Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Lord Directs Our Steps

I am so filled with God's presence. I have really been seeking God's wisdom, since I am embarking on such new territory with retirement. I was all set to write in my journal today about something I felt God had spoken to me yesterday while doing some cleaning of my wood floor. I really felt like I had a piece of wisdom that I needed to write down in my journal, but I was pooped after cleaning the floor and it was close to supper, so I put it off thinking I would write it down today. However, this morning I pulled out my Bible to do my daily reading first and wow, I just felt like I needed to share what came to mind today.

I was reading in Acts 10 where Cornelius has a vision that he is supposed to send for Peter. He follows through not even sure Peter will come. Peter listens to the request to come and is obedient to the request. When he arrives in Caesarea, Cornelius shares his visit by the angel to request Peter to visit. Peter just simply shares the Story with those gathered.  He is sharing that he is just being obedient to God by preaching. However, while he is speaking, the HOLY SPIRIT falls upon all those listening to the message.

This reminded me so much of a mission trip I went on several years ago. We were in south Texas. There were going to be two groups of youth going out in two separate directions to run the typical vacation Bible school activities. I would lead one group and my dear friend would lead the other one. Now, anyone who knows me well knows that I am an obsessive planner. Every detail laid out, every contingency thought about, etc. I am not sure this is what I should have been thinking of, but my heart has always been the youth that I am working with. I wanted this to be an exceptional experience for them that would grow their faith. I am just going to be real honest here...I wasn't really thinking about who we would meet along the way.

Well, for three days, we pretty much met no one. We were in a little neighborhood right near the border. A little too near the border for my comfort. I was extremely distressed that the youth I had been working with was getting nothing from the trip. We went and stood around bored each day....not to mention all my planning was going to waste!!!!!!! The other group came back each day with stories of great crowds and so much fun. Well, I began to get angry. The night before our last visit, I laid awake ALL night. It started out as whining to God, then prayerfully seeking what could be done. I felt the Lord lead to go and gather and then share the Gospel. After all, what else could be done, but mostly I felt helpless and that I had to leave it to the Lord.

The next day we set out to go and gather. I was tested very soon!!!!!! My daughter and another youth member jumped in a truck with the little pastor of the church we were at. He liked my idea of going to gather and he said, "let's go." As they jumped in the truck, it hit me that my daughter had just jumped in a truck near the border with someone I didn't know. My face must have been an open book, because the young man who was working as an intern for us that summer looked at me and said, "I will go with them." The rest of the youth went on foot to knock on doors.

Less than an hour later, I had a room full of kids ranging in age from 4-16. I did the only thing I knew to do and that was share the Gospel. I spoke to them about how we couldn't see the wind, but we knew it was there because of the effects. I shared that we could know there was a God, because of nature. I then shared Jesus. I know it sounds so simple. I didn't even know if any of them spoke or understood English. We didn't have much time with them....I only know it was what I felt led to do. One of the ladies on my team spoke Spanish fluently. She stood up after me and basically said the same thing I did in Spanish. They listened attentively to both of us. Ages 4 - 16. I know that had to be the Lord. I mean really...I am not that think you can gather the attention of that age range.

We were able to play with them for just a few minutes before getting back on the bus. I have no clue if we touched anyone in that group of children on the border. I shared with the youth group back on the bus about the planning I had done, the anger I felt, the mission I had, the night I had prayed, and the message that I had received. I think they understood what had happened in that short period of time. As always, God does more in me than I could ever expect. One of the guys on the trip was sitting on the back seat of the bus and stood up to share a verse with me. He had read it the day before. That Holy Spirit is unbelievable. The verse fit me to a T. 

I love this verse. It has touched me so many times, because I am such a planner. I like order. I am not spontaneous. I like to know what is going to happen. I love planners for crying out loud. I have learned that I must plan, but listen to God for the changes that He sets out. I want to hear Him and follow.

Anyway, I felt led to share this today. Usually it is more about me learning than anyone else.

Here is hoping that I can follow in God's path the future He has laid out.

I was all set to share my Auburn tree today. Maybe later in the day as I need to do some more cleaning!

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