Monday, May 13, 2019

May Flowers

I have been stitching a June word play, but all I can think about are May flowers. They are just so pretty all around...from magnolias to day lilies.

Roses are popping out...

My purple day lilies popped out.
They match Donny Osmond's sash. I am sure there is someone out there who remembers that the Osmond Brothers all had different colored sashes.

Outside my kitchen window my geraniums are super pretty. My little shelves act like a window box for the kitchen sink windows.

View from the sink.

Also tomatoes and peppers.

I am just loving spring. It can just last forever. 

My June word play progress. 

I have been skipping all around on it. I am usually much more systematic about a project. What has gotten into me?!
I am doing it on 28 count. I love the words, but it is turning out really large. Way bigger than the 36 count May word play. Things that make you go hmmm.

Mother's Day was a wonderful day with the kids in which I took no picture. We went to eat out at Harbor Docks in Destin. 

Here is a picture of Mom and me.

The next picture was posted by Lindsay's mother-in-law on IG. I just loved it. It was taken last weekend when they were staying at a condo out on 30A. Tucker and Lindsay got in the pool which was heated BTW!

She is a great mom. I am quite proud of her.

That is it for me today. Time to kick my shoes off and rest a little.


  1. Each photo tells a story!! That last one is precious, for sure!

  2. Beautiful roses have your roses, but also your lilies are a dream. I only have yellow lilies, but they also bloom very well. I also have tomato plants, but they've already gotten a lot of rain - let's see if that's going to happen.
    Great picture of you and your mum, and a lovely picture from Tucker.
    Greetings, Martina

  3. Hello Sandy,
    wonderful are your roses in the garden.
    I like your stitching.
    Enjoy the day. Manuela

  4. Spring is indeed, beautiful in Florida; but then to us from Colorado, much of the year in Florida looks like spring!

    I have yet to do a 'word play' but eventually hope to get around to stitching one. Yours looks great.

  5. What a darling pic of your daughter and Tucker!! I think a frame is in order. Loved seeing your beautiful flowers. All I've seen lately is rain. Have a great week, Sandy.

  6. What intense colors in the flowers--sooo pretty!
    and 'our' word plays are coming right along--I work on mine each morning--
    and am about 3/4 done too!!
    what a lovely photo of you and your mom--
    and DD with Tucker--
    luv, di

  7. Sandy, your flowers are all so gorgeous. I love your pots of geraniums especially; they remind me of my Gram. Your June wordplay is coming along. What pretty smiles in the picture of you and your Mom! And of course, look at Tucker with his Momma.

  8. Sandy, your flowers are so pretty! I have never seen a purple day lily before. Gorgeous! Such great pictures of you, your mother and daughter too. And of course Tucker!

  9. Sandy: What lovely photos of your Mother and Daughter and Grandbaby, so sweet.
    You should be proud she looks like a wonderful Mother.
    Your Wordplay is coming along, how big will it be when finished? just curious.


  10. What a wonderful photo of you and your Mom! And my oh my...that baby is growing! What are you feeding him? heehee! Isn't that what we used to say! Enjoy your afternoon!

  11. Love the photos of you and your mom and Lindsay on her first Mother's Day. I still remember mine from 37 years ago--what a special time :)

    Enjoy those beautiful flowers--we are just getting ours planted up north. I do love this time of year!


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