Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas: Kitchen

The last of the rooms I decorated for this year is the kitchen. I always keep it simple in there just because it is the hub of the home. 

I have to tell you, I am very glad I just decorated the living room, dining area, and formal areas this year. I am feeling every bit as festive without as much work. Hmmm....lesson here?! 

The kitchen...
We will start with the table.

I made the napkins one night last week. I love this fabric. It is amazing to work with. I have had it for years just waiting to do something with but never did. I used it recently in one of my monthly cottage backgrounds. It is like a linen blend. Sews beautifully. Lightweight, but yet not heavy.

I even mitered the corners.

The monthly cottage.

I might have gotten carried away with gingham.

When I was a kid, my grandma ALWAYS had candy in a candy dish. I have carried on her tradition. A few Kisses. My mom calls them silver bells.

Ready to go if needed for a quick dessert. I am trying to wait to treat myself a little closer to Christmas.

You may have noticed our tray of trivia. It came from a game that someone gave us that has local trivia in it as well as like Trivial Pursuit questions. I knew we would never play this. We were game players when the kids were little, so I took all the cards and put them in this plastic dish. Anytime the kids are here, they have to endure two cards of questions. I think they really like it though.

I was going to show the sewing room which really only has one thing in it and my wrapping station, but the truth is that is in full Christmas swing and is not picture worthy. I love my wrapping station. It is one of my favorite things in the room.

Now, there will be no more looking at Christmas as to add things this year. If I see something I like, I will Pin for next year. In fact, soon I am going to have that January goal setting and organization mindset on.



  1. Everyone needs a candy dish Sandy!! I love your kitchen...and can there be too much gingham? Not in my world. I am proud of all you have accomplished while helping your mama.

  2. You can never have too much gingham! Love it!


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