Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Random Post to Catch Up

This will be a most random post. 

The movers came to Mom's on Thursday last week and moved the furniture and many boxes to her new townhouse. I would share a few pics of her new place, but she would be VERY mad at me. It has to be a little more perfect. I think she is very excited about it, which is really good news.

After the movers packed up the truck, I walked back into my old bedroom and got a tiny bit teary eyed. Mom still has two bedrooms that she left the wall paper in. One was my old room. I counted baskets of flowers on nights when I couldn't sleep. I got choked up when I walked back into the empty room.

I am so glad she is moving here, because it will help me out so much. She has gotten sick again. She had been really doing well since early summer, but she started getting a cold. We ended up at the doctor's today. She has pneumonia, but hopefully we caught it early. Very small spot on her lungs. We will x-ray her in two weeks. I think she is trying to do too much. Hubby will be off next week, so I think we are going to try and finish up things in Brewton and get that off her mind.

In the meantime, this time of the year is busy with school. We had a concert to attend last night, and I have a ton of baking to do tomorrow for him to give as gifts.

I went to a brunch the other day. My friend's home is always magnificent. She goes all out for Christmas. 

I snapped a picture really quick of her fireplace to share with you. I should have gone early and just captured her whole house as it is amazing.

I loved her wreaths with JOY.

Bookcase next to fireplace.

Then later in the week I had been working at church and took a few there.

Our entrance into the preschool and grade school areas. Out church's name is Beachside Community Church, so there is a bit of beachy to it.

Entrance into our preschool area where I serve on Sunday mornings.

Our large group area where we hear our Bible story and sing. I thought it was all so cute.

I am still on my diet to reach my goal weight. I am now on a program called "healthy & active: The Metabolism Program." It is matched to my bloodwork and gives me a list of foods I can eat until I meet my goal weight, and then my life time list.

I am feeling so much better. I can really tell that foods can set up problems for me. I will keep a journal of the troublesome ones. When I have reached my goal weight, I will eat the foods from my lifetime list, but each week I can have two cheat days. So, yes, I will be able to have dessert and pizza occasionally, but I can tell you I will stick to the plan, since I am having such relief. I will plan those "cheat days" very carefully!!!

I have 17 more pounds to go, but I have lost 18!!!

See, I told you it would be random.


  1. I like random posts every now and then. That is why I use my stream of consciousness every now and then when I cannot think of something to blog about. I love the wallpaper and I understand that you hate to say goodbye to all the memories. I am glad your mom is looking forward to a new home. That does make transition easier. I hope she begins to feel better soon. And your church is perfect for the beach! Great job on losing weight. I am just trying not to gain back any during this eating season!!

    1. Thanks, I am extremely glad about the weight loss, but over the moon about the reduced pain. I am really thinking foods can play a part in the inflammation. Don't know exactly which ones yet.

    2. Sandy I was just reading an article about tumeric and how it can cut down on inflammation. One of my friends has used it successfully. I think we often neglect natural cures preferring a pill to fix everything. Discipline in eating is definitely something all Americans could do to help themselves. So glad you are feeling better.

  2. Just re read my post and I was writing in a stream of consciousness this am.lol...

  3. 18 lbs already? Wow! Good going! Love the wallpaper, and understand how emotional that move will be for all of you! Our new pastor just moved here from Brewton. Very pretty town!
    Hope your Mom feels better soon, and thanks for the update!

    1. I can't believe how much the food choices have helped with the joint pain. When I am finished with all of this, I will do a post on which foods have helped and hurt the most. It is amazing the difference in my energy and lack of inflammation since about mid November. I was getting pretty down with the RA, but feeling very hopeful. I can do without a lot of favorite foods for relief.


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