous. Love the pictures of the bayou you shared. Your Auburn Santa is looking good.

  2. I love your pretty Santa stitching. I had promised myself I would start something new over the weekend but I haven't yet! And your daughter's home is gorgeous! Very elegant but fun too. Love the fall colors we're seeing everywhere now...the Cypress trees are almost bald now! Hugs!

  3. Sandy: Your Prairie Schooler ornament is so sweet.
    Beautiful photos of Christmas decoration.
    Your roses in bloom are beautiful.

    Merry Christmas

  4. You have decorated so beautifully, I like the tree very well, and also the PS Santa is great.
    Have a stress free week. Hugs Martina

  5. Wonderful decoration.
    Your new Santa ornamnet looks beautiful.

  6. Your weather looks so lovely down there! I really think I need to start spending winters in the south after my husband retires :) Lovely Christmas decorations from your daughter, too!

  7. I love that you have roses for Christmas!!! Your daughter decorated her home beautifully. I have pinned that window idea too! It's been dreary here so I appreciate the sunlite days like you.

  8. I'm a little behind in my commenting but wanted to be sure to comment on your daughter's style of decorating. It is beautifully serene. Just lovely.

    Your Auburn version of a Prairie Schooler Santa is good, too!

  9. Your daughter had a lovely home and has decorated it just beautifully. Oh my goodness, that rose is just stunning, Sandy. Judy


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