Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Roses and Squirrels

Let's see... what have I been up to?
Not decorating for fall or even stitching for fall.
I have been cleaning and organizing and decluttering and thinking and pulling up rose bushes.

Yes, you read that right long time readers. Me, the lover of roses has finally come to terms with the situation. I have been really thinking over the last couple of years about what it means to simplify my life. I have said it many times I am a slow leak when it comes to decisions. I need time to process things and think it through. I have been slowly making some changes and when I have gone slow most of those have proven to be good ones.

I told myself last summer when the roses looked their very worst I would give it one more year. I really don't have the right location to grow the KIND of roses I have. I decided last week that I would pull them up and we would plant something in their spot that was made for Florida's sun and heat. They only looked good for about two months out of the year and I am really not being so truthful with that. Hubby has the side yard as you drive into our cul-de-sac looking so nice. It is planted with things that grow well in our area. I have diligently tried to work against nature right up in front of our house. One day I drove in the driveway and it just hit me. IT was time to give up.

He was surprised, but went to work on selecting new plants. We have a little more to do. It is so dang hot right now that you have to do just a bit at a time.

When it cools off and the new has a little bit of growth I will show pictures.

In the meantime, I am at peace so I know I made the right decision. I hate to give up on any plant.

The upside is that I told the kids now they know what I want for all occasions. They always ask what I want and I say nothing because I don't need a thing. Now, it is roses. I told them not to go buy the kind vases. I have plenty of those, but to just stop at the grocery store and pick up some in the cellophane. I will be a cheap gift but ohh so happy.

Now, for the simplify thing. I have been working on that in earnest the last year. I scaled back my houseplants and my back deck plants. That has been a good thing. I am able to keep up with fewer and have them thriving and me not so outdone.

I am working on it in other areas as well. I am not getting younger, so it is time to realize my limitations.
I do have a birthday this month...maybe that is what got me in gear.

I put a finish on the squirrels.
IT is the only fall decor out and that is because I needed to get a picture.

I just love how they turned out. 
I did finish the other one, but it is real tiny. I think it will just go in a bowl with other fall items. This one is on 28 count and is still pretty small.

I have set a date for putting out fall. September 19th. Yep, a little random, but there is a bit of logic behind it. I will hold off until then. It is just not fall here. Although in the past I have had it up by now and enjoyed it. This year I am not feeling it, so I will wait.

I said I wasn't going to do this, but I did. Remember that I redid the June, July, and August stitches of the months that I did about 5 years ago. My finishing skills are much better, but still improving.

I didn't have enough of the red gingham to make a easel fold like I did for the summer months, so it is sitting on an easel. I do love it and plan to finish redoing them all. Basically, I am just giving them a smaller margin and adding a little trim. They took up so much space with the older finish. I didn't dislike them at all. You can see them all here.

Tucker is getting around too good these days. He was in his walker again today and I put away two  dish towels in the drawer. I looked around and he had opened the drawer and pulled them right back out. Had to smile about that.

I am always saying, "No, No" to Gus. I wonder if he is going to understand it when it is his turn.

That is life here in my circle. 


  1. Beautiful work I love your finishes, especially the squirrel is very nice.
    Have a nice week, Martina

  2. The finish with the squirrel is very cute. I love it.
    Your September finish is fantastic.
    Have a nice week. Manuela

  3. We tried growing roses here, Sandy, and had no luck at all--our soil is just too clay-like. One Mother's Day, my sons and husband all pitched in to build a beautiful rose garden for me right outside my kitchen window. Sadly, by the following year all but two were dead. We learned our lesson... Sometimes it is just easier to let things go.

    Your squirrel finish is so very cute--excellent work and isn't it fun to see how much our stitching has grown through the years. I have lots of old ornaments I should re-finish, but, we'll see :)

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Wise decisions!! We must make accommodations in life. With Mr Tucker to care for you are a busy Nana. LOVE the squirrels. Great finishing. And your braid really sets off that September piece. I am saving on last piece you did for me for a special Christmas ornament. I had roses at our old house and I did pretty well with them but I do like the ease of hostess and nandinas with an occasional impatien thrown in. So much easier to care for but our neighborhood armadillo has been tearing up our flower beds in search of grubs. My sweet neighbor sprayed both of our yards for them so maybe he will go away.

  5. Love the squirrel finish, Sandy! From the design and its colors to the finishing materials you used! Well done! I really like the re-do of the September piece. It provides you to focus on the stitching. I think you made a wise decision on the rose front. I look forward to seeing what you are planting in those spots. Oh my goodness, I enjoyed reading about Tucker and the towels. Too cute!

  6. I too love roses, but they do not do well where I live the soil it not right and I live in Texas hot hot and hot. So I pulled mine up and put them in pots. I have to water them everyday (sometimes they need it twice a day) but I still have roses. Do have to watch for snakes in the pots. Good luck with your new yard.

    1. I don't want to happen upon a snake for sure. I did try pots a couple of years ago. I had watched a Youtube video that had me pumped for it, but like you said you would have to water twice a day with our heat and I couldn't get them to grow very well. The roses themselves were very small. It was a tough decision, but I feel good about it.

  7. I love the Sept stitching with the little bus! It's perfect! I tried putting some Fall things out but ended up putting them away again. It is SO hot and I'm like you....I just wasn't feeling it! I'll wait and see how I feel later. I would love to get back to cleaning out. Enjoy your happy home! Sweet hugs, Diane

  8. Your squirrels turned out very cute! It must have been a hard decision about the roses—I have one coming on about my vegetable garden, but I am still in partial denial . . . I hope soon I'll be able to admit that I need to rip it out and start over.

  9. I enjoyed your post .
    Love the stitching the squirrel stitch is wonderful love the finish.
    Yes roses don't do well when it's to hot .
    You could try some kind pertetual rose , that gives you a longer flowering time.

  10. Here's to new beginnings! Congrats on having the courage to face your fears and start something new. I'm sure the new landscaping will be beautiful.

    The squirrels turned out GREAT! I love the finish. And your September is so sweet. I love the red gingham and the chunky green trim.

  11. A wise decision to plant what is native to Florida. It will be bittersweet pulling up the rose bushes but I doubt you will look back that decision with regret. Great idea for the kids to buy you roses for gifts too. I just love your squirrel stitch and finish. You certainly are growing with your finishes too, I love the little adornment of the acorns. I love your Sept redo, the red and white check and green sets that stitch off so nicely. I miss seeing a Tucker photo!!

  12. The squirrels are cute, and I love how you finished off that project. And your September house! So pretty. I'm glad you provided a link to the whole set (as I hadn't found you yet at that point). The whole bunch of monthly cottages are just beautiful, Sandy. How fun it must be to have that collection complete and be able to change them out each month. I'm not feeling fall here, either. Too warm. Too green. No complaints, but I do look forward to the colors that will soon be popping out!


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