Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Decorations Part 2

I finally finished my Christmas decorating over the weekend. I shared part of them last week, so here is the remainder of the indoor decorations.

Starting in my new sewing room (that I am over the moon about), I only added one item. Since this room is all me, I added a  ceramic tree that lights up from the 1970's. My mom used to babysit a neighbor who owned a ceramics store. She gave Mama this tree and a frog that lit up around 1974. I always loved it, so I sort of took it from Mom many years ago. I have always displayed it in the living room, but this year I decided it would be perfect in the sewing room.

I have loved the glow in the evening, since I have been wrapping presents each evening trying to stay on top of that.

Does my wrapping paper station count as Christmas decorations?

Next up is the kitchen where you will find very few items. I can't stand the clutter in the kitchen. The kitchen is already difficult to keep clutter down anyway.

I have a simple plate by the stove that can easily be moved.

A cross stitched piece I did 25 years ago.

Above my sink is an hanging cage with ornaments and a cross with the Nativity in the middle.

The living room only has the Christmas tree and decorations on the shelves. We really live in this room, so items out in other places just sends me over the edge and make it very hard to keep clean.

I loved the squirrels from fall so much, that I added some red ribbon to make them last through Christmas. They will have to say good bye in January until next September. My picture turned out sad.

The reindeer was a gift many years ago from my sweet mother-in-law. She had one too which I gave to my daughter.

The front room which is supposed to be a formal living room houses our pool table. I knew we would never use it for a living room, so we have a pool table in here. The desk in the background is not usually there. It was in sewing room before the remodel. I don't want to get rid of it, so it is temporarily there until I find a place for it or my daughter takes it.

I always add garland and lights to the banisters.

The dining room is semi opposite of the pool table room (billiards' room). I place our Auburn tree in the hallway between the two rooms next to our grandfather clock. You can see the Auburn tree from our living room (aka family room) as well.

My new placemats are in, and I got carried away embroidering on napkins the other day. I have been playing with the Christmas place setting. I will most likely go with this, but add a brown table cloth. The placemats have brown specks in them, and I will need a table cloth as we will really eat here. Saving the table.

I am using the silver set for Christmas, but I love the blue and will use them on another occasion when I am using my other set of china. 

The only other room that I have anything in is the guest bathroom. Just a simple crystal bowl of ornaments and a candy dish that still needs candy. I love how much just a bowl of ornaments add to a space.

Too see the other areas of the home read Christmas Decorations.

And one last look at the tree, which is always my favorite thing. 

I plan to post outside pictures IF I can take photos that are viewable as well as the dining table on Christmas Eve.

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Merry Christmas,

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