Saturday, April 2, 2022

Dog Gone Good Days

 Kids and grandkids are the focus today. 

We will start with my youngest child who has grown up, and his story amazes me so much at times. My little faith would be big in that story. Oh, he still has room to grow, but a baby coming in July will probably propel it forward at lightening speed. He and Katie have taken a little home with a giant yard and with every project make it cuter. I know to them it seems slow, but to me it is just a heartwarming process to watch.

Katie is still painting doors and adding such sweet touches. She creates ideas and I think Paul Allen is her muscle at times. This is their dining /living room. She created the mirror.

Every time I go over she has done something so cute to this little house.

They have been working on the baby room. I only one have 1 picture and it doesn't do the room justice. I promise to share more when she is finished. She painted 3 walls a gray and one room a dark green. I didn't get the combination of the walls which is just beautiful, but here is a picture of the focal wall.

Katie found the crib on FB Marketplace for a $100. She is a deal finder.

AND in looking at my pictures I do have a picture straight across from the crib. Her dad took the sliding doors off the closet and put in folding doors. He did a smashing job.

You can see Dansby, the Bluetick  giving his seal of approval of it all. You can also see the stained old doors from the 70s and they have slowly been painting all of these in the house and adding trim which I have shared before. 

They also got one of Uncle Danny's dressers and painted it white to make a changing table on top. Lots more to share.

They got some new patio furniture for their back porch. I am sharing 2 pictures but I will share more of their backyard later in the summer. They have a large backyard that I have shared when Paul Allen first got this house. The fence around it was in need of a new one but that would be a huge expense so he has been slowly redoing it. There was a county easement behind their fence and the county has deeded it to all the property owners so he has torn down the back fence and extended it 10 feet. It was amazing to see how much more it added. He has been hard a work for weeks.

Here is their new patio furniture.

Now, let's visit my daughter's home. I have stitched Lindsay several seasonal small ornament like things to hang from a knob on their TV cabinet. She stores them in a drawer. Tucker got them out and hung them all around on the other cabinet and around and told Lindsay he was decorating for Christmas. 

It is those little things like that will be just the sweetest memories. 

Y'all know I am a space fanatic and as we approach the new trips to the moon and the preparations for all that I decided it was time to raise my grandsons up right. I have purchased the first patch of Artemis for Tucker, Palmer, the one coming in July and even an extra if I have another one:) I am going to start them a scrapbook maybe or just collect them to they can frame them. I am thinking on that.

Artemis I's mission is similar to Apollo 8's mission.

Also thinking about that space love, Tucker loves my Snoopys. I have two that have an astronaut helmet and some on bookends in my little sewing room. He always notices them. I have come to realize my Snoopys are expensive. I tried to find him one on eBay like the ones I had and my stars ---apparently they are quite the collector items. 

SOOOO, I ordered Tucker a Snoopy shirt which is way too big. It was the smallest they had so he will have to wear it as a sleep shirt or beach shirt and a little Snoopy thing to hang on his backpack. I have given him the t-shirt. I am holding the backpack hanger for a later gift. He very much liked the shirt. Who knew? What is about Snoopy that makes you just love him?!

Little Palmer has learned to crawl. I had quit putting him in the walker because he was too fast for me and into things - well now, he is crawling everywhere. He got into Gus's water bowl before I could get him. I have my work cut out for me this next week.

We sent Mommy a picture of him and his waiting for his clothes to be washed.

Oh April, I am so happy to see you. The question is with Easter so late, will you behave and act like spring? I have planted my vincas in place of my pansies. Those are the only pots I change out. All my other pots have things that unless we have a once in a great while cold winter - they will make it. I occasionally have to slide them over to shelter or cover them, but mostly they survive.

They have already really hopped up since I took this picture, so I am loving that. I am waiting on all those day lilies I planted last year to pop too. They are all above ground and some with buds. I am watching daily to see which one blooms first.

I have so much outside work to do, but I enjoy that. It will get done in time. I didn't get much done this weekend due to some other obligations and I have been fighting a spring cold this week. I have not enjoyed that at all. I think I am going to beat it though without a doctor visit so I am looking forward to next week.

That is about all I have for this week. 

Hopefully enough positive and good to keep the mind off the crazy in the world.

Looking up,


  1. Thanks for the extender family news. I liked the different interiors. Snd that baby is growing amazingly. That speedy crawling is deceptive -- they're heading for the horizon before you know it. You're going to get a workout!

  2. Hi Sandy: Cute post, your daughter in laws have a knack for decorating, Tucker is adorable as is Plamer, its so much fun seeing what they are up to, just think soon Palmer will be walking, time fly's.
    I hope your cold goes away super quick.
    Your plants are lovely.
    Have a great week.


  3. Sandy, I think Tucker has gotten your decorating gene!! That is just adorable he decorated with your stitching. Palmer is getting so big, he is certainly going to keep you busy now that he is crawling. Your DIL certainly has a knack for decorating, that crib was a bargain! I hate those sliding doors, the access to the interior is so much better with the ones he replaced. I still have not replaced all of mine, so they are doing great. Amelia and your DIL decorated so nicely, I think its more enjoyable to decorate over time and build your own style.
    I hope you feel better and don't overwork yourself!

  4. Can't get over how big Palmer has gotten! What a cutie he is! I bet Tucker had fun decorating for Christmas. Thank you for sharing the touches that Katie and Paul Allen have made to their home. Love the Snoopy shirt you got for Tucker! I hope your spring cold clears up soon, so you don't have to visit the doctor. Happy April and Happy Spring, Sandy!

  5. What a fun post, Sandy! I can't wait to see more of the new house and what the kids are doing to it. Great ideas so far!! Palmer is adorable and Tucker sure had fun decorating for Christmas! I enjoyed this upbeat update!! Have a great week ahead!! xo

  6. This was a fun read, Sandy, and also a fun peek into the decorating styles of Katie, Lindsay, and even Tucker!

    Hope your cold passes by quickly. There is a spring cold (a really obnoxious one) making the rounds of the families in our church. So far Mr. T and I have avoided it!

  7. I love seeing everyone's decorating...including Tucker's!!:) I know you are anxious to see that new grand baby. What exciting times in your family.

  8. Palmer continues to be such a doll baby! He is sooo cute and sweet.

    Yes, in spite of the terrible things on the news, we must do our best to pray for the hurting and then enjoy where we are and what we have.

  9. Oh so much joy and fun with your little family. Palmer is adorable, and Tucker is so smart, decorating for "Christmas". What a sweetie. Love the nursery and also the other pictures from their home, and also from Lindsay's home. And your pretty flowers! How do you manage to do so much when you take care of a baby too? You are amazing!! Thank you for this lovely post. I hope your cold goes away very soon.

  10. What fun it must be to watch your children making their own homes. That's super cute of Tucker to decorate for Christmas with all your pretty stitches. And Palmer - what a cutie. Looks like you have your hands full, Sandy. I'm sure you're enjoying every moment.


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