Wednesday, August 12, 2020

A Little Stitching and More

 I have a finished stitch, a fully finished stitch, and  and two new starts.

The finished stitch is The Strawberry House by Scarlett House. I had been holding onto this pattern a long time, so I chose August to whip it out. I did choose to leave off some items. I didn't put the birds or the dog (can you believe I left off a dog?) I decided I just wanted a simpler finish. I did add my initials and the year. Somehow as crazy as this year is I thought it needed to be marked down. I grew up with the quote..."This too shall pass." I believe all this bad stuff will, and we will be stronger. I decided being that it is about to be a big year for me in a big birthday sort of way next month that the idea just worked for me. 

That little blob to the right is the scissor fob pattern that was way too close to the pin keep pattern and is in the process of being ripped out. Does anyone else hate to rip out on 40 count?

I plan to fill it with some sawdust, so it will have a different kind of feel than the usual little pillows. I am not going to put a border on and may really use it as a pin keep. Someone asked if I would do the scissor fob. Right now the answer is no, but I am putting it back in case I change my mind. 

I fully finished my September word play. I chose some Dick and Jane fabric for the back and a simple finish. I hope to set up a little back to school display in the corner of my sewing counter to go with it. I need to shop the stash for a little charm to go in the corner. 

Changing the topic...I have always called this room the sewing room, but I think work room is probably more fitting so I may start referring to it as such. 

I have two new starts.... a day time and a night time stitch.

Day time is on the above 40 count. I am doing some acorns in the round. I love the finished product on the cover of the pattern and that could be a possible finish, but if it turns out to be a good size I plan to put it on the top of a small jewelry box that was my mom's as a teen. I have had it since I was a teen and think it could use a cute stitch on top. We will see.

The night time stitch is another of the four planned flowers that I am doing. This one will be a camellia.

Two more thoughts to close out the post. 

I have a plant that was purchased by Lindsay's former boss. I may have mentioned it before, but she bought them for all the girls in the office at Christmas to see who could keep it alive the longest. The plant got dropped off at my house since Lindsay was on her way to Atlanta and not going directly to her house. I sort of took it and babied it and then a real tragedy happened in this lady's life. I decided that I would pray for her and her family every time I watered it because this incident was one that was going to be a part of their lives for many years to come. Today I was watering and praying on it and just noticed how much new growth was on it and how far it had come. It was a tiny little plant when Lindsay brought it in to the house. 

It is such a good way to pray for someone who needs that ongoing prayer. I guess is like the 12 stones gathered to remind the Israelites how much God had done for them. IT struck me that I maybe needed to associate more items to remind me to pray for particular people.

The last thought is a funny. A commenter on my previous post made me realize that I had written exactly what she thought in her comment but not what I meant. There is no hole in my beautiful green cabinet but there was an open space on top left by where the ugly cable box had been sitting. Oh my! I must be more careful with my words and maybe proof my work!!!


  1. I have a Norfolk island pine like yours, which I was given after the friend who owned it died. Her sister gave me it, and I think of Karen every time I care for it. They're slow growers in this hemisphere anyway, and I'm always happy to see new growth at the crown.

  2. Years ago, when I lived in Maryland, I had a Norfolk pine. They are so pretty! Yours is coming along and I'm sure the prayers have helped it and those needing the prayers. I always enjoy seeing your projects! I could never do it. No patience and having to tear something out would do me in. Bless you and all the cross stitchers who do such beautiful work!

  3. Beautiful stitching and finishes.
    Have a nice day. Manuela

  4. Hmmm. Was that commenter me? (smile) I get it now.

    Your stitching is so well done and so tiny. You are amazing. I am especially intrigued with the Camellia. It's going to be so lovely when it's done.

    Like you, I have things that remind me to pray for certain people. It's a good idea.

  5. Gorgeous plant! Beautiful stitching you shared, Sandy! Love the Dick and Jane fabric!

  6. Sandy, Wow, you really stitched Strawberry house fast!! So pretty and I'll be interested to hear how easy/difficult it is to sew up after stuffing with sawdust. Your finish of Sept word play is charming, I just love the Dick and Jane fabric and remember those books from first grade! Where did you find the flower patterns? I need to stitch some for Ele Christmas tree and haven't found anything yet that would work. You certainly have a green thumb, the pine looks so healthy!

    1. The flowers are from a very old book of state flowers but they are small. I found it on eBay. I will do a picture of the book when I finish the camellia.

  7. I typed a comment earlier and then accidentally touched “sign out” rather than “publish.” Doh! This is what I get for staying up too late.

    Beautiful stitches, and I think the Dick and Jane fabric is precious and perfect for your September word play. Frogging on any count fabric is no fun, but especially on 40-count. That sounds like a mistake I would make, too.

    Like Mary said, you do have a green thumb!


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