Friday, May 3, 2019

Getting Motivated a Bathroom Update

I am stitching away and working on some finishes to share next week, but I have a post for you today. Some many weeks ago I painted my guest bathroom. I do have an update to share, but it has some explaining to go with it first😉 so hang on!

First, let's talk weather. I am so loving spring. It is actually feeling like a true spring. I truly need to be outside working on those windows, but other things have kept me from that this week. I simply must schedule some of that in this weekend before the real heat gets here. 
The mornings have been awesome. I have to share a truth moment here.

It is a must that I eat by my prescribed diet and exercise for my health. I don't want to go backwards. I just can NOT go back down that road again. SOOOOO.... with keeping Tucker I was letting the exercise go. IT doesn't take too many weeks (and mine has been months) before the not so feeling good creeps back in. For the last three weeks I have been trying to do better, but knowing that as the heat comes on...evenings at the gym or walking weren't going to cut it. 
I had to find a way to go in the mornings. 

God has such a sense of humor. My husband is... he wakes up the roosters.

I just don't rise and shine very well. 
I sing the song to Tucker though. Anyone remember "rise and shine and give God the glory glory. rise and shine and give God the glory glory. rise and shine and give God the glory, children of the Lord.

I am getting off topic. 

I thought I would try and set the clock for 6:00 (some of you are just hooting) and head to the gym for two days a week and go do a good swift walk outside on the other days while the weather permits.  I have to pick up Tucker at 7:00.

I will just be honest. For two of those weeks I made it two days a week getting up.
This week I made the decision to get serious, so I wrote me up a plan and decided to give myself stickers for doing it. I know y'all are just falling out laughing, but I needed some motivation. I feel like a three year old with a chart on the refrigerator with stars. 

I made it this week. Two days in the gym and three walking days. Woo Hoo!!!

Now, let's talk bathroom.
I may have sounded like a spoiled brat when I posted about painting my guest bathroom and not liking it a while back.
I certainly didn't mean it. I am beyond grateful for all I have. It is more that this bathroom is a bit too luxurious for this simple girl.
While I was taking my sit and wait approach, I noticed luxury baths are maybe making a comeback or maybe I just had my mind on them. I did look at quite a few books and perused Instagram.

Anyway the bathroom is what it is. Terri from Your Friend from Florida called it stately in the comments I believe😀
My goal had been to maybe make it a bit more understated. I am not sure I did that, but here is where I landed.

After taking a two week break and not moving forward the paint color kind of grew on me. I almost went back to a neutral, but Jeff and Lindsay kept saying how much they liked it. Jeff is really good with color things, so I decided to try and see what they saw. 

I don't know it I do, but certainly nothing has changed my mind in another direction.
I think the bathroom is just always going to be big and bold, so I decided to accept it and just move on.

So without further commenting here it is with just words to describe the layout.

Coming in from the hallway we use everyday (the garage to kitchen) you can see that the bathroom has three doors. That is a whole story unto itself. The one on the left enters Lindsay's old bedroom and the other one goes out into the long hallway coming from foyer by my pool table and dining room.

Tucker's seat is in there. That is a story too. Got lots of them.

There are new towel bars here and by the sink.

The above one is now over by the doors you were looking at. There is a great closet in this picture. I do have lots of storage. 

That big old tub has been used once since Lindsay moved out. You can see Tucker and me:)

And the final view is the vanity.

Oh there are new rugs. They were much needed. 

Now for some closeups.

Try to ignore the toilet and see the cool school of fish.

The other rug ---Gus is sitting on the cute starfish.

Oh and the lights. Cute but a bear to clean. The overhead one one is similar to this. Same shell like figures coming out in a bowl like configuration.

Well, that is it for me.

I have to go with Jeff tomorrow to pass out awards at the beach for a small fry fishing tournament for youngsters. I hope to wash some windows and just enjoy life.

Stitching too. I will be back hopefully with some finishes to share next week.


  1. Sandy, I thought I was the only one to do a sticker chart for myself. I like the color of your bathroom. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I have done sticker charts for myself in the past, or used stickers on a calendar to mark exercise and eating habits. I just might have to get back to that!

    Glad you're keeping the bathroom walls this color. I really like it.

  3. Sandy: I have never done a sticker chart, maybe I should start.
    I love the color of your bathroom, I like all the shells and lovely decorations, the fish are amazing, you have done a beautiful job.
    And Tucker so cute, Gus is adorable.


  4. Sandy I'm your twin as I'm not a morning person either. But, I am a night person! Congrats on getting up 6 am and getting your exercise in. I used to use stickers for things too. I say anything that works.

    I love the color of your bathroom. It is very soothing. You and Tucker make a great pair. RJ

  5. I love the color and all the beachy touches you used, including that great school of fish! Great job! I think if the sticker chart gives you the motivation you need, you go girl!! Thanks for the update!!

  6. This bathroom is absolutely gorgeous! Take the elegance! Enjoy it fully. I did, just viewing it! You have such good taste. You really do.

    And congrats on the exercise thing.

  7. I love the color for the goes so well with the beach things you decorate with. Love the school of fish! And I'm proud of you for taking care of your health. It's not easy but what a difference it makes in our lives and then we can be there for others too! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Oh, Sandy, you crack me up! I love the sticker idea! You have to acknowledge when something WORKS.

    I have always told myself that I’m a night owl. But several months ago, I woke up at 4:30 a.m. and was amazed at 1. how alert I was, and 2. how much longer and more productive my day felt. Since a news program I like comes on that early, I have developed a habit of getting up at 4:30, making a cup of coffee, catching up on the news (or turning it off to tune out) and getting some stitching in. I love this routine.

    Way to go on listening to your body and treating yourself by getting back into your exercise routine. You inspire me!

  9. Sandy, I laughed out loud over your sticker motivation!!! I agree, if it makes you happy seeing all those stickers and keeps you motivated why not?? I am a morning person, sleeping in means sleeping past 6am and my husband is a night owl. Just the opposite of you and your husband. It does make for some difficulties.

    Yes, count your blessing, you have a huge beautiful bathroom! Mary

  10. Good for you for reclaiming your workout routine, Sandy! If I don't walk at least 3-4 miles each day, I get very bearish!! We were in DC this weekend and walked 9.3 miles on Saturday--it felt amazing :) And if the sticker system inspires you--that's great. Whatever works... I wake up around 6, but take my time getting out of bed. I like to catch up on emails, the news, Instagram, etc. before I actually get up. Now that I've retired, I have that luxury (but, I would rather have a grandbaby to help care for--ha ha!!).

    I do like the color of your bathroom and am glad it is growing on you :)


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