Monday, December 15, 2014

What I Wore and Can't Believe I Am Sharing

With my recent retirement, I find that my wardrobe basically consists of jeans, sweats, shorts, and t-shirts. I usually keep a nicer pair of jeans and a quick top ready for the grocery store and shopping. I know there are people who get up and get ready for the day in much nicer attire, but I have two reasons to justify my period of comfortable wear. After over 30 years of getting up and trying to look very professional and the year that I had last year with my step-dad's illness, I am working pretty hard every day repairing or pulling closets out and doing some heavy duty cleaning.

My husband is the principal for a high school in our district, so he had to go to a district administrator party Friday night. It was listed as semi formal. I am really much more comfortable in a dressy pair of slacks, but I decided to buy a dress for the occasion. I can find cute outfits in a quick second as long as it isn't a dress. I have just reached that shape in life where I look bad in a dress.

I am a Talbots girl. I like them because their clothes just fit. I am very petite and generally speaking I can go in and try something on and it is proportioned just right. Shop the sales ladies.

Anyway, I decided to bite the bullet for this dress and thought I would be able to use it for other special occasions. I must say it is a beautiful dress and would look great on someone else. 

It is one of the first times I have ever just walked out the door knowing I wasn't happy with the look. Can we say chubby? IT wasn't flattering at all!!! And, one more thing, I never wear red. I am just not a red person. Now, I know why---since, my hair is silver on its way to white...the red is just too harsh.

I am sharing the picture because I really love seeing what others wear not to judge, but to see what others my age are wearing. Let's face it, we age. Wrinkles, silver hair, and pudginess in places come with age. I don't think we should run from age, but look for ways to make those things work.

That double chin is pretty bad though...

I didn't do so good, however, I have to go the school's chorus concert and the faculty party this week, so I will try to do better for those

Does anyone else struggle like that?

I am going to use this photo to prod me to work on that weight just a bit. I really want to be healthy rather than overly concerned with the appearance. 

Off to sew some gifts for his office staff.
I will share later.

Have a blessed day,

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