Sunday, May 5, 2019

A Cross Stitch Finish and Weekend Wrap Up

I have a stitching finish today. I shared last week that I pulled an oldie but goodie from my stash for this one. I even did it on Aida. I think sometimes these older patterns were designed with Aida in mind and look really nice on it. I had done two sunflower pieces last summer and this one will make a cute trio on display for late summer after the patriotic pieces are put away.

BUT< there is a but for this finish. 

At the encouragement of Meg from Live to Stitch, I went back and watched Vonna from The Twisted Stitcher and I have done my first flat fold with a stand. 

I did it!!!

Now, my photos were taken right after I finished, so there is still some wet glue showing, but y'all I love this one. I don't think this will be my last.

Side view. Not my best side view, but keeping it real. I will get better!!

The back.

I just love love love it.

Now, for my weekend wrap up.

Jeff and I sort of played tourist with the magnificent weather and before the real tourists get here.

On Saturday, we went to the island for Jeff to give out fishing awards to elementary aged children living in the south end of the county. He was the school district representative for the event sponsored by the Kiwanas Club. I remember a kid winning when I was teaching. He came in with his trophy that Monday morning. It has been going on a long time and is a lot of fun for the kids.

There is fresh water pond right in front of the beach literally. 84 kids showed up to fish.
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes were awarded for biggest catch and most fish caught for grades 3-5 and K-2.

Here is your beach picture.

It was a gorgeous day and the water was gorgeous. WE walked around while the kids fished and then Jeff did his stuff.

Sunday after church we walked around the Destin Harbor and watched boats come and go.  A heron was hanging out near the charter fishing boats coming in. Herons and pelicans are right there as the fish are cleaned to get any leftovers.

This one grabbed a bait fish. 

We drove back to Fort Walton and walked all around downtown and acted like tourists shopping. There is actually a great local artists' store that I have seen forever and never gone in. I will have to go back when I need gifts because it had some great unique items.

Then I came home and pulled out the paddle board for the 2019 season. No bathing suit ---no plans to fall in...ha ha.

I didn't fall in as evidenced by the picture below. 

Have a great week everyone.


  1. What a great weekend...makes me want to go to the beach!! I got my package when I got home today!!! Thanks so much. I cannot wait to try the cording. I am saving it for a special project.

  2. Oh that's a cute, pattern. And your flat has succeeded perfectly, it looks great.
    Have a good Week, Martina

  3. The little bunny is very cute. Your flat folder looks great.
    Have a nice new week. Manuela

  4. What an amazing finish! I think I need to learn how to do that! My problem is time.

    And your playing tourist photos are great ... love the beach one! My hubby and I like to play tourist in our area, also, before the crowds get here and then after they leave.

  5. Sandy, your bunny stitch is adorable and way to go on creating your first flat fold. It turned out great. I enjoyed viewing your tourist photos through the eye of your lens. Love the shot of you and Gus at the end. Have a marvelous day!

  6. Sandy, Your flat fold came out excellent!! Meg is a great tutor. I have yet to try one, I still can't master cording. I wish I had someone near by to show me. Did you glue the cording on or sew it on? I agree, that stitch is adorable on the aida!!

    I'm very impressed that you didn't fall off the paddle board!! Great photo of you and Gus and it's so nice to play tourist in your own area, you realize just how much your area has to offer. I'm counting down to my vacation in Florida...I am not a beach person in NY, way too crowded but just love the white, gorgeous beachs in Fl.

  7. It sounds so funny to talk about tourist season starting when ours, down here in central FL, just had ours end. We look forward to summer when we get our restaurants and beaches back! LOL Loved your photos and your finish! Very clever to create a stand like that. I'm thoroughly impressed with your paddle boarding skills!!

  8. Sandy, I'm glad that you didn't fall in! Your little outing sounds like so much fun. That is a LOT of kids in the fishing contest. Must have been fun to watch!

  9. I love playing tourist in my own town, Sandy :) And you have such a great part of the country to explore... I am so impressed with your paddle boarding! I've never tried it, but I've heard it is great exercise for your core. I'm sure I would be in the water within five minutes, though :)

    Congratulations on your first flatfold finish--that is one cute bunny! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

  10. I absolutely love your flat fold finish for the rabbit. REALLY NICE, I don't care what you say about it. I want to make one, too!

    So I guess that pier out over the water is at Destin? We've been on the pier at Navarre several times (although not recently) and your picture reminds me of that.

    You are so brave with the paddle board. I admire that.

  11. Sandy: I love your Flat Fold you did a great job.
    I love the outdoor photos, it looks so warm and inviting, raining here today and chilly.
    You are such a cute lady love the dogging photo.
    I have to try the boogie board/paddle board this summer.



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