Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What I Wore / School Events

I shared the other day about finding things to wear post retirement and in your 50's with that menopausal weight gain.

I have always known what my style was, but lately I just am going through a change. I thought it very interesting as I was sitting in the beauty shop (aka hairstylist) this morning waiting for my haircut that  a conversation was going on with another hairstylist and her client about that very topic. I just had to listen. I am not alone. I really didn't think I was:)

I am on the search for what looks good on me or as good as you can look with a few fat rolls and double chin:) I also am way past coloring my hair, so that has brought on a change in colors for clothing and makeup. Colors that I once wore are a little harsh these days.

Anyway, I have had two events to go to the past two nights. My hubby is a high school principal, so we have had plenty of outings on the schedule.

For the Christmas chorus concert Monday evening, I wore this.

Rose colored sweater and dark brown pants. They look black in this picture, but I promise they matched the scarf.
All items came from Talbots. 

Tuesday evening we had his faculty Christmas party, so I wore this.

Different lighter pink sweater and black slacks with scarf.
Sweater - Talbots
Slacks - Chicos
Scarf - Vera Bradley

I did wear lipstick with both outfits, but I tend to put that on in the car on the way.

In the meantime
I have baked a pound cake for a church member who has a funeral in their family
Made 5 of the dishtowels below for Hubby's office staff.
Have three more to make.
Have to bake cookies for his admin team. Gotta get a move on it.
Made it to my hair appointment.
Have to drop my cake off in about an hour.
Need to vacuum living room and then clean up what will be a disaster in the kitchen before it is all over, BECAUSE I have our church small group every Wednesday at my house.

I think I am liking the candy canes one best. That is not what I thought when I picked out the fabric. 

Busy Busy Busy
BUT, hey I am not stressed trying to put on a shindig for a classroom. 
Loving retirement,

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